Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome Klayton

Klayton Matthew made his entrance into the world, October 21st, 2010! He came at 7:45 p.m, weighing in at 6 lb. 12 oz and 21 inches long!

I am still working on my birth story and hope to post it soon! I love my baby boy and God gave me the child that I prayed for! Welcome Klayton, your mommy loves you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Week I Will Have a Baby

Yesterday was my 40 week check up and my final checkup for this pregnancy-yay! I don't mind seeing my doctor; but I must admit there is a certain invasive aspect about the check ups recently that I will not miss! Yesterdays appointment went well other than the fact that I gained about 10 lbs in a weeks time-not good. It was decided yesterday that I will probably have to be induced, by next week-no later. I had originally thought the 25th would be a great and special day for induction. But, it's set for this Thursday, the 21st. I am fine with this, it will probably be better for the fact of my husbands parents are here and will stay until the 1st to offer help when we bring Klayton home. I am already looking at being in the hospital 3-4 days, so if I have him on the 25th I can only take advantage of their help for a couple of days before they would leave. I think it would be helpful not to have to come home from the hospital and have to clean/cook! Not that Joseph wouldn't help; but it will be nice for him to adjust as well-life is going to be a very good different! So, in just a few days my baby will be in my arms!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Soon and Very Soon

The time is quickly approaching and the pineapple juice is not working!
I just can’t wait for my baby boy to be in my arms! This past Wednesday, I had an ultrasound-I love ultrasounds and have loved every single one of them and this one was just the same. But, I must admit it gave me a new feeling…a feeling that I don’t even know how to really describe. Just looking at the screen, watching my baby twist and flex his little feet…that baby is going to be in my arms very soon. I just became so awe struck by this baby and the reality that he belongs to me! But, then at the same time I don’t think believing the reality of what is about to be has really set in-like I just won’t let myself fully believe it. I know, I know I am not making any sense-I don’t even know if I’m really making sense in my own head! Ha! It is just that I have dreamed about this for so long, its like I can’t let myself believe it to be coming true or that I won’t let myself believe it until he is in my arms. It’s all very surreal.
Monday is my 40 week check up, however, I will not officially be 40 weeks until Wednesday. I think my doctor will find it quite surprising to see me, because it didn’t sound like she thought she would see me again before delivery. But, no matter what this appointment will be my last as we will set up a time to induce me on the 25th if baby continues to be stubborn and not show up. I am really hoping and praying that he will choose to come on his own! We will see….so no matter what in just a short time I will be holding a baby in my arms!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Birth Story

**Next week Klayton turns one. I have been reminiscing alot about the last year and decided to repost his birth story.**

Monday, October 18th I had my 40-week check up was really hoping to have made some progress that would indicate an impending labor! Unfortunately, no progress had been made and now the question, when do I get induced? Do I get induced? Originally the plan was that if I hadn’t delivered by the 25th, that I would be induced then. However, after talking to my doctor she thought the latest I should be induced would be the week of the 25th and maybe it would be best to try and do it before then. So, it was decided, October 21st would be the day.

