Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Today I am so overwhelmed with love for my babycakes...
2. Currently, were on the road to Michigan.
3. While in Michigan we will be celebrating Josephs 32nd birthday! I love my husband and Klayton loves his daddy!
4. We gained another supporting church which makes us one step closer to Norway!
5. Yesterday we visited the Hershey Chocolate Factory...I will have to do a chocolate post soon!
6. Starting October 1st, I'm going to do my own weight loss program, 21 days of weight loss!
7. I will have to say, it does a mamas heart good when people love on Klayton in all of our travels.
8. This week, I'm starting sippy cup camp for Klayton. Its hard to focus on it while traveling; but enough is enough...
9. We bought Klayton some new pjs and are trying to decide if we should be concerned...the tag read, "be sure clothes fit snugly, articles are not fire proof."
10. Well folks, I did it...another post done and I'm enjoying my day! Hope you have a Happy Tuesday!
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mini Vacation

About 2 weeks ago, Joseph's parents took us on a mini vacation to Mackinaw Island/Bridge!
It was a lot of fun! Klayton experienced lots of firsts on this trip! We had to take a ferry to the island...
And the ferry ride put my baby to sleep!
Once we got to the island, we decided to take a bike ride! An 8 mile bike ride around the island!
It wasn't like we could drive around the island anyway...the only transportation you will see is on foot, on bicycle or by horse! KInd of neat if you ask me!
Taxi anyone?
We also visited Tequendaman Falls? I know that is not the right spelling...
And, I should mention that while at the falls, Joseph and his parents tried to convince me to go on a 5 mile hike...I know I need to lose some weight; but seriously I thought I was supposed to be on vacation?? Ha! And in my spare time of bike riding, walking the shops, crossing the Mackinaw Bridge, finding the best pizza place, eating fudge, climbing the Tower...I grew a beard!
A beard that my husband doesn't quite know what to think about...
And my child...well, he's probably thinking, "I have to put up with this kind of behavior for the next 18 years?!"
And thats a wrap...finally!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

11 Months

Klayton you are 11 Months Old!

This Month You:
*Took your first ferry ride
*Went on your first bike ride…mommy was the one to bike you around Mackinaw Island-an 8 mile long ride! Whew!
*Visited Maryland for the first time
*Got your first goose egg, right on your forehead. Poor guy.
*Moved you out of your baby stroller into an umbrella stroller.
*Lowered your crib to its very last notch
*Moved from Harrisburg to Canton
*Said Dad

*Weigh 19 lbs 2 oz
*29 ½ inches long
*Wear 12 month clothes, you can still fit into 6-9 and 9 month clothes as well.
*Wear size 3 diapers
*Wear size 3 shoes
*Try to stand on your own, you have succeeded a few times
*Walk with assistance
*Cutting tooth number 9 and 10
*Favorite vegetable, squash-hands down
*Still love to eat peaches
*Love to eat yogurt
*Working on the sippy cup; however, I don’t think this is going to be an easy task-you love your bottle
*Love to grab and pull at things, unfortunately sometimes its mamas hair and you pull harder than you might think!
*Have been slightly clingy to mommy, especially when you first wake up.
*Love to play on the slides at the park and you love to swing*Still soaking everything in and therefore don’t hand out smiles as freely
*Were still working on getting you to chew before you swallow so we can introduce table foods; but we have introduced mashed banana, which you choked on and threw up.
*Very ticklish under your ribs
*You love to be “dropped”
*Are very stubborn
*Starting to test your boundaries of what you can and cannot get into
*Love to stand
*Crawl everywhere
*You can't seem to sit still for anything
*You love to watch Marley and Me, The Puppy Years

Lil Lug,
Mama is having some emotional moments just thinking about you turning a year next month. Today I’m saying 11 months, tomorrow a year and the following day I will be saying 11 years old….okay I know it won’t be that fast; but it wouldn’t surprise me. I find myself reminiscing every day about the time we have already had with you! But, right now I’m just going to reflect on your last month of life and the moments that pull at my heart strings. Were at the first of many stages of mama having to step back and let you “learn to stand on your own”. This month I mean it quite literally, I could run to your rescue and help you stand on your own to avoid getting hurt; but if I do that, you will never learn what is necessary. I have a feeling, its just going to get harder and harder for me to keep back and let you learn…of course I will always be here to help guide you along when you need it, and even in those moments when you don’t think you need guidance! Klayton, just bear with me this month as I shed a few tears and hold you, kiss you, hug you even more than I already do…next month this post will be saying, “Klayton you are 1!”
Love You, No Matter What,

