Friday, August 31, 2012


Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lazy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was in the mood to bake; but cleaning up a mess is no fun! SO, I figured if the recipe has the word LAZY in it...
Found this recipe on Pinterest! The actual recipe calls for mini chocolate chips; but I used the regular baking chips!
•Preheat oven to 350
•5 tbs melted butter
•2 cups chocolate chips
•2 eggs beaten
•1 box yellow or white cake mix
•Combine butter and eggs, beat thoroughly.
•Mix in cake mix and chocolate chips.
•Spread mixture in 9x13 pan.
•Bake 20 minutes.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

10 on..TueWednesday

1. Excited to have my nephew David and his parents come for a visit tomorrow!
2. Excited for my sister and husband as they announced their baby news!
3. Proud of my little my boy who is beginning to really grasp the concept of potty training!
4. I really want to do a little baking! I think I will try something from Pinterest!
5. Really need some September Scentsy parties. Anyone interested in hosting an online party?! Or if you live near me hosting a home party? It WILL be SO MUCH FUN!
6. I seriously am having a hard time believing its going to be almost a hundred outside today. Thankfully, Klayton and I were able to enjoy some sun before it became scorching.
7. Last week I bought some new foundation. It's all natural/organic foundation from Origins at Younkers! I really like it and am slowly making the switch over to their whole makeup line!
8. Really in the mood to do some scrapbooking...maybe I should finish my honeymoon scrapbook!
9. Kind of in the mood to haul out my fall decorations!
10. Well, normally this is where I would say, Happy Tuesday; but it's not Tuesday! Ha! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

22 Months

Klayton You Are 22 Months!
*Wear size 5 diapers. 
*Size 5 1/2 or 6 in shoes. 
*The clothes that fit best are 18-24 month clothes!
*When you are hungry, you bring me your high chair tray! So funny!
*Are becoming more and more independent daily. 
*Love to help yourself to your own snacks and eat right from the cracker box!
*Have great hand eye coordination. You are often found walking around tossing a ball up and catching it!
*Starting to enjoy bath time again. 
*Give handshakes and hi-5's!
*Like to show people your nose, mouth and belly!
*A new thing started is crossing your arms! I think it is so cute!
*Do so well going up and down stairs, have been trying to walk on them and have had several successful and unsuccessful trips!
*Love to take your clothes off! One Sunday during church, you wanted your tie and vest off! Then you decided your shirt should come off; but we didn't let that happen!
*Discovered your pockets! It's so cute when you shove your hand into your pocket!
*Started working at drinking from a regular cup.
*Love to read books and be read to.
*Victor, the bear, still goes everywhere with you. He unfortunately has sustained injuries to the nose...he has 2 extra nostrils now! On a side note you now let us dress him again!
*Love to wear hats and are often found wearing one of daddy's!
*Are not afraid to be a part of the group! I love watching you put yourself out there to play with others!
*Have been kind of fussy lately; but I really believe its because you are getting frustrated over not having words yet.
*Still love to play chase and I think you would play that all day if we let you! You have so much energy!
*New favorite show to watch, Little Einsteins!
*Enjoy going for walks and riding your stroll and go!
Things I Don't Want to Forget:
**At the mall one day, I think we were in Champs...just out of the blue you started dancing in the middle of the store! You love music!
**I love how you have been such a cuddle bug lately! Sometimes when we're sitting in the couch you will come sit beside me and snuggle in. You also like to put your hand around mine or daddy's neck while watching tv!
**We went to Sioux City with Grandma and Grandpa Barnhardt. While there we ate at 5 Guys and Grandpa got a bag of peanuts for the road; but he let you carry the bag-you love to carry things! As we left the restaurant, there were a group of ladies getting ready to enter and you went right up to them gave them the peanuts and walked away! Apparently, you have a giving spirit!
A What Should Mommy Do Moment:
**This morning you went to the bathroom on the big boy toilet!! I have been struggling with to or not to potty train! You still don't have many words; but you have woken up dry on several occasions, you have brought me a diaper when needing to be changed and you lay down and spread your legs for diaper changing! So, I have decided that every morning we will try and whenever we go upstairs we will try! We will take it slow!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. A while back I posted about my unsettled peace about getting Klayton his MMR. I am still not a big proponent of trying to sway someone one way or another…because frankly, that’s not my place! I however, get frustrated when everywhere I turn getting kids vaccinated is being pushed down people’s throat! You now see billboards and commercials telling us to vaccinate. Even today flipping through the channels, I happened a cross a segment on Going Back to School and it was said to be sure to have your children caught up on vaccinations! The doctor that made this statement also included in his information the fact that none the less, in spite of these vaccines 5 weeks into the school year kids are still going to be getting sick. He then also admitted that last year the flu was down not because of the flu shot; but because people were focusing on washing their hands and staying home when sick-sounds like proper hygiene to me?!
2. Just 3 sales away from meeting my first goal in Scentsy! Really hoping to meet that goal by the 24th! If you want to help me out please shop my party, Reaching My Goal at https://kendrabarnhardt.scentsy.us! If you are not familiar with Scentsy they are wickless, sootless (free of chemicals) candles-the wax melts slightly above room temperature so it won’t burn you or cause a fire! The wax is made with the same wax that is used to shine the fruit you find in the grocery story! And after your initial set up of purchasing a warmer, the scents are only $5 and last 60-80 hours so in the long run its cheaper than a store bought candle!
3. I have been working really hard at becoming a better housekeeper! Sometimes I just don’t want to do a thing; but I have been forcing myself to clean at least 10 minutes during Klayton’s nap time, if a dish is dirty load it in the dishwasher immediately, if I notice something out of place put it in its proper place while I’m thinking of it and cleaning for 10 minutes before bed! This new routine is really making a world of difference!
4. Recently I have rediscovered my love for reading! I have been reading a book a week and trying to expand my horizons! I have been staying away from fiction and reading biograhies/autobiographies!
5. I am hoping to pass my love for reading down to Klayton and I think we are heading in the right direction! Every night before bed Joseph and him read a book together and I take him to the library 2-3 times a week! And, yes he knows to be quiet in the library!
6. Oh scrapbooking how I miss you…someday soon I really hope to haul out my scrapping supplies and work on Klayton’s baby book…maybe finish up our honeymoon scrapbook!
7. Garage sale…do you think I can get one ready for this weekend?! I really need to get motivated and just do it!
8. This 10 random thoughts post is kind of becoming very lengthy!
9. I really need to go grocery shopping…don’t know what my husband will be eating when he comes home this afternoon! I used to love grocery shopping; but now it makes me cringe when I see the final total for not a lot of food and yet it feels like I’m having to scrape the bottom of my purse just to pay for it because groceries are so expensive.
10. Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Help Me Earn a Gift Card

