Friday, August 28, 2009

Travelling On!

Well, if you read 10 on Tuesday, you know that we left on Tuesday morning and we will not be back home until the first week of December. For the most part, I was not at all excited about getting back on the road-I just love being at home. However, the Lord gave me peace of mind on Tuesday and I left our home with no trepedition in my heart. I wasn't concerned about things that I might have forgotten to take care of and such, I was able to just leave and focus only on the trip. On Tuesday we travelled to Overland Park, Kansas and stayed the night at the prophets chamber in the Settle Inn! For dinner, Joseph took me to the Cheesecake Factory-I had never been before. The meals were pricey, in my opinion; but they were delicious. While being there I couldn't refuse a piece of cheesecake, so I enjoyed a slice of Snickers Cheesecake! It was delicious!
Wednesday, we slept in and then headed off to El Reno, Oklahoma where we would have our first meeting of this trip! It was a great first meeting, as the people were very kind to us! Its always nice to start our trip off at a nice church! Joseph was able to present our ministry, we enjoyed dinner with the Pastor's family and a couple of the guys from the church and they filled our gas tank and put us up in a hotel for the night!
Thursday, Joseph and I wondered around Oklahoma City before making our way over to Lindsay and JJ's home-this is where we will be staying for the month inbetween meetings. This is the part of the trip that I am most excited about and for me it is a great way to start off our trip! We really appreciate Lindsay and JJ opening their home to us!
This weekend we were to be in a missions conference; but they cancelled us, so we will be going to church at Southwest Baptist-where I went to church during the years I was at Heartland! I love Southwest, so I am really excited about taking in the services and seeing good friends! And also, Lindsay and I are going to spend some time with our roommate from our freshman year of college and another friend-fun times!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. We said goodbye to our home once again, as of this morning Joseph and I are on the road again until sometime during the 1st week of December.
2. I have become an Ebay shopper...well okay, browser is probably the better word to use! One of my friends shared with me, after reading my blog last week, that she found her Cricut Expression on Ebay for $199-brand new! So, yes I immediately visited that site; but did not visit the 500 pages of sellers ad for cricuts and supplies for cricuts!
3. Yesterday, I was able to spend time with friends at Panera Bread! It was great to have that opportunity! The Lord has allowed me to spend quite a bit of time lately with friends! Sunday, we went to our Pastor's home for lunch and on the Friday prior I was able to spend time with my Pastor's wife as well as have a family from church over for dinner!
4. My brother came down last Friday night for a visit and we had a great time with him! Played golf, wii, went to lunch, shopped-simply put, it was a great time with him!
5. Sudoku, never played it until this week and now I think I might be kind of hooked-even though it really makes my brain work hard! It takes me forever to finish a 9x9 grid; but its a great way to pass time in the van while we continue our travels!
6. I think Joseph is going to take me to the Cheesecake Factory tonight! We have never been and I LOVE cheesecake...we think they serve regular food as well?
7. Tomorrow night, we have the first meeting of the trip in El Reno, Oklahoma.
8. Thursday I get to see my great and wonderful friend, Lindsay-I am so excited to see her as well as other friends! On Saturday, Lindsay and I are going to spend some time with old friends from college-you know relive our college days...
9. I sure hope I took care of everything that needed to be taken care of before we left...when we left I felt fine with everything...I had no doubts that I forgot anything, etc! So, hopefully, along the way I will not discover that I am missing something and actually as I write this I am beginning to think, "maybe I did leave something behind?"
10. Well, enough of this for today! I sure hope this found all my readers having a great day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. So, does anyone want to give me $200 or more? I am saving to buy a Cricut or a Cricut Expression! I have decided that scrapbooking is my “main” hobby and that the Cricut is an essential to scrapbooking! Okay, maybe not an essential; but it sure would be nice! Lol!
2. You know your eyebrows need to be waxed when your husband asks, “Are your brows naturally thick?”
3. We leave for the road again, next Tuesday and there is SO much to do!
4. I have been leaving my keys in our door lately…it’s a good thing we live in a safe area. I don’t know why I am being so forgetful…I’ve been leaving the keys in the door at least once a week lately! And Joseph wonders why I am always having him check the door for me? I’m forgetful and paranoid…
5. My brother is coming on Friday for an overnight visit. Joseph and my brother will probably “convince” me to go golfing and I think we are also going to try and find Caleb a black pinstripe suit!
6. I got my flute back! I took it in to have it refurbished so that I could bring it along with us on this trip! I haven’t played it in 2 years, so, I am kind of rusty; but have already chosen 4 songs to practice and I should be fine!
7. I have a new hair color! Went and got it colored a brown copper, with a few red and blonde highlights….its different and I like it! You know it’s just another step towards my new look, if only I could magically drop 25 lbs I would be ever so happy!
8. My dad is letting me use a pedometer, the thing that measures how many steps/miles you walk in a day. I don’t think its really accurate…I walked at least 10 blocks this morning and it says I didn’t even walk half a mile!
9. Packing, I hate packing-especially for long trips because it is really hard to know what to bring, how to pack, etc. I really need to start focusing on getting ready for our trip!
10. I don’t know…lets me put something random here since I have no clue what to write! I bought a sauna belt yesterday-it works…I won’t explain to you how I know it works; but trust me it works!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brief, Catch Up

