Friday, August 30, 2013

Laugh, I'm Sharing Cleaning Tips

Over at Kelly's Korner it is Show Us Your Life: Cleaning Tips. I thought it would be fun to participate even though if you were to look at my house right now you would think twice about taking cleaning tips from me!

**I am going to preface, I AM NOT a Norwex consultant...so, I am not trying to make a sale!**

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite things to use for cleaning that cut down time and maybe make cleaning "fun" because I can see results quickly!

1. Norwex Cleaning Paste

I have used this to remove pen marks from surfaces...cleaning "dirty situations" from bedding that is to be dry cleaned only and it cleans grit, grime and scum from kitchen sinks within seconds! Am I the only one who ever ends up with an orange ring of something around my burners on the stove? Well, this gets rid of them quickly! I don't think I ever want to be without this product!

2. Vinegar
Yeah, the stuff smells disgusting and my husband knows immediately when its been used; but it works wonders on cleaning heavy duty grease from things like my Cool Daddy fryer! I also like to use it on my toilet! I always mix it with warm water and sometimes a little dish soap! One of my favorite uses is to mix it with clear Dawn dish soap and warm water to get rid of carpet stains!

3. Norwex Dusting Mitt

The real secret here is this is how I get Klayton to do my dusting! I mean does it look like I'm dusting, its a mitt after all?! A cool mitt that makes dusting into one easy swipe-no more spraying Pledge and carrying around a roll of paper towels! Slip the mitt on and dust away!

4. Norwex Enviro Cloth

This cleans EVERYTHING! I have a few of these cloths, one is reserved for windows-yeah I don't use windex anymore! Dip the cloth into warm water and wipe away-no streaks! I also have one for wiping down my counters and sink! It is basically a miracle worker!

5. Baking soda
I use baking soda all the time! I always sprinkle my carpets with it a good 30 minutes before vacuuming. I also sprinkle my mattress with it whenever its time to strip the sheets for a good washing. I like how it eliminates odor as well as lifts dirt!

So, pretty much it sounds like I should be selling Norwex-ha! I don't have a lot of their products; but the ones I do have I love to use and feel better using because there are no harmful chemicals to be concerned about!
I think this is where I say, "Happy Cleaning!" Ok...I know better!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E: Part One

Continuing with my new mini-series! I think I just like saying that; but I really do want to continue and feel bad I haven't posted sooner.

Obedience is a demonstration of trust.

I remember being at Olive Garden for lunch and we had ordered their soup and salad. I gave Klayton one of the jalapenos that they always put in their salads and told Klayton to try it, at first he said no; but I insisted to which he eventually gave in-he made quite the face! The people at the next table over were caught giggling just as we were; but now weeks later if I tell Klayton to try a new food…he’s not quick to comply. Why? Because he remembers what happened last time he did as he was told and he didn’t like it! In that area I created a lack of trust. Children are more apt to obey when they know the parent can be trusted.
When a child is asked to obey and they do so; but it hurts them, trust in that area is gone. Do you realize that is a two way street? Klayton LOVES to be outdoors and sorry; but this Kansas heat is just a little much for this Mama! Klayton is content to just sit on our front porch with me sitting at the recliner that’s next to the window where I can see him clearly. He has been found sitting on the porch step many times this summer and each time I tell him to sit and not to leave the porch and he doesn’t leave I tend to not move my eyes to check on him EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. I am trusting him in this matter, I trust that he will obey because he has proven it and if I need to leave the recliner for a quick minute I know when I come back Klayton will still be sitting on the front porch step. If I were to look out the window and find Klayton off the porch, I would be hesitant to trust him in this issue next time.
Trust and obedience is a relationship. Obedience often asks us to do what we don't feel like doing or doing something without knowing the end result. How many kids like to be asked to pick up their toys? I smile just thinking about this...

"Klayton, pick up your toys?
"Klayton..."said with a little warning in my voice.

After about half the toys are picked up, Klayton is found playing "forgetting" about the task at hand and he's reminded once again and the conversation I described ensues once again! I know Klayton doesn't like it; but I also know that there is an end result that I can see, responsibility. I can see character that can and is developing if he just obeys. Even as adults God often asks us to do something or might tell us to stop doing something and we don't understand why, we might not like it or can't see the end result; but just as we see in our children character that needs to be worked on God sees a big picture. I should mention that over the course of time now, Klayton will now OFTEN pick up his toys without being asked...his obedience developed responsibility. Make sense? Thankful that Klayton is learning to obey and to see a demonstration of trust through that obedience! Now that I have a child of my own, I am beginning to "see" things and realize things about my relationship to my Heavenly Father and how my obedience to what He says or ask pleases Him.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E: Intro

I have been thinking about doing a post all about obedience. As I write it it becomes longer and longer! Eh. So, tonight as I was working on it I thought to myself, "why not divide it up into a mini series?" Then I said, "sounds good Kendra...!" Haha! So, here goes nothing:

“Klayton, go potty!”
With a smile, my little guy runs the opposite way from the bathroom.
“Klayton, go potty!”
He darts beneath my knees to hide on the other side of the bed.
“Klayton, OBEY!”
I quickly found myself laughing inwardly.

