Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh the Madness with a Sunburn...

Does the madness ever cease?! Probably not! Oh well, so I will just keep moving along with the madness! This past week has been great fun, filled with much busyness!
This past weekend we had some girlfriends of mine over for homemade pizza and to play the wii! I was very excited to have them over and to try a homemade barbecue chicken pizza as I had never made that before; but was very hungry for it! Unfortunately, my 1st batch of dough in the bread maker flopped and so I had to restart the process and keep the girls waiting for dinner for another two hours; but when it finally came time to eat we enjoyed the barbecue chicken pizza…but maybe it was because we were SO hungry! Ha! In spite of my pizza fiasco we had a great time together! I just love friends!
On Monday, Joseph and I painted parking lanes and numbered parking spots for an apartment complex in Lennox-which is just south of where we live. Three hours and two sunburns later, Joseph went off to golf nine holes with his new driver and I went and spent the afternoon with a friend! I have just been so thankful for the time I have been able to spend with friends this past week! I don’t get to have much ‘girl’ time so I really cherish those times! Especially when it involves, chocolate chip bagels and frozen caramel drinks from Panera Bread!
However with the fun came much housework…I have decided that dishes are a never ending chore and that laundry can become a very long chore! But, I also learned a secret to housework-at least for the bedroom, if you just make your bed it looks like you did ten times more than just that! At the beginning of summer I had been hoping to continue my full time job that I had last summer; but as summer wears on I am so thankful that I was not able to have that full time job for the summer! There is just always so much to do around the apartment, plus the odd jobs that we are already doing and I have also had the opportunity to work on my scrapbooks-which is my favorite hobby; but something I am so behind in doing! It also looks like I will be picking up a tutoring job this summer as well, so I think I am keeping plenty busy!
We still have around a month left at home before we have to get back on the road. We will be gone for a week in August at my parents, Joseph will be filling in for my dad at his church while my family is on vacation. And then we leave around the 25th to be on the road until sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas….oh my!
What will be taking place in our lives during the next week? Tomorrow my parents come for an overnight visit and I’m going to lunch with a friend as well! Next Thursday, I have a lovely doctor’s appointment to look forward to! Ha! Um…and who really knows what will happen from here to there!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 on Tuesday

10 on Tuesday

1. This week I have decided to do something a little different. The next 9 are things $5 and under to do with your spouse or friends! Things don’t have to be expensive…
2. How about a night in…visit the Redbox where movies are only $1 to rent as long as you have it returned by 9 the following evening! Renting from the redbox is a lot cheaper than renting from a video store!
3. If you like to golf, visit the driving range where you can usually hit a bucket of balls for under $5!
4. Get an ice cream cone from a place like McDonalds where it only cost like a buck and enjoy the ice cream on a nice walk or at a park bench where you can relax and freely talk!
5. Split a $5 foot long from Subway and take it to the park for a picnic; but bring your own drinks from home so the price stays at $5!
6. If you can stay up late enough, pack a midnight picnic! Get a blanket, go to the park or your front/backyard and have a picnic under the stars!
7. Pay attention to summer specials at restaurants like A&W or Sonic…as some restaurants have been offering free Root Beer floats during certain days of the month! Where I live this special has been offered at least 3 times this summer!
8. This one is for the girls…instead of shopping for new clothes have a clothes swap! Have all your friends come over to your place, with purses…shoes…hair accessories or clothing items that they don’t want anymore and shop for a new wardrobe!
9. Some cities do a play in the park for free, check your local events calendar!
10. Oh, you say none of the above fit me-I am intellectual person! Ha! How about, choosing a book and creating a book club among friends and meet at Panera Bread or Starbucks once a week for a coffee drink and discuss your book!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tired Blogger

Well, you may have noticed; I missed 10 on Tuesday. I have been so busy that I have hardly thought about my blog. I was trying to do something different for 10 on Tuesday, cheap date ideas to do with your spouse or cheap things to do with friends! So stay tuned for that next Tuesday!
We had a great Independence Day. We spent the day with my sister and some good friends of ours. Our church normally has a big picnic; but since my sister has really bad asthma its not good for her to spend time out there with the horses and hay. But we still had fun! We spent the afternoon in Lennox...going to the car show and craft show; but we really couldn't figure out where the crafts were...most of the booths were selling jewelry! After that we came back to the apartment for homemade pizza and to play the Wii...so much fun! Then we went to Falls Park, to the overlook cafe for dishes of ice cream that only cost a dollar and walked around the park! We also watched some softball games and then found an excellent spot to watch fireworks...where we sat there were 3 different shows going on! After the fireworks we came back to our apartment once again to light Sparklers and set fountains off even though the fountains didn't work! The day was great and filled with many new memories!
This week I feel as if there is no energy to be found for me! Haven't been sleeping well and when I finally do begin to fall asleep it is time to wake up. This week I have kept busy with housework and finishing up Joseph's scrapbook of his ordaination! Now I can start scrapbooking our honeymoon, just have to wait for some supplies! I also spent Tuesday afternoon with some girlfriends of mine and I was so thankful for that time. I miss spending time with the girls when I am on the road so I really needed that time with them and I am so glad God gave me that time with them!
My parents will be coming for a visit next weekend and we also look forward to a visit from Joseph's parents in August! Our tiny apartment is going to be brimming with guests-so fun! I love playing the part of hostess! In a couple of weeks I will also be hosting a purse party-so fun!
Well, I am once again tired and my brain is no longer working-I know that is no surprise! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

God Knows

Another week on the homefront has passed and it is still good to be home! But, actually we haven’t been home this entire week. Last Thursday we took off to my parents so we could do the garage sale on Friday and Saturday. We sold $125-I would say that was a profitable garage sale! What we did not sell was given away or donated to Goodwill, which made Joseph happy because we didn’t bring anything home with us!
We came back from my parents on Monday and have been still running strong with things to do! Tuesday, I went to a jewelry that was hosted by my Pastors wife! I had a lot of fun-my sister bought me a piece of jewelry which was so nice of her to do for me-can’t wait until it arrives, so I can wear it! Wednesday, took my sister to the doctor and did a bunch of running around with Joseph-we finished the day with church and my sister spending the night! Today, I have more cleaning to do and there is visitation tonight!
I am sure you don’t want a play by play of everything I have or am doing throughout the week! So, I will move on to, do you realize that God knows just what you need, when you need it? And God doesn’t need our help in telling Him when we need something, because He already knows! Last night at church, I was handed a bunch of thinking of you cards…I looked at the Pastors daughter and asked her, did your dad say something about me on Sunday to the church when we were gone? Joseph and I had talked to pastor last week about some things and pastor knew I was kind of down and discouraged, so, I thought to myself that this was kind of embarrassing that he mentioned things to the church about me. However, come to find out, Pastor never mentioned anything about me at church-God just knew I needed a little extra encouragement this week and so He gave me just what I needed! There was even $5 tucked away into one of the cards! I was so thankful for ladies in our church that took the time to jot me a note!
Well, as you can tell life at home isn’t always very exciting; but I appreciate you caring enough to still read my blog…