Where does the time go? Each week I do think about my blog and that I post to it; but then I start doing something else and before I know it another week without posting has disappeared. So, it is now time to attempt and play catch up on the life of Kendra and Joseph!
This past Sunday, Joseph and I needed to kill some time after church before meeting friends for lunch. So, we went to Target and while there Joseph was the 1st to spot a shoplifter. He pointed the woman and her two little girls out to me and as soon as I turned my head to look there she was hiding makeup in her belongings. Immediately, we went and found a store associate and were very thankful that she took us seriously and the shoplifter did not make it out of the store with the merchandise. We kind of felt like we were on a crime show!
Other than starring in our own crime show mini series, what have we been up to? Well, besides my parents coming for an overnight stay in July, Joseph's parents visiting for a week, having people from church over every Friday night, doing odd jobs for a friend, babysitting, cleaning, scrapbooking, getting ready to get back on the road in another week and a half...um not a whole lot! It really does surprise me sometimes just how busy life can be.
So, I am going to keep this to a brief update and hope to get back to being faithful to my blog as time goes on-I think getting back on the road will help with that!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Yes, it really is Tuesday and I really am posting 10 on Tuesday...its been almost a month since I have posted anything. I apologize for me laziness...
2. Joseph and I are currently in Cherokee-my parents and sister are on vacation in WI. So, Joseph is doing the midweek service for my dad and we are helping my brother dog sit!
3. I have discovered, Candy Corn Hershey Kisses-I think they are delicious, my husband, however, disagrees and won't let me kiss him with that after taste in my mouth! What a meanie! But, I guess I can't complain to much-I don't let him kiss me after he has eaten Cheese Its-those are disgusting!
4. Our time at home is almost over...where did the time go?! We have had such a wonderful and very productive time at home...I love home!
5. July was busy with many visitors at our home! My parents came for an overnight stay and Joseph's parents came for a week long visit....we also had a few different families from our church over for homemade pizza and Wii!
6. I think I like golf again...well that is if I am having a good golf day! While Josephs parents were visiting, his mom and I had our golf swing analyzed and the guy helping us gave me a few tips on my stance that really improved my game! I can actually hit the ball more consistently and as long as this continues I will like golf!
7. So, I really do want to be losing weight; but I seem to have lost my motivation to do so. I am really depending on my good friend, Lindsay, who is also doing Weight Watchers. Joseph and I will be staying with her and her husband for a month, as a hub, for all of our meetings and I am hoping that she can help give me that extra push to lose some more weight!
8. If you remember, I submitted a story to Chicken Soup for the Soul and I still haven't heard a thing from them...
9. Oh my goodness...I am running out of things to say...something random, ummm....lately, I just absolutely love and crave chicken barbecue pizza! It is so yummy! Joseph thinks its sick; but thats what I kind of think of his favorite pizza choice, ham and pineapple?! Fruit on a pizza??!!
10. And finally, I learned a new word this week! Stinkage! Look it up in your dictionary...