Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Do you ever feel uncomfortable or maybe even guilty for your true feelings? I am a very private person for that very reason. I hate to cry in front of people, I hate crying to people and I hate sharing my personal frustrations or areas of discomfort. I am becoming more and more apt to keep my personal life, just that personal. Its always a struggle to display my raw feelings and it seems when I do let myself show that vulnerable side I just become more disappointed in myself and get my feelings hurt even more by the person I have showed my feelings to.
2. On a lighter note, it’s a beautiful day in Oklahoma City! I am thankful that I was able to spend one more day with my brother and his wife.
3. Tomorrow it is off to Athens, Texas. We will be there until Saturday and then we get to go home for 3 weeks.
4. I am thankful that Klayton seems to be getting better. His rash is disappearing and the sunburn is a shade of light pink now.
5. I have really neglected my diet this past week. I am sure that if I step on the scale it would say zero pounds lost. It’s so hard lose weight when on the road and its worse when you are losing your motivation.
6. Even when it seems we have no one on our side, its so good to know that I have God on my side.
7. Huggies or Pampers? For me Huggies is always the winner at least for little movers! We had to use Pampers for a few weeks because last time we bought diapers the Huggies were all gone and lets just say I’m glad Huggies were in stock yesterday!
8. I have been using Coconut Oil and it works. I have been using it on my face, neck as well as to brush my teeth with sometimes and as of late for Klayton’s rash. In my struggle with acne the coconut oil has really helped to reduce the redness. I also have red gums and they are now turning the appropriate shade of pink! You should check out all the uses for coconut oil sometime!
9. You know what I would like right now? Someone to pay for me to have a complete day of spoiling! Ha! You know my eyebrows waxed, a manicure, pedicure, a massage and all this followed by shopping for me! In my dreams I know!
10. And last; but not least…Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Camping with Grandma

Once upon a time...there was a boy named Klayton, his mommy and grandma!

They decided to make a fort in the deep jungles of, living room.

Klayton was their cheerful protector...

Always on the lookout for danger that might come their way.

With Klayton as their fearless protector, he always knew when it was time to tear the fort down and move on to avoid the danger.

And so Klayton, his mommy and grandma moved on and await for the danger to pass so they can set up fort once again!

Bad Mommy-Sun Poisoning

This past Friday we decided to walk Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City. We knew it would be a long walk; but did not anticipate 10 miles. I don't think we would have done it if we would have known! Since it is March, I also didn't even consider sunblock...I hadn't even bought it for the summer yet. But, I did remember to pack Klayton's sunglasses and gilligan hat, its just a chore to make Klayton keep them on! Our walk which included a picnic took approximately 4 hours! Wow! To say the least by the end of the walk my legs felt like jello and we were so thirsty...we had forgotten our water bottles in the van! Klayton, just so you know had several beverages with him-he stayed hydrated. When we got back to our van I had bleeding toes and a HUGE blister-ouch! I checked Klayton over and he seemed fine. Twenty minutes later we met up with some friends and it was then I saw the RED...red faced Klayton. Sunburnt. Ouch. Ouch.
Saturday morning we woke up and Klayton had a very puffy face. I continued to lather him with coconut oil as I had done the night before and tried to keep him hydrated. I was concerned that he is so young with such a bad sunburn. Sunday morning he was still red and puffy, with a rash on his back and tummy which had appeared Saturday. Once church services were over, a concerned church member as well as a nurse told me that she thought Klayton had, sun poisoning. What? I had never heard of this! I promptly googled it and discovered that its a sunburn that has created an infection that can lead to swelling and a rash. It was suggested to go to an organic store and get pure aloe as well as give pain reliever. So, every time Klayton had a diaper change his face got slathered with oil and within a few hours he looked so much better.
He still has a puffy face and a rash; but I can tell its improving. Talk about a bad mommy moment, I just feel so bad for my lil guy! And, yes I now have a bottle of sunblock in my diaper bag and a trial size bottle in my purse! No more forgetting the sunblock.

17 Months a Few Days Late

Klayton you are 17 months!

