Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Wow, I haven't done this kind of post in a long time!
2. Klayton is 16 months and I have yet to post about that, maybe later today.
3. I am learning once again that God has His own timing. Just have to trust that He knows what He is doing.
4. Yesterday I joined a group of Facebook friends in the Biggest Loser Challenge. It's a 3 month challenge and I would like to drop 20!
5. Klayton seems to be fighting a cold. His poor little nose is so clogged.
6. Want to hear about a miracle? Then read number 7!
7. My brother in law who was once blind now can see! He went to a doctor a few weeks for a consultation about his sight. In a nutshell the doctor tried something that day just to see what would happen and to everyone's surprise he could see! He now wears glasses and contacts and can see a couple of feet in front of him!
8. I've been trying to grow my hair out, you know create an illusion that I'm skinny before I really am? I need cute ideas on how to style my hair. I found a couple of sites; but wonder if you can recommend any sites or share an idea.
9. I really need to get my eyes checked. It's just that I hate getting that puff air shot into my eyes and spending the money. But, I'm going to have to give in because of stupid eye headaches.
10. Happy Tuesday friends and thanks for taking an interest in my life!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aspartame-Diet Changes

A few years ago, I was on facebook and reading the status of one of my friends. My friend was expecting and was going to try and drink the daily amount a pregnant woman should drink; but she hated water. People started suggesting flavored water to her and then someone chimed in and warned her not to drink water that had been sweetened with aspartame. At the time I was drinking water mixed with cherry limeade sweetener...I checked my package info and one of the very first ingredients was aspartame. I then went to the internet and searched aspartame. I discovered there were 92 side effects to aspartame and I had 10 of the effects-crazy! Then I started checking all my labels, even my gum had aspartame! It takes 31 days of having no aspartame to become weaned of it and to notice a difference. Within a weak my headaches were not as severe, my leg cramping lessened and my stomach pain was beginning to disappear. I really noticed the difference at the month mark! I had to give up the cherry limeade and even my favorite gum, sadness. Today if I have even a little aspartame, for example an Icebreaker mint I get an instant headache. Aspartame tricks you because it tastes good; but its nasty for you. I am making small diet changes and this is the very first one I purposed to make and kept. You should take the time, research it for yourself and see if its really worth keeping in your diet.
P.S. I am an avid gum chewer! So far the only gum that does not contain aspartame is Trident Cinnamon, Dentyne Cinnamon and I think Stride Cinnamint. But, Trident Cinnamon has the best flavor that lasts!

Friday, February 17, 2012


It's been an interesting week to say the least; but I know there's been good in it, somewhere! Here's to finding the good!
•Wednesday we showed up to our meeting and discovered the pastor overbooked. The other missionary arrived 5 minutes before us, so they got the meeting. BUT, we were able to find a nice hotel and another church to stop at! By just stopping in the pastor scheduled us for another time and took us to breakfast!
•Thursday we had nowhere to go; BUT we found a prophets chamber to stay at in Jacksonville, Texas!
•I never find dresses that fit me modestly; BUT I found one today that fit and was on clearance for $15! Can't wait to wear it!
So, tell me about the good in your week?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anti Taco Bell

I must admit "The Bell" is not one of my favorite places to eat; but I tolerate it for my husband. Oh, how I must love him! However, my dislike for Taco Bell just keeps growing. Do you know that I have not been to one Taco Bell that knows infants, you know the ones who don't use the "big potty", have bathroom needs as well? Because if they did know about that need you would think they would provide a baby changing station. On multiple occasions we have avoided Taco Bell simply because Klayton needs a diaper change and it's not going to happen there! At one point I started to wonder if they were even aware of the existence of infants? They must, why else would some have booster seats and high chairs? Maybe those seats are reserved for those that don't go to the bathroom...
Tomorrow I just might vent about places that are not stroller friendly!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Lil Valentine

There really isn't a whole lot to do for this special day when traveling; but we went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. It was fun to also give Klayton a special Valentine Treat! We gave him a book, matchbox cars and a heart box of Kit-Kats that I *think* he enjoyed!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

MIA-Travel Tips

As I stated yesterday, I've been missing in action on my blog. I just have a lot of things going on in my life that I can't talk about and therefore, I just don't know what to write about. But, here I am....
We are back on the road and are currently driving to Texas where we have a meeting in Lubbock tomorrow. I am no pro at this thing called, "traveling with a 15 month old". But, I thought it might be fun to share some tips for traveling with a baby or a toddler. Most people cringe at the thought of taking a vacation by car with an infant because it may not feel like a vacation. We have been traveling with Klayton since he was 3 weeks old, so he definitely knows what it means when he gets into his carsear! Without further ado, in no particular order:
•When putting an infant/toddler into their carseat for a long period of time, remove their coat or jacket. They are already going to feel constrained and a bulky coat doesn't help.
•If you make a stop, whether it just be to get gas let them get out of their carseat.
•Have a snack and a drink available. Nothing to big, especially for those little ones that are being potty trained!
•If you have access to a portable DVD player or something that can play DVDs use it to your advantage. For example when we left for a 5 hour drive last week, I was able to pop in a 'Baby Einstein' that was 40 minutes long. Klayton watched the whole thing, and then napped which got him through the first half of our trip.
•If you have an only child, make time to sit in the backseat with them to keep the child company.
•If you have older children have them take turns sitting by the infant/toddler to help entertain.
•If your child has a favorite doll or bear let them hold onto it.
•Often times small toys that can be picked up quickly are great entertainment.
•When traveling for several days in a row try to make the first day your longest travel day.
•Listen to books on tape or fun, peppy music!
•Be sure the vehicle temperature is comfortable.

Friday, February 10, 2012

For Now

So, I have been silent. I really want to write, maybe tomorrow....but to tie you over a glimpse of my lil love!