Thursday, March 26, 2009

Short and Sweet!

Unfortunately, nothing very exciting has happened to tell you about. We are still in Glenrock, Wyoming; but will be moving on this Sunday afternoon to Sundance, Wyoming.
While here in Glenrock we have enjoyed getting to know the Pastor, his wife and family so much! They have been SO kind to us…had us over for dinner and fellowship many nights! We have also appreciated their Godly example that they have set before us!
This past Monday, Glenrock was the recipient of a blizzard! And I thought it was spring, especially since on Sunday it was in the 70’s! We received at least 12 inches of snow; but, on Tuesday it already started to melt as it was in the 40’s! Wyoming weather is very fickle!
For those of you who voted in my poll, if you chose, Norwegians…read more books than any other population-you are correct! Norwegians are very knowledgeable people and they love knowledge!
So, yes, this is really short; but that’s about all there is to say! Oh, one more thing…I am going to start a new edition to this blog! Celebrate Life will be posted every Saturday if time permits and I have an internet connection. Celebrate Life will be a post of 10 things that happened in the week that I am thankful for or need prayer about!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Private Investigator

We are in Glenrock, Wyoming-a small town about 20 miles from Casper! Staying in a great prophet’s chamber and the Pastor’s family has already been so good to us. We arrived here Monday night! When we arrived we couldn’t get a hold of the Pastor and his home number is unlisted, so we became private investigators and called everyone we thought that might have a connection to him and would have a way to get in touch with him. We finally did get a hold of him and are now living in their church’s prophets chamber for the next 2 weeks! Its great and we are thankful to be in a place that has an internet connection!
For the last 2 Tuesdays someone has been calling Joseph’s cell phone number at 6 a.m.-very annoying and it’s an automated message. So, I decided to become a private investigator once again and I called the phone number back and it goes to an answering machine telling me that I have reached Bob and Dale-not a clue as to who they are. Well, I then Googled the number and the first five sites were about how calls from this number have been people scamming the recipients of those calls for money-they claim they are trying to collect a debt and have you verify your personal info by you giving them the info and then through that they can use the information to steal your identity and to take the alleged debt out of your bank account. Crazy stuff!
Well, we are now at the half way marker in our travels for this go around on the deputation trail. We should be home about this time in May and will be home for most of the summer! Summer is not always a beneficial time for meetings, because people are on vacation, churches have vacation bible schools and summer camps. While home for the summer, I try to work and usually work at the public school day care program; but I am looking at getting a nanny job. I have one prospect and am asking for prayer that it all works out and that I can get this nanny job!
For everyone who voted in my poll….Norway is known as? The Land of the Midnight Sun! Japan is known as Land of the Rising Sun, Scotland is known as The Land of the Book and Russia is known as The Great White North!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Steamboat Springs

