Saturday, January 24, 2015

Winter Carnival

The 8th graders at Klayton's school hosted a Winter Carnival in the gym for a class fundraiser. It was $5 at the door and that gave you 10 tickets to play with in the gym. There were several activities, face painting, decorate a cookie, make your own ice cream sundae; but Klayton's favorites were the bowling, ring toss, basketball and bowling again and again!
Klayton loves being a Ninja and he brought his ninja moves to the Penguin Ring Toss, I wish I would have video taped his Ninja moves! His moves were show stopping as parents of girls stopped to watch! I emphasize girls because I think Ninja moves are something you rarely, if ever see a girl doing!
The bean bag toss gave me a giggle as Klayton would stand behind the tossing line and then quickly run to the snowman and drop the bean bag in the hole.
A photo opp!
And finally, the place we spent the most time...bowling!
My favorite quote of the day was as Klayton stood next to a 12 year old girl who was bowling...he told her to take her turn first and then said, "I'll show you girlfriend!"

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pajama Party at the Beach

One thing I have always loved being a part of is story hour at the library for Klayton! This one was particularly fun as he got to go in his pajamas! Even Justus went in his pajamas!
There was singing and dancing...
There was a story...I didn't take pictures because I felt funny aiming the camera when I knew I wanted to blog about it and didn't know the other kids to make sure their parents didn't mind their faces being plastered on the internet!
And to the end the evening a craft!
If your local library has a story hour aimed for your young children, I encourage you to take your kids! They will have a blast! Well, they will have a blast if the program is done right! I have taken Klayton to some where we have ended up walking out because it was SO BORING! Klayton loves going to the library and I think story hour has a big part in that love!