*Still wear size 4 diapers.
*Wear size 5 shoes, except for one pair. 
*Clothes 12-18 months. 
*Expressing independence more and more. 
*Developing an imagination. 
*Have become quite the mimic!
*Will wave to people at the appropriate times now!
*Love to play with other kids. 
*Recently been a daddy's boy. 
*Climb on everything. 
*Still afraid to go down stairs; but no problems going up. 
*Will kick, throw balls and hit them with your golf clubs. 
*Are really good at following patterns. 
*Love to sing and dance! You are always where the music is!
*When you are at the park you would rather play in the wood chips and dirt than the swing. You do like slides as well. 
 *Still enjoy playing the chase game. 
*Love bath time and going swimming...you are definitely a water baby. 
*Have discovered the art of picking your nose-gross!
*Are starting to learn how to write/color on paper. 
*Knows the concept of the iPad and iPhone...knows that you are to swipe at the screen to open apps. 
*Learned to work the remote it must be pointed at the tv and from there you just push buttons!
*Know how to put a disc into the laptop!
*Would rather walk than ride in the stroller!
*When its time for diaper change, you lift your legs to help me as I remove the old diaper and put on the new diaper.
*Love to brush your teeth!
*Follows some instructions, such as: "Come here". "Brush your teeth". "Stop". "No sir". "Give Victor hugs".
*Unfortunately, you have also started hitting our face when you are not happy, this is a big NO-NO!
*When people try to shake your hand you offer them hugs instead.
*Discovered the art of flushing toilets!
*When at a public restroom you have discovered that you can crouch and peek underneath to the next stall. Do not be a 'Peeping Tom'!

Some First for the month, not always good...
*Scratched a kid across the face in the nursery. It was over a toy that you wanted.
*I cut your hair for the first time! You did so well. I was nervous about doing it; but you sat still for me on 3 separate occasions...yes I had to redo some areas just because I had to be a perfectionist! You will thank me later!
*Climbed out of pack and play and into our bed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Seriously, I need to be a better blogger. I commit to blog on Thursday and Saturday this week.
2. Currently, in Edmond, Oklahoma!
3. I have been able to spend time with my brother and his wife. Right now Joseph and my brother are outside hitting golf balls.
4. This past weekend we stopped in at a supporting church and I was able to see my friend Laura! I might one day be "related" to her through the marriage of our children!
5. My mind is at a complete blank as to today's date. I think Klayton is going to be 17 months this week!
6. I've been consistently losing weight, until this week. I am so disappointed I haven't lost a pound since my last weigh in.
7. This weeks agenda, work on name tags for ladies retreat and start memorizing the skit!
8. Going to go window shop at the outlet mall this afternoon. Therefore, it will probably rain as it usually does when we visit outlet malls.
9. I've been doing lots of reading about Norway. Interesting fact: Women that work get one year off for maternity leave!
10. Sometimes these random thoughts on Tuesday give me a headache. However, it's the only post that I'm consistent with from week to week.
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Somebody in the Bed

While on the road we travel with Klayton's pack and play. And this tine is no different. Its set up between the bed and wall, in a tight space.
Last night I put him to bed with his teddy bear Victor. I turned myself to face him while sleeping. This morning I woke up at 7 to use the bathroom. When I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was the pack and play. Natural instinct causes me to peer in and check on my baby. There was no baby! Confusion. I look around the room and there is no lil man to be found. What is going on? I had an escapee and he was in bed between Joseph and I sound asleep, with his bear-Victor!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. So, I'm giving in and getting my eyes checked on Friday. I really hate the puff of air and spending the money.
2. This past weekend was so fun! I was able to spend some time with an old college roomie and some other friends from college.
3. Very sore from "shredding" with Jillian. It better be worth the aches!
4. Currently, we are in Pampa, Texas and I am enjoying the gorgeous weather! I think a walk is in order for the day!
5. Money. It's a necessary evil and I sometimes despise it.
6. I might soon be doing an anti-DQ post. Went there for lunch yesterday and needed to change a diaper; but how could I when there was no changing station to be found?
7. I've been growing my hair out since last summer and it's finally able to be put in a ponytail! Yay!
8. Klayton has been fighting a cold and that means lots of practice at doing the nose sucker? Am I the only mom out there that absolutely stinks at that job?
9. Let me give a shout out to the Olive Garden in Amarillo, Texas for their BAD service. The manager stopped at our table to ask about our service, so we told him-it was slow, not friendly, etc. We were nice, when complaining! However, our waitress overheard and became even more rude. When it was time to give us the check she literally threw it down on our table. She didn't give us mints and we didn't leave a good tip.
10. Well, I am off to make name tags for our church ladies retreat and maybe I will make some jewelry!
Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Missionary Wife-Home is a Suitcase