Plain Jane, Wyoming

To start off with-I don’t particularly like Wyoming! We arrived here in Evanston, WY on Tuesday. Our travel time should have been only 5 hours; but it was 7 hours. We endured icy roads and were stuck on the interstate 30 miles away from our destination in a stand still traffic jam for an hour and a half. However, I better learn to like Wyoming as I will be a guest of the state for the rest of the month.
On a better note, we were able to spend a night in Steamboat Springs, Colorado! We didn’t get to take in all of the sites; but just from the little time we did spend there it makes me want to go back, when we can spend more time there! We were there on Monday and just took the day walking the downtown area and admiring the scenery. We ate dinner at a fifty’s diner, Johnny Be Good’s-they serve the best burgers! I had a Plain Jane Burger and Joseph had a Mogul Masher which was a burger with pineapples and Canadian bacon on top of it! We were going to visit Strawberry Park on Tuesday before we left; but when we awoke to snow and bad weather we decided it wouldn’t be a good idea and will have to save it for next time.
We enjoyed our meeting in Walsenburg, Colorado! The church had a neat idea, during Sunday school class they take up a change offering, people give loose change or loose bills. They take the change offering and dump it into a big coffee container each week and they do so until a missionary comes. When the missionary arrives, how much ever has been collected is given to the missionary wife-which was me this time! After our meeting there, I took the change in to the bank to have it cashed out and there was $90.00 for me to spend! The rules and conditions of the money, as told to me, by the Pastor’s daughter was: I don’t have to share it with anyone and I can use it on whatever I want! So, while in Steamboat Springs, I bought a denim skirt. I also bought some much needed new makeup and I am saving some to buy a new wallet!
As I said, we are currently in Evanston staying in a prophets chamber. We didn’t have an official meeting last night, so we took in services from the church that is allowing us to use their prophet’s chamber-we will have an official meeting with them next month when we return to be in their missions conference. However, the church has already treated us so well, they gave us a love offering just for being with them last night! Now, when we leave on Saturday to take off to Cheyenne, I can eat! Ha!
On a side note-this has nothing to do with our travels; but I think its funny. Since I am always looking for a new jean skirt and one of my favorite stores to shop for them at is Maurices, we stopped in at one here in Evanston. When we stepped into the store, a very friendly sales clerk inquired if I needed help with anything. I replied that I was looking for a long jean skirt. To which she told me, “all we currently have is short ones-you know the skimpy kind?” I thought it was quite hilarious that she admitted that the skirts were skimpy-which means they are obviously inappropriate to be wearing!

Friday, March 6, 2009

God is SO good!

Where do I begin?! God has been SO good to me! Let me tell you some of the reasons why!
This past Monday night a couple from the church in Sante Fe, NM took us to dinner-which was wonderful; but that is not what the most exciting event of the evening was! After dinner, we came back to the prophets chamber and as we were opening the door, I could see a shopping bag inside the entry way. As I looked at it further, I realized it was a Coach shopping bag; I was like, “no way!” We hurried into the prophet’s chamber and attached to the bag was a card with my name on it….I quickly opened the bag and there was my very own Coach bag! I was so excited-I never thought I would ever own a Coach bag! I don’t know who gave it to me; but I am so thankful and blessed that I, of all people, would be given such an awesome gift! You know a Coach bag, is the ultimate purse to own and I have quite the purse fetish! I think I will probably carry my Coach bag forever! And, whoever picked out my Coach bag has excellent taste, because it is just my style-I have been bragging about my Coach bag all week! God is so good to me!
Another reason, why God is so good to me? Well, I have wanted to visit Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a very long time; but it is so expensive-it’s a tourist town and ski area. However, a very special friend of mine is paying for Joseph and me to stay in Steamboat Springs for one night, so on Monday night Joseph and I will be in Steamboat Springs-I can’t wait! God is so good-He really does want to bless His children with the desires of their heart and I am proof of that. God keeps giving me my desires-even those desires that probably seem so small in the eyes of others!
This past week we have been in Englewood, Colorado for a home missions conference. We weren’t able to present our burden for Norway; but we were able to meet many prospective Pastors who may be able to schedule us for a meeting. While in Englewood, they put us up at Silver State Bible Camp free of charge-we were very appreciative of the free accommodations. My only complaint-I hate driving up mountains, I feel like I could fall off the mountain at any time. Every time, we drive on the mountain, I beg Joseph to drive under the speed limit as much as he can and I don’t really care if we cause a traffic jam-I just don’t want to fall off that mountain! It was also great to reunite with friends from college at the conference and see them serving the Lord in the ministry He has called them to!
After leaving the Home Missions Conference we traveled down to Colorado Springs, Colorado for the night! We are currently in Colorado Springs and enjoying our time! There is so many free things to do here, like Garden of the Gods and the Olympic Training Complex!
On Saturday, we go to Walsenburg, CO for a Sunday meeting! Pray for the Lord’s will to be done in that meeting. Speaking of which, we have not heard about whether or not the church in Sante Fe has decided to take us on for support-so, please keep praying!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I will be late...

FYI: I don't have time to update my blog today. I will update it tomorrow.
But, for those of you that voted in my poll....How many Independent Baptist Churches does Norway have? The correct answer is 1.
I have so much to blog about-come back soon!