Thursday morning came bright and early, considering I didn’t get a lot of sleep-neither did Joseph. Joseph’s lack of sleep was out of utter excitement that he would be getting his baby boy and while yes I was excited, my lack of sleep was out of anxiety and disbelief. Anxiety that I would be pushing a baby out of me! Disbelief that I would no longer be carrying a baby in my belly; but in my arms!
We arrived to the hospital at 6:45 in the morning to register and get our hospital bands. Everyone was very excited, both sides of our families came along with us and were taking pictures of us like crazy and everyone thinks I ‘m picture happy; but on this day they were all just as bad! After being registered, I was taken to my room to get settled in and ready for induction. I was supposed to be induced at 7 a.m; but there were checks that had to be done before I could be given the pill. My vitals were checked and my doctor arrived to see if I had made any progress since Monday-I was now dilated at a 2 and thinned to 50%. After the check, my doctor gave the go ahead that induction could begin and the pill was ordered and administered at five minutes to nine. My doctor left and the walking began, I was told the more I walked the faster the pill would make its way into my system and produce gradual contractions. Everyone joined in the walking with me; they took turns walking the labor and delivery floor with me. Let me tell you, I probably lost the 10 lbs I had previously gained the week before, just by walking that day! The walking paid off and my body started to contract enough that when my doctor arrived at 12:30 to check my progress I was dilated to a 3, I wasn’t thinned any more; but I was definitely softer. So, at 12:50 I was administered another dose of the pill, this time it was half a dose and I walked some more! Around 3:00, I started to feel slightly uncomfortable and asked to use the whirlpool. My nurse, Candice didn’t know if this was a good idea because I was still only at a three and sometimes the use of the whirlpool would stunt labor when it was only just beginning. But, I begged her to let me use the whirlpool for 15-20 minutes because I was beginning to get quite the backache…with some hesitation she agreed. While in the whirlpool, I was still feeling discomforted and didn’t understand why the backache would not go away. Suddenly, it felt like I was going to the bathroom and I couldn’t stop myself! I looked at Joseph and said, “I just went to the bathroom!” His reply, “gross!” We then decided it was time to get out, I stood up and didn’t think much of anything until I heard Joseph telling Candice that when I stood up he thought there was something that was not right, more “stuff” had come out of me. Candice informed us that she thought my water must have broken and so she had me come back to the bed, where I got the sensation that I was going to the bathroom again! Oh my! Candice checked me and I was dilated to a 4, this was at 4:00 and by 4:45 I was dilated to a 6! Labor started to quickly progress and my doctor was called! Originally, Dr. Klein wasn’t going to come back until 5 or 5:30 to break my water; but now the question was did she come now or later? At 5:00 I was checked again and in 15 minutes time I had went from a 6 to an 8 and was 100% thinned. Dr. Klein decided it was time to come! During this time, my back labor was getting stronger and it was decided to attempt the whirlpool once again, yay! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to enjoy the tub for very long. I had been in the tub for about 5 minutes, when Candice came in and told me that even though it would be uncomfortable that I needed to quickly be moved back to the bed, so they could find Klayton’s heartbeat. They had been unable to locate his heartbeat for what had been to long. So, with the help of Candice and Joseph I was put back to bed. Then it was a flurry of commotion, nurses were everywhere and they turned the monitors away from me. A monitor had to be placed inside of me, on his head to monitor my contractions and his heart rate more clearly. I later learned that the monitors had been turned away from me because every time I would contract, his heart rate would dip down into the 30’s-a very dangerous place to be and it was very important that I relax. This had continued for a while, when my doctor arrived it was determined that Klayton could no longer handle the rate that my contractions were coming, I was having continuous contractions with no relief in-between. They gave me a shot to slow my contractions. Klayton’s heart rate still had to be monitored very carefully. After delivery my doctor informed me that the cord had been wrapped once around his neck and twice around his belly and every time I would contract the cord would tighten and put him in distress. During this time of distress, I called for the epidural; but they couldn’t give it to me at that moment because all their attention had to be on Klayton, I understood and tried not to think about my baby being in distress-I just had to take the grace from God that I had been praying for since the day we found out I was pregnant for delivery. Later, I was asked if I realized the severity of the situation because I didn’t freak out. I just knew that the best thing I could do for my baby was to relax. When they were done dealing with Klayton I once again asked for the epidural, my doctor told me that it would be best not to because it could possibly stunt labor and I needed to get Klayton out of my belly. So, pain medication was out of the question. I started pushing at 5:45 and shortly after they gave me pitocin to get my contractions moving again because now my contractions weren’t moving fast enough. I was able to get 2 pushes to every contraction, they were hoping for 3; but it was hard to get the energy through the pain. Around 7:30, my doctor wanted Klayton out or they were going to have to do the vacuum to help get him out. The delivery was taking longer than they wanted just because I couldn’t push as much as they wanted me to. So, I started pushing and it was only with God that I was able to start pushing three at a time! With the encouragement of my doctor and Joseph that I really needed to give them one more good push, Klayton was born at 7:45! My doctor wiped Klayton up, my mom cut the umbilical cord and he was placed in my arms. My doctor quickly whispered in my ear, that I did amazing and that it was very important that I had pushed Klayton out when I did-he wouldn’t of been able to handle the contractions for very much longer. During labor and delivery the contractions/pain were very intense, they say back labor tends to be worse…but suddenly when I saw my baby for the 1st time the pain drifted away and when I think back to it the pain doesn’t seem to be as intense as I remembered it to be at that time! I wish I could describe the moment, the feeling of having my baby boy placed in my arms, seeing him for the first time; but I can’t. All I know is, I would do it again and I would even do it again without pain medication! I think the first words I said to Klayton was, “I love you” and then I started singing, ‘You Are My Sunshine’, I sang that song to him every night when he was in my belly. Something else I also remember is that, he instantly calmed down when he was placed in my arms for the first time-he knew I was his mama!
What no one told me was, that even though I was exhausted I didn’t want to sleep Thursday night! I just wanted to stare at my baby boy all night long, not missing a moment! I love my Klayton Matthew more than I ever knew I could love someone! It was strange when I reached for my belly to feel him move and realize I no longer have to carry him inside of me, I get to carry him in my arms! I thank the Lord for what He has added to my life; Klayton is the child I prayed for!