Flight 93

Yesterday, we went to visit the Flight 93 Memorial.
I still remember the sadness I felt on September 11th, 2001; but yesterday I felt it in a whole new way as I walked among little memorials that the family members of those that died had placed.
I thought about how those that died, stepped onto that plane that day unaware of what faced them...unaware that Americans would be looking to them as heroes. Unaware, that Senator John McCain would acknowledge that he owes his life to them.
I was told of a man on the plane that day, when he realized just like others did on the plane that he was going to die; he called his wife. She wasn't home and how he called everyone he could think of that she might be with...he never got a hold of her that day. The final trail of conversation they found was him on an answering machine, stating how his fate would make the news and then silence. The passengers grasped for that final opportunity to express their love to those that meant most to them. But, they ultimately expressed how much they loved America when they gave their lives.
Blood bought my freedom...someone had to die. I am grateful that their are people willing to sacrifice their lives so that we may be free.

Monday, September 19, 2011


I am not a Wally-World fan by any means...but seriously Walmart lovers does Walmart really belong in a mall?
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nap Time

This is what happens after being spoiled by grandma!
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Let's See

So, I have decided that I am a horrible blogger...especially while traveling! And friends, we travel a lot! But, today I found an app on my phone that just may let me become better at blogging! And this is my test post...did it work?
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Breast Cancer Awareness Controversy

Yesterday on facebook, I noticed a single friend with the status, "I'm one week and craving smarties". So, I wrote a comment, "if I didn't know any better...you can fill in the rest." She then messaged me an email that was being sent only to female recipients, the status like the one she posted are to help bring awareness to breast cancer? Really?? If you ask me, it just made, me wonder, "what is in the water they are drinking? I want some because I'm ready for baby number 2!" When I was reading the statuses, I was at first a little jealous, then when I discovered the truth behind it I thought it was quite silly! I have struggled with concieving, it took a year and half to concieve Klayton. I wasn't offended by the statuses, but could understand how those struggling with infertility found these statuses to be a mockery to something so special or a mockery to words they will never say, as most pregnant woman have cravings!
This morning when I got on facebook, I noticed apologies were being made and some of the statuses that had been posted were removed. I appreciated the sensitivity people were having towards women who suffer from infertility. But, then this silly status game put me on the defense when I started reading.comments about how women with infertility are "being silly", "have a heart problem if something so simple can offend them", "are being stupid". I am hoping the people that have made those type of comments dont really know what they are saying...I'm assuming that they have never had this struggle and don't know anyone with this struggle. I'm assuming these people didn't think before their fingers started typing. Just as a person who had never faced breast cancer, we don't know how something we say can affect them...the same applies to infertility, we don't know what seemingly simple things can affect them. Infertility is a cancer of the heart. Most women are born with the desire to bear children of their own, they grow up playing house...dreaming of the day they will meet prince charming, marry and start a family off their own. When the day comes to start that family, the anticipation becomes even stronger...thinking of names, what it will be like to have a baby in the tummy kicking...then it comes time to take the test hoping for a positive; but thE answer is negative. Then trying to keep a positive attitude...the words next month come as the tears pour down. There is always next month soon lose the power they once had...friends sharing their good news is exciting yet difficult. You want to be happy, yet your heart breaks. Mothers day comes, you have no problem celebrating your mom or moms in general; but yet feel forgotten, wheres your baby, will a baby ever be celebrating you? For a woman infertility goes against what she was created to do bear children, it makes her fight a desire that isn't wrong yet seems wrong when it appears the desire will never be granted to them.
Anyone who knows me, know that I'm a pink ribbon supporter; but really isn't there a better way to raise awareness? I don't think the infertile women want to be tiptoed around, I'm sure they agree that more awareness needs to be made about breast cancer. However, I think a little more tact and sensitivity could be used...and just maybe those struggling with infertility are being too sensitive? But, can you really know that we all deal with things differently...two women could be walking the same road; but that doesn't mean they have the same feelings or deal with heart ache the same way.
Infertility is my soap box...and I hope that each women who struggles with concieving can one day use the breast cancer awareness status rightfully!