Saturday, May 31, 2014

Justus-The Birth Story

I went in on Tuesday, May 20th to be induced. We woke up at 4 a.m-who wakes up that early anyway? Arrived at the hospital around 5 and the nurses did all the standard checks before my doctor was to arrive. As they were looking for baby's heartbeat it was discovered that he had once again flipped to transverse. Frustrating. My doctor arrived and options were given to have a version at noon followed by induction or wait until Thursday. We didn't believe there was a right or wrong way to go and decided to be induced at noon. Unfortunately, it seemed like nothing was working out for each of the departments involved and we were sent home. It was a long, frustrating morning. I was discouraged because I had let myself mentally prepare to be having a baby that day and I actually had slept the night before-which was becoming a very rare occurrence in my last days of pregnancy.
Thankfully, Thursday-May 22nd did come and we arrived at the hospital around 6 a.m. It was confirmed that Justus was still in fact transverse-his head was laying on my right side. The version was set for 7:30 and I told the nurses once the IV was inserted that I was NOT leaving and I WOULD BE having a baby that day-IVs hurt and I really didn't want to endure that again!
Yes, I know that the pain of the IV was the least amount of pain I would be feeling that day. At 7:30 I was taken to radiology for the version-an hour after it was confirmed that his head was on my right it was quickly discovered that in that hour he had flipped again, this time his head was now laying on my left side. The version was a success and it was decided that I would be taken back to my room to have my water broken. By 8:00 I was back in my room and it was discovered that he was once again in the process of flipping back to transverse. Yes, the idea of enrolling him in gymnastics upon his entrance into the world was suggested! My doctor's partner proceeded to flip Justus to head down and hold him in place so my doctor could break my water and get my little guy to engage. I had A LOT of fluid, that is no exaggeration-my doctor and his partner both said they had never seen that much water. After my water was broken I progressed from a 2 to a 5. Thankfully, I am not a person who really starts feeling my contractions until I am at a 7-8, so even though I was beginning to contract regularly I wasn't feeling much of the contractions. But, unfortunately I get to that 7 and that ouch feeling is instantaneous. I started having back labor and begged for the use of the shower; but as my contractions got stronger there were decels in his heart and so I was not allowed to take that hot shower I was dreaming about. My nurse, Sydney was awesome though and had me stand over the bed and while I rocked and probably moaned she massaged my back. During those few minutes my contractions picked up and she decided that it was almost baby time. I got back into bed and she started getting her "tools" ready.
I cried a little because I didn't think I could continue with this pain, my doctor arrived and I was checked for the final time. I only had a "lip" left before being fully dilated. My doctor took his lunch break in labor and delivery because he said it wouldn't be much longer. I was in denial. He came back to my room, sat at my feet-ready to deliver a baby. I remember vividly thinking, it is not about to happen. I kind of felt annoyed as I felt like I was expected to promptly make progress that I knew just wasn't going to happen. I felt that way because I had stayed at a 7 for longer than just a few minutes! But, that is why I am not the doctor because within just a few minutes of my doctor sitting there I was suddenly pushing! As each contraction came to encourage me to push, my baby's heart beat would decelerate. I pushed for 15 minutes and with the help of a vacuum, because each time the heart decels took a little longer to climb back up, Justus was born! Justus was born weighing in at 7 lbs and 21 inches in length!
I was so overwhelmed to hold my baby boy for the first time!
And, well Klayton wasn't to crazy about meeting his brother for the first time!
That's the story folks! We are so thankful for God's goodness to our family of 4!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Mommy's Day

Yesterday, is when my Mother's Day started with Klayton and Joseph giving me a dozen roses and a balloon that Klayton picked out all by himself.
While Klayton did get the balloon for me, I should let you know that I was only allowed to keep it for the duration of the picture. Have I mentioned how much he likes mylar balloons?
I woke up this morning and dressed Klayton for church in an outfit that would somewhat match me...I may or may not have done that just for the photo opportunity! Got to take advantage of his interest in saying, "Cheese!"
After church my boys took me to lunch and we took a nice, long nap! Overall, it was a good Mother's Day and I am simply thankful that I get to be a Mom! Thank you Lord for Your blessings to me!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Big Brother Prep for Baby

The hospital I will be delivering Justus at offers a class for only children that are getting ready to be a sibling! I was so excited about this class and couldn't wait for Klayton to be a part of it. The class was only 45 minutes long, not to long-just the right time table for a 3 year old!
Klayton decorated a gift bag for Justus.
They gave him stickers and crayons to decorate the bag with and the stickers won out for the most popular bag decoration!
After he decorated the bag, Klayton was able to choose some items for the bag that baby brother will need! A diaper, a package of wipes and Klayton thought we would want 2 bottles of hand sanitizer!
They read a story about mommy having a baby, where mommy goes to have baby and what baby will do after he or she is born!
The highlight of Klayton's evening was holding the practice baby. The instructor taught the kids how to give the baby a pacifier and to hold the baby! Klayton had spotted the baby early in the evening and up to this point had been frequently asking about baby and when she first handed the baby to him, his eyes lit up! Maybe Mama broke out into a silly grin as well watching his excitement and thinking he will soon be holding his brother!
Once the kids each had a turn holding the practice baby, they were given a tour of where mommy and baby will sleep once mommy has baby!
After the tour, each of the kids had their picture taken with Bert and Ernie to put in the baby's crib at the hospital so everyone would know who baby belonged to! At first Klayton did not want his picture taken. Later, we were able to convince him to get his picture taken for brother without Bert and Ernie so we could capture some of his smiles!
Once the class was over, the kids were given stickers, a book and a cookie to take home!
I was super impressed with the class! It was free, informative and Klayton came away with lots of free stuff! We are getting even more excited for baby brother to be here-soon and very SOON!