Thursday, March 28, 2013

Klayton's First Bike

Klayton has had a fascination with bikes for a while now. It seems every time we go down a bike aisle at a store, or if we are taking a walk and happen upon a bike you can count on Klayton trying to get on one! Well, much to Klayton's happiness while we were in Michigan his Grammy bought him a Cars bike! I should mention that he also loves Cars as well!

Klayton has his combat hat and is ready to "help" Daddy assemble the bike!

Putting bikes together require the work of a Daddy, a Grampy and a little boy!

Grandpa, are you sure you are doing that right?

Looks like it is almost complete!

But, just to be sure let Klayton check it over...

It is a success and this little guy is ready to roll!

And this mommy is thankful that Klayton also has a fascination with wearing bike helmets!

Chicken Enchilada Ring

Last night I “created” a new recipe! I call it, Chicken Enchilada Ring:

*3 chicken breasts
*1 cup Mexican shredded cheese
*1/2 cup salsa-I used mild
*2 packages of crescent rolls

*Boil the chicken
*Once chicken is done and cool, shred
*Combine chicken, cheese and salsa in a mixing bowl
*Unroll crescent rolls. Arrange triangles in a circle on round baking dish, wide ends overlapping in center and points towards the outside.
*Scoop mixture evenly onto widest ends of dough at center of ring. Bring points in and over and tuck!
*Bake at 375 for 20 minutes.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Book 1 of 12

Bucket List 2013-Read 12 books I've never read before.

Honestly, I've read 3 other books besides this one this week. But, wanted my 12 books for my bucket list to be meaningful! I must admit, this was a good choice! I had downloaded this book for free on my Kindle Fire a few weeks back; but its a book that I would be willing to buy if I had to!

A Faithfull Marriage by Paul Chappell

A few favorite excerpts:

"When He is absent from our hearts, the best we can hope for is the ability to simply 'get by'. "

"It all begins with HIM".

"Too many marriages today suffer from 'conditionitis'-we conduct our relationships as though it is a contract negotiation rather than a loving commitment. We place conditions upon our love. We expect our spouse to change, to perform or to behave a certain way, and when our expectations are not met, our love is not freely given. These conditions keep us from fully accepting each other as Hod commands".

"The foundation of gratitude is the expectation of nothing".

"Throughout our lives, it is natural (not spiritual) for all of us to think of ourselves first".

"It's sad that we would so allow the dreams of our hearts to die on the altar of selfishness".

"The secret of harmony in the home is the fullness of the Spirit".

"Your marriage relationship needs consistent attention".

"Weak marriages are made up of score keepers. Strong marriages are made up of grace givers."

Honestly, I highlighted a ton of good points. I liked this book because it was short, yet to the point full of strength and practical! Also, I don't like it when authors spend a lot of time quoting others and Paul Chappell quoted the Bible more than anyone else-it was evident his basis was from the Bible!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

No Adequate Words

I couldn't sleep tonight. So, I laid in bed for awhile trying to convince my husband to give me a back rub. Then when he started snoring I put the kitchen dishes away and completed a few tasks for our trip in the morning. I soon found myself sitting on the floor next to my little guys bed...tears filled my eyes as my heart became overwhelmed with the gift that God has given me. I long for him to be a sibling someday; but I suddenly realized-again-that maybe in all my hope and dreaming I'm neglecting to remember that God has given me answered prayer in Klayton. Maybe when those hopes and dreams fill my mind I should fill my hands with extra hugs for my little guy...extra kisses for his sweet cheeks...more I love you's to be said. So often I wish for things and forget that this is the only time I get with my little guy...soon he will be 3, then 20...getting married and the fruit of my labour will be seen by a girl who will have stolen his heart. If I could apologize for moments that I've had with Klayton yet I've spent them longing for another child to be added to our little family, or even those moments where he wants my attention yet I'm busy on my phone... Tonight he doesn't need me to lay beside him; but I need him beside me and I need God to know that this little boy was worth the wait and he's a gift that I'm forever grateful and thankful that God gave to me. I need my little guy to know that I love him more than I thought it possible...and really there are no words to rightfully say to him to let him know how much he means to me!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1. I want to say, Happy Birthday to my friend BobbiJo! She turns 30 today!
2. I have kept busy unpacking and unpacking some more. Still realizing we have so much stuff.
3. Thursday we take off to Michigan. So, in the middle of unpacking I will be packing up as well!
4. Klayton is doing well. Our only road block still to conquer is his new room. He doesn't like to go to bed alone and wakes up in the night.
5. I really am tired, yet here I am in the night blogging.
6. Our van had to go see the mechanic. Because of this we have a "loaner"-a brand new truck! Needless to say, we took it out for a spin last night.
7. I'm learning, "you don't have to have it all figured out to move forward".
8. I've neglected my Scentsy biz as of late. Anyone in need of any Scentsy? Comment for information and for a good deal!
9. Another lesson I'm learning, do not let the opinions of others consume you. Usually, when a person has an opinion about you they have already made up their mind and there's no changing it.
10. Have a Happy Tuesday and don't live in the past it can't be changed now.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Heart for Jesus

In our house we love The Lord. We aren't the perfect Christians by far and we have a lot to learn and grow in; but I'm thankful that despite me my little guy is already learning Who Jesus is!
A couple of weeks ago, he stole a Bible from Sunday School class-yes we know the Bible says, "thou shalt not steal". We told his teacher and she actually wanted to get rid of it because she had bought brand new Bibles. Klayton proudly carried that Bible with him...even wanted to take it with him into Kohls! So, we let him be our little witness!

Last night when it was time for bed, Klayton ran the other way. Typical kid! We thought he was going to get Victor the Bear or his puppy to sleep with. He came into his room with a Bible tucked under his arm and climbed into bed. We did bedtime prayers and turned the lights off...I really thought he would put the Bible aside before he fell asleep; but he didn't. When I peeked at him this morning his Bible was still tucked into bed with him. I really wish I could have snapped a picture but I didn't want to wake him.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1. This month I am going to strive to post at least 2 times a week on my blog.
2. Last night we got a hotel with a whirlpool in it and I think Klayton thought we got that feature just for him!
3. I should mention that we are in the process of moving...like to another state TODAY. I will post details later.
4. I should have taken pictures when we loaded the moving truck yesterday. Klayton loved the truck and walking the ramp...he even loaded a couple of boxes! I wonder if when we unload anyone will notice the empty box that has been packed?!
5. I really need to get working on my reading list of 12 books to read. Any book suggestions?
6. Last week we had to renew our car tags. As I walked in I saw my notice said they expired on the 31st of January. I went in and told the clerk that I must not understand the system because my current sticker said 2...so I thought it didn't expire until the end of February. She apologized for their error and I was very understanding about their error and was thankful that I wasn't charged a penalty. But, then I felt foolish as I walked to my van and noticed our current tag did indeed bare the number 1! It was not their error; but mine...oy.
7. Has anyone ever made a slip cover for a couch or chair from a sheet? If so, please share!
8. I'm looking forward to enjoying the 60s at the close if week...winter can leave in my opinion.
9. Since starting this post I drove across Nebraska into Kansas and our moving truck is unloaded!
10. Okay, seriously coming up with 10 random thoughts shouldn't have been that difficult; but it was.