Saturday, November 22, 2014

Justus-1/2 Year Old

Justus you are 6 months old!

*Weigh in at 18 lbs!
*Wear size 2 diapers.
*Wear 3-6 month and 6 month clothes.
*Like to snuggle.
*Drool like crazy, there has to be a tooth coming...there has to be, right?
*Discovered your tongue.
*Love to play with your toes.
*Tried cereal for the first time and it didn't work very well. But, will be trying again.
*Started pushing the upper half of your body up with your hands.
*Like to grab things. And this includes pulling Mother's hair!
*While relaxing you now cross your legs at the ankles-its so cute!
*Brother is the one who makes you laugh the most.
*Love being outside.
*Like to look AT everything.
*Don't like to be alone.
*Still nursing like a champ and I think the pounds prove that you like your food!
*Everything goes in your mouth.
*If we sit you up you can remain seated for several seconds.
*Have become a happy baby!
*Still hating tummy time.
*Waiting for you to lose the night time feeding...

My Little Politician,
Yes, I have officially given you a nickname that is sticking! I took you with us to vote for the senate and governor where everyone would ooh and aw over you! Then ask your name, "Justus; but not spelled like the store or the Justice of the Peace...someday he is going to be on the ballot-Justus for all!" Then from that day on, I started calling you 'My Little Politician' or my 'Chunky Politician'. Now that I think about it, I think you became a happier baby when I gave you a nickname that was all your own? Okay, I know that is not the case; but you have been SO happy and we are all loving it! I love how your smile makes your gorgeous big blue eyes sparkle! You are just SO cute and SO loved! Thank you for letting me bestow all those kisses upon your forehead and for crying every time I leave to go do my laundry-its nice to know that you notice when I am gone and that you need me! Love you more than yesterday!
Love You,