Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Justus-2 Months

Justus, you are TWO MONTHS!


*Wear size 1 diapers. I moved you into these a couple weeks ago. I did this simply because I didn't want to buy another package of newborn diapers.
*Starting to literally bust out of newborn clothes.
*I weighed you myself today and it appears you are 10 lbs! Chunky Monkey!
*Still nursing like a champ. Eating every 2-3 hours, just depends on the time of day.
*Wakes once a night for a feeding and promptly falls back asleep. I think you will soon be sleeping through the night!
*Love to "chat".
*A very restless baby.
*We have good days and VERY bad days with the colic. The very bad days makes me question my mothering abilities...
*Love to be held laying in the arms, just as you laid in my tummy.
*Getting much better with your neck control.
*Started doing tummy time and to say you are not a fan is an understatement.
*Are very good at gripping and grabbing!
*Have become very alert and always looking around to check out the sights.
*Perk up when you hear Mommy or Daddy's voice.
*Smile often.
*Very active with your hands and feet.

*Took your first vacation to Wisconsin and Michigan. You meet your Aunt Kayla, Uncle Kenny and Cousin RoseMarie. As well as meeting your Great Grandma and Grandpa Collins and Great Grandma and Grandpa Barnhardt.
*You had an instant bond with Great Grandma Barnhardt. Daddy and I agree that you will always know and love her!

Oh Justus,
You challenge me almost daily. I don't mean this badly; but you are teaching that I don't AlWAYS have the answer for my kiddos. Therefore, I really need to be a Mama of prayer that is continually seeking wisdom on how to raise you. These days, I'm sure in hindsight will be easy in comparison to the years that lie ahead of us.
I am SO grateful for you and that I get to be your Mama. Honestly, I have had days where my heart has been broken because I just didn't feel like we were bonding the way I thought we should. I have been tired. Thankfully, we are figuring each other out and I have realized that some bonds take a little more time than others and thats okay! In the end all that matters is that you and I belong together as Mommy and Son! And, I get to snuggle you close each night and really whenever I want because God has seen fit to let me be your Mommy and I love you always through the tears and smiles.

All My Love,

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Carnival Fun

While visiting my sister and family there was a FREE carnival being hosted by a church and who doesn't like FREE? Especially, considering that Klayton had never been to a carnival before so we weren't sure what he would think.

We decided that he wasn't particularly fond of waiting in the lines.

But, the rides were pretty fun!

We also decided that the carnival was pretty boring for Justus...as you can see he slept through it all.

Oh, look! Another line!

And this time a ride that kept daddy chasing Klayton...

and Uncle Kenny chasing after daddy and Klayton!

Here's the big finish!

Woohoo Klayton!

Loved the photo finish and making memories!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Holding Answered Prayer

Last week we went to Kenosha, Wisconsin for a couple of days to visit my grandparents. While there I was able to enjoy a quick visit with a friend, BobbiJo and her family! This visit was really special to me...for this reason!
See those two cuties? KadiJo and Justus are answered prayer. BobbiJo and I spent, what seemed like years at times praying for one another that God would bless us with another child!
KadiJo loves me I am sure and I can tell you the feeling was mutual! I can still remember a Saturday morning in March of 2013 waking up to a text from BobbiJo telling me to wake up and there was a picture of a pregnancy test with 2 lines! And I longed to get two lines of my own-which finally came in September!
When I held Justus for the first time, I remember that feeling of knowing that he was a true testament to answered prayer. But, until I held KadiJo I have never been able to quite literally hold in my hand answered prayer that I have prayed for someone else. Does that even make sense? None the less, it is a feeling of humbleness that took my breath away. I am SO thankful that I serve a God who answers prayer. I am so thankful that He also lets us see prayers answered and even hold it in our hands at times!
As we held our littlest blessings it was also fun to watch that our other blessings are becoming buddies as well and I will sign off with the outtakes of trying to get two little boys to look at a camera for a decent picture...