I just need to sell $250 more and I will then be able to level up in Scentsy. If I complete this goal by the 24th of this month, I will earn a gift card! So, help a sister out and shop my party, Reaching My Goal at https://kendrabarnhardt.scentsy.us If you shop this party you will be entered in a drawing for a free plug in and a scent bar! If you refer a friend and they make a purchase, let them know to tell me who sent them and you will get another entry into the drawing! Happy shopping!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Klayton broke my glasses this week. Oh the sadness.
2. Monday I have another Scentsy party to do! Yay!
3. It's amazing how quickly laundry dries when hung on the line in this heat.
4. Still dealing with a toothache; it only seems to be bothersome at night. This may be the reason for all the freeze pop wrappers on my night stand!
5. I love the Olympics. I find myself getting irritated with the media though. Have you noticed how they are constantly bringing up the past failures and when someone loses and is crying they ask, "how do you feel?!"
6. And another thing about the Olympics...am I the only who kind of gets grossed out at the sight of some of those men in their spandex?!
7. I need to sell $400 more in Scentsy to level up and earn a gift card! Feel free to help me out and shop under the party Logi Bear at https://KendraBarnhardt.scentsy.us. I only qualify for the bonus gift card if I reach the goal by the 24th!
8. Somehow my child has the innate ability to find food that has fallen between couch cushions or who knows really where it was and make sure it makes it's way to his little pooch of a tummy! As I type this he's enjoying a Dorito that neither I or my husband gave him.
9. So tired. Always so tired. Please energy find your way to me!!
10. Surprisingly 10 random thoughts came rather easily to me this week! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Golf Buddies

Golfer in training!
Daddy teaching his little boy...
Must keep your eye on the ball.
Hands in the right place as you swing.
Contact is made with the ball!
As a day at the driving range closes, I can just imagine this picture becoming familiar as years go on!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pebble Krispies and Klayton

Klayton and I did a little baking together! Here he is getting ready, making sure we have all the ingredients!
Measuring out the marshmallows, one by one! Klayton even managed to sneak one into his mouth; but quickly decided he wasn't to crazy about it and threw it back into the bowl of marshmallows!
The next step, 4 cups of fruity pebbles. Since my measuring cup only holds two cups and I wanted Klayton to be able to participate as much as possible I would measure out two cups and then I let him scoop the pebbles into a bowl. I must admit, he started off by putting one pebble at a time in the bowl! I quickly intervened and helped it along!
Since the rest required the use of the stove top and I didn't want Klayton's grandmas calling me complaining about how I shouldn't sit him on a stove top-haha-I did the mixing!
Klayton with the finished product!
After the "Pebble Krispies" had cooled, I was so excited to offer a piece to Klayton!
He looks excited to try it; but wouldn't come near me for even a bite! So, I went to him!
His consensus over our baking adventure...they were ok! I came to this conclusion since its been at least a week and we are only missing one krispy!