A long time ago I started a series…well it was supposed to be a series! Ha! I have decided to revive the series, “Missionary Wife”! We will see how long this revival will last! But, then also after I wrote this post I popped over at Kelly's Korner and realized she was doing a ministry wife link up! I thought about changing my post to something different; but decided not to and just give a glimpse into my life on the road!
My role as a missionary wife often means that 95% of the time I set my home up from a suitcase. My home could be in one place in the morning and be somewhere completely different by bedtime. What I look forward to is times where we can settle down for a few days, maybe a week and set up home! I have learned that where my boys are so is my home.
My home involves the things I choose to bring on our next “tour” of deputation. Obviously, I pack the essentials…toiletries and clothes! I pack a bag of toys, books and dvds for Klayton, a few books for me, my journal and my beads to make jewelry. It is really not practical to pack things of personal sentiment, like my scrapbooks. I always have my camera with me to snap that picture of something or a moment I will always want to remember.
I am reminded often how this lifestyle goes against the nature of a lady-or at least most ladies. We all have a desire to have our own home, our safe place where walls are decorated with pictures, its okay for clothes to be strewn on the floor and we can eat off our own plates! I may be the only one that feels this way; but it is sometimes hard on my heart and emotions to be constantly packing up and saying goodbye to new friends I have made a long the way. And then there are times where I don’t mind one bit to be packing up and moving on to the next place! Ha!
We often hear the phrase, “this feels like home” or “I felt right at home” those are the places that I love to be! For me, home is not just in 4 walls or inside a van. My home is the road and becomes the places we love to be and with people that we feel an instant attachment to. I think many people don’t realize that when a missionary is at their church to share their ministry, or staying in their home that the wife is longing to be herself. For that moment where not everyone is expecting her kids to be perfect…for that moment where she can talk about something other than answering another question about their ministry, even though she doesn’t mind talking about it! It is just nice to be able to talk girl things, about that favorite hobby or that funny thing that caused her to laugh uproariously! She longs for even that moment of silence, to go to bed early, lounge in her pajamas in bed with a good book…those are the moments that remind them of home!

Now, I want you to understand that this was a means for me to share my heart. I am NOT complaining about my role as a missionary wife and if you choose to take it that way, well that is your problem. It is sad that I have to preface that; but I am sure that there will be people that will misconstrue what I said and twist it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. We are in Texas enjoying temperatures of 70! Unfortunately, the high tomorrow is only going to be 37.
2. I have now lost a total of 7 lbs and find myself in complete shock! I've cut back on portion sizes and try to exercise!
3. Took Klayton to the park today and he decided that he wanted nothing to do with it. Crazy kid!
4. Trying to cut back on my caffeine and I have quite a headache. I will soon nurse it with a small dose of caffeine! Give me a break, I haven't had any caffeine since Sunday!
5. This weekend we will be in Amarillo and I get to catch up with an old roomie of mine! Fun!
6. I was brave and cut Klayton's hair! It actually turned out good! I just used the clippers for an all over "trim". I took quite a bit off!
7. Does anyone use coconut oil? I bought some this past weekend and have been using it on my face, when I brush my teeth and to help heal a wound on Klayton's hand. I'm just wondering what other uses are out there for it that work?
8. Who wants to correct all my bad grammar in this post? Wow! I'm really slacking...
9. Tomorrow night we have a meeting in Fritch, Texas.
10. It's really hard coming up with random thoughts. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 5, 2012

First Fight

Can you believe my sweet little boy got into a fight? In the church nursery? Yesterday it was just Klayton and another little boy in the church nursery. They were best buds, doing everything together. But, it seems they had a falling out. Colton had a toy and Klayton wanted it. Colton wasn't about to give it up either! So, Klayton swiped at Colton's face and put a 1 inch scratch right below his eye! The nursery worker said Colton didn't stand a chance-poor kid. Oh my sweet Klayton, what am I going to do with you? And by the way, Klayton got the toy he wanted.