Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ten on Tuesday-Bring You Up to Speed

1. We are now living in Wisconsin and have been here for almost a month! We are loving it.
2. Justus is now 16 months!
3. Klayton is getting ready to celebrate his 5th birthday and is in pre-K!
4. I am 28 weeks pregnant! And I "get" to do my glucose test on Friday.
5. We are excited to meet this little guy in December.
6. Klayton has lost 2 teeth while Justus is getting 2 new teeth.
7. Thursday my hubs will celebrate his 36th birthday. Upward swing to 40-he's getting old.
8. A little laugh for this Tuesday, courtesy of Klayton! My mom had a deer in her garden that she told Klayton about. He told her that he needs to get his gun (don't worry he doesn't have a real one) and come shoot. She asked him, "why? are you going to eat it?" His reply, "I don't like deer meat-I like people meat!"
9. God gave those little children to you, Mama-to you. No one else can mother them like you can. You may have your work cut out for you, but you're the one cut out to accomplish it.
10. Have a Happy Tuesday and I am promising to be back this week!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Baby #3 Reveal and Brotherly Dismay

It's another boy-Kolton Miles.
I am NEVER good at predicting baby gender...even my own baby's gender. With Klayton I thought girl up until about two weeks prior to the ultra sound telling us, boy. With Justus, I thought girl because my pregnancy was so different than it was with Klayton. When we left after finding out it was another boy, I felt so guilty. BUT, this time my gut instinct knew. I did waver once..at 11 weeks the heart rate was 172 and I thought maybe a girl. Then I went in for a dating ultrasound and the heart beat was lower and my instincts were back to boy and never strayed again.
Klayton, really wanted a sister this time. He told everyone he was getting a sister and I would tell him that it might be a boy. He would then speak to my belly:

"Baby are you a girl or boy?
He would then proceed to put his ear to my belly and "listen" for a moment.
You are STILL a girl! Ok!"
He would smile at me and run off to continue doing whatever it is boys do.

Since I was so convinced that it was another boy, Joseph and I began to have more conversations with him to prepare him for the gender reveal if my instincts were indeed correct.
The week prior to the ultrasound he informed me daily,

"Mom, I only like Justus and girl babies!"
"Mom, if its a boy I won't like it."

"Mom, if its a boy I will be mad/sad."

Then the kicker came the night before the ultrasound during our nightly prayer time.

Jesus, if its a boy baby please change it to a girl before morning."

Now, taking it to the Lord-that is some serious business!

My ultrasound took forever-a student did it-which I don't mind-USUALLY! I have had students in the past; but when you are impatiently and anxiously waiting to see who baby is...well, just, ugh. Finally, after about 40 minutes of her looking around and not even peeking at where "the goods" were the regular technician came in and our little baby #3 was quick to reveal my instincts were indeed correct! Another boy.

We went to the ultrasound as a family and as we left we kept an eye on Klayton to see how he was reacting. He seemed fine. So, maybe he didn't realize it was a boy and we would take him to McDonalds to gently break the news! You can never go wrong with "Donalds" as he calls it. But, as I organized my stuff in the waiting room we realized he did hear and he was not happy. Klayton did not want to tell anybody that he was having another brother. Later that afternoon, Joseph told him that we need to be thankful for another brother to help protect mommy and that we needed to say, thank you Jesus.

Klayton's reply,
"I will not say thank you Jesus for a boy."

Joseph and I decided not to rebuke him for his feelings and for expressing them. We knew he was honestly disappointed; but we also knew that in time he would come around. We didn't want to make it worse and I knew not to let the comments bother me. We just remained excited and continued to show Klayton we were thankful and excited for another boy. Within a day we could see that he was coming around as he liked to tell people the baby's name-Kolton Miles.

I truly am excited that I have the label "boy mom"! I was not disappointed to discover ANOTHER BOY. I let everyone else be disappointed for me! Haha! I am excited that God has seen fit to let me attempt to raise a few good men for Him and to guide their lives to serve Him and please Him.

Most of the time when people learn its another boy-they say, "maybe next time you will get your girl!" I know they are well intended; but I don't need a next time to try and get what I want. God wants me to have 3 BOYS and thats what I want! The other day though someone asked me what this baby is and I shared that its another boy and her reply was, "wow, what a blessing you GET to have ALL boys-you are blessed!"

Blessed. I am definitely blessed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I'm Back and I Have News

Yes, its been 5 months of silence. I think about this blog often and how I miss it. SO, TODAY, I am back to share some pretty important news with you!
April 21st, was welcomed early and with me sick to my stomach. Not the most pleasant start. But, with a weeks worth of naps and two days of nausea I knew something had to be done. So, yep, I opened the pregnancy test that I had bought the day before.
Before I could even set the test down to wait for the result a plus sign appeared. Normally, I hyperventilate right on the spot; but in my heart of hearts I already knew what the test had only confirmed.
We had not been trying for another baby, it doesn't happen easily for us. I had been selling ALL my baby items as Justus had outgrown them. Saying, this is a surprise is quite the understatement of the year. However, with the shock came excitement and happiness to prepare for a baby come this December! I am also still in belief that I will have two babies under the age of 2! Yes, we are crazy; but God knows what He is doing and His surprises are some of the best!