I get frustrated when Klayton doesn’t obey because I often forget that obedience just doesn’t happen-it has to be taught, it has to be a choice. Our natural state is to do what we want to do, not as others want us to do.
When Klayton doesn’t obey, I often will ask him, “Can you hear me?”
Sometimes he nods his head yes and I tell him, “if you can hear me there is no reason to not do what I said.”
Then there are other times he will shake his head no and my reply, “how convenient!”
I ask him that question to get him to stop in his tracks and hopefully get an opportunity to explain that obedience is doing right the first time.
Before we even had Klayton I remember meeting a missionary family to the Amazon Jungle. At the time their little boy was six months old and just starting to crawl. The couple spoke about how important it was to begin instilling obedience in him-even then. It was important because going to the jungle they knew there would be potential dangers…if that little boy was about to cross paths with a rattle snake and they said, “stop” they might not have another opportunity to say stop and it could mean life or death if they had to tell him twice!
My desire is that Klayton will obey the first time. Yeah, it will be nice when we are out and about that I could call for him to come and he would without me having to “chase” him down…not that it has happened before! Ha! When I think about why I want him to obey right away three reasons come to mind:
1. Obedience is a demonstration of trust.
2. Obedience is a demonstration of love.
3. Obedience reaps blessings.
In the course of the next week I would like to continue exploring those reasons, so stay tuned for, Obedience: A Demonstration of Trust!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Is this an optical illusion of my husband slam dunking a basketball?

2. There is a reason I am a city girl-I can't handle the odor of cows relieving themselves.
3. Found a new eye shadow color that I love, Golden Halo by Maybelliene. I like to use it with purple or black eye shadow in my crease and outer corner of my eye!
4. It is often best to keep your opinions to yourself.
5. A while back I mentioned my concern about Klayton's lack of speech...don't think that will be mentioned again! There will be an upcoming post about this!
6. With children come humbling moments...
7. Bragging moment: While in Kohl's the other day a lady was going to put her shopping cart away when Klayton went up to her and did it for her. The lady congratulated me for already raising a gentleman-and told me that he is already more of a gentleman than most men today. I told her we are doing the best we can by God's grace!
8. Apparently, I have a brain disorder!

9. Ulta is one of my new favorite stores and it helps that when I bought a gift from there, they gave me a gift! A rolling weekend suitcase!
10. And just for fun, another pic that serves as a reminder that I am indeed a Scentsy consultant!

I hope your Tuesday is happy and that your home smells yummy!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Boys

Klayton decided recently that he SOMETIMES likes to get his picture taken and will bring my camera to me and say, "Cheese!"

And today he decided that Daddy needed to be a part of the fun!

Daddy say, "Cheese!"

And for the final picture, raise your glass and take a drink!

Apparently, Daddy did not get the memo to take a drink!
Loved these moments with my boys!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Friendship to be Carried On

Do you see it? These 2 cuties just met; but are about to be best buds!

Why do I think this because of this...

So, thankful for friendships that God gives us-even if they are not the most "conventional" of friendships! This is my friend BobbiJo and our friendship is basically via text...met in college and reconnected a few years ago. Now we get to be mommies to those precious boys and texting is the best way for us to keep in touch! I was just thankful that we still liked each other in person when we met up last week!
Our boys became instant buds! They gave each other LOTS of hugs and led each other around the zoo!

Made our mommy hearts feel really blessed and makes me tear up just thinking about it.

I think this friendship is going to last and will be carried on with our boys!

Meeting RoseMarie

This past week I was FINALLY able to meet my niece RoseMarie!

Oh, and I was able to see her parents as well!

Thankful for the opportunity to spend that time with them!

Friday, August 9, 2013

From Potty Training to Food Apps

Over at Kelly's Korner, it is Show Us Your Life-Favorite Apps! I thought this would be a fun link up since I seem to be in a blogging rut, though I do have a couple of posts up my sleeve!

I try not to have A TON of apps flooding my phone screen, it just gets to be a little overwhelming and well sometimes they just don't get used! So, drumroll please for my favorite apps...in no particular order:

1. Potty Time

I am currently in the middle of this journey called, potty training! This app offers a game, a story to read, virtual sticker chart, a potty training song as well as a phone call for successes and accidents!

My little guy loves this app and it makes the time go by faster!

2. PepperPlate

So simple to use for creating my grocery list by category or shopping aisle however I prefer! I can also use it to create my menu and I can use the planner to record my menu! As I get my grocery items I simply check them off the list and they disappear-no more paper lists that I always seem to forget anyway!

3. PhotoMarkr

Not that I have any stalkers reading my blog; but since I post pics of my family I like to protect those pictures with a watermark. I finally found this one that I can create a watermark for my phone pictures and it is SUPER easy to use!

4. RoadAhead

Over the years we have traveled A LOT and that is no understatement. This app searches for you on the road and then tells you what is at the next exit! You can choose what you want it to find for you at the next exit. I have mine set to find restaurants, gas stations and lodging! It also tells you how far it is to the next exit as well as how far your choice is!

5. Pic Jointer

I love taking photos with my phone and sometimes I take several of the same pose of Klayton, however, his expressions seem to change....SO, with this app I can make a collage to save to my phone or to send to my friends!

6. Pinterest

I don't think an explanation is needed!

There you have it folks, some of my favorite phone apps!