Random Thoughts

*Klayton is not here; but we got to see him yesterday, via ultrasound! He is so cute, weighing in at 6 lbs 15 oz! If he decides not to come on his own, I will be induced on the 25th and he shouldn't weigh more than 8 lbs!
*Joseph's parents will be arriving on the 18th in anticipation of the 'big event'!
*Joseph has been busy booking meetings for us! Our calendar is slowly filling!
*I have been busy trying to get things done, that need to be done before Klayton arrives. Or at least the things I think need to be done! To be honest, I have no clue....so I will just keep cleaning the townhouse and thinking of things to do! Which means, grocery shopping needs to be put on the agenda for tonight-ugh.
*Our van has been on somewhat of a fritz, like the panic horn on our van goes off randomly! And sometimes while driving the doors will lock and unlock randomly! Come to find out, it seems to only do this when I use my push button key ring to lock the doors. So sadly, it seems I will have to give up the convenience of my push button...I love my push button it makes me feel like I can do magic tricks! ha!

Well, I hope all is well with my readers! Hopefully, soon I will get back to being a faithful blogger and that I will be soon posting pictures of a baby boy! Happy Thursday!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Wednesday I will be 39 weeks! Wow, that means just 1 week until due date! I can't wait! Well, I see my doctor every Monday so I had my 39 week check this morning. I am now dialated to 1 centimeter and 40% thinned-which is quite a bit of progress in a weeks time. My doctor guessed that Klayton is weighing around 6 and 7 lbs, which is not a whole lot of weight gain for him in the last 2 weeks. So, I have been scheduled for an ultrasound on Wednesday to get a more accurate measurement. I just might have my baby this week! Right now were praying for good ultrasound results, please pray with us!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

MIndless Blog

I have no idea what to write...all I know is it seems I have been neglecting my blog lately. Ugh! At least I posted baby shower pictures! There is really nothing to exciting in my life to share right now....Klayton is due to arrive a week from Wednesday! Yay! I go to the doctor on Monday for my 39 week check up and hopefully I will have made some progress since my last visit!
This past week, I have been keeping busy trying to keep the townhouse clean because you just never know when I will go into labor. Then I started thinking to myself, maybe if I leave some of the mess out I will go into labor because that will probably be how it works when the time does come; but even leaving small messes has not helped me go into labor! Ha! I have also been trying to get caught up on some of my scrapbooking and as a matter of fact tonight I should be completing my baby shower scrapbook and hopefully this week I will get caught up on my pregnancy scrapbook; but can I just tell you I am getting tired of scrapbooking my pregnancy-I want to scrapbook my baby boy!
Last night Joseph and I were able to practice being a mommy and daddy! We spent the night at a friends house watching her two kids, 11 months and 3 years old! It was fun! I told Joseph today that I really do think he is going to make a great daddy! Colin, her 3 year old was crying at bed time and in an effort to help calm him down Joseph took his pillow and laid on the floor next to Colin's bed until he was calm-so sweet! And I just loved watching him love on her 11 month old! Can't wait to see Klayton in Joseph's arms!
Currently, I am sitting here at Panera Bread enjoying my computer time and Joseph is at home watching his beloved Michigan Wolverines. Not much planned for tonight....although, I really should consider what I'm going to be making him for dinner! One thing marriage has taught me, men love their food!
As I said, nothing exciting here; but I didn't think I should keep neglecting my blog...maybe soon I will have an exciting life event to share with you and my brain will no longer draw a blank when it comes to posting on my blog!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A 38 Week Soapbox

So, I must admit…I am slightly disappointed and mildly frustrated. At my 37 week check up I was dialated to half a centimeter and yesterday I went back for my 38 week check up and I’m still at half a centimeter! I was hoping for some progress, I know to be dialated doesn’t really mean a whole lot; but for me a little more progress would have meant so much to me. I also realize that my due date is not until the 20th and I really shouldn’t expect to go into labor early; but there is this deep seeded hope to be holding my baby sooner than later! I still love being pregnant; but I am just ready to have my baby in my arms! Which brings me to the next point…
I do realize that life is going to be very different after we have this baby. But, I have to say I am really tired of people telling me take time to enjoy your life with your husband now because it will never be the same, especially when they say it like it’s a bad thing. Or they tell me be thankful for the time you have of peace and quiet because before you know it there will be the cries of a baby waking you in the night and so on. I’ve also had some people tell me that during the first month of Klayton’s life that I am going to wonder why I even wanted a baby?! Can I just say something…we have waited for this day! We love our time together as a couple and we will have it even after Klayton comes, it might not be as much alone time as it is now; but we are adding to our life! We are ready to become a family with this little boy inside of my belly! The cries that will wake me in the night…I have longed for those cries, they may not be my favorite times; but I am determining to be thankful for a baby’s cry to awake to. We have wanted a baby for so long and though it wasn’t always easy to wait, when I look back I am thankful for the gift God has placed in my belly and for the time God decided to place this gift in my belly-this baby was and is worth the wait. My baby boy is the child I need, I am the mom he needs and Joseph is the dad he needs-God knew what He was doing when He placed this baby inside of me! I praise the Lord for this gift and I praise the Lord in advance for the days of no sleep, for tears, dirty diapers, spit up! I praise the Lord in advance for the days of sleep, smiles, cuddles, a potty trained baby! I praise the Lord for what He is adding to my life and what my life will become when Klayton is in my arms!