Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day With No Tears

If you read my previous post you know that our first Christmas Eve with Justus was filled with lots of tears! Apparently, he just needed to sleep on it and process it all because he woke up Christmas morning in such a happy spirit! Yay!
We just spent the morning as a family! We read the Christmas story, enjoyed a yummy breakfast and opening more presents.
In the afternoon we went to my parents for an italian dinner and more presents!
And the time I was anticipating most, giving my parents their gift! I made it, with my dad's help! Haha! He didn't know when he was the sawing the board that it was for him; but well he figured it out when we brought it in! He said, "looks like you brought me that board again!"
So, thankful for the Christmas season; but ultimately we are thankful for the Reason for the Season-Jesus! Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tears of Christmas Eve

We came home from a Christmas Eve Party at some friends where we had stuffed ourselves full of yummy Mexican food! Made our birthday cake, enjoyed a yummy snack of muffins and cappuccino! Followed with the Christmas story and opening of our Christmas stockings! I was so excited to enjoy this first Christmas with Justus and as you will soon learn...he didn't share the sentiment.
The boys haven't learned to yet enjoy the Christmas story...
I think we all know what Klayton has his mind on they have their minds on!
FINALLY, to the gifts and we are SO excited to watch Justus open his first present!
And, he didn't get the memo to be excited. I was bummed at first; but then I realized I will one day look back with a smile and laugh as I remind him of his first Christmas.
Klayton, on the other hand dove right into the spirit of opening gifts!
Best $5 ever spent and quite possibly one of the best gifts! A Ninja set for my little Ninja!
And Justus still has not found the excitement...
Even with tears that big brother didn't even notice, we all enjoyed our first Christmas Eve as a family of 4!
And, on a side note its good that we had a helper with opening of the presents!
What would I do without my tearful baby and little helper?
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Jesus

I love Christmas for SO many reasons; but the ultimate reason we want to teach our boys to love Christmas is for the celebration of Jesus! So, 3 years running we have continued our tradition of making a birthday cake for Jesus! Happy Birthday Jesus!

"Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear Jesus,
Happy Birthday to You!"

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dress Up Tuesday!

Just because my Littlest Man has never been put in a dress coat until now and because he is the cutest...
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Justus-7 Months

Justus, you are 7 months!


*Weigh in at 18 lbs, which puts you in the 50th percentile.
*Stand, or should I say lay at 27 inches in length-also the 50th percentile.
*Your head is 46 centimeters...its a little big!
*Wear 3-6 month clothes.
*In size 2 diapers.
*Eat one jar of baby food before bed. People think its strange that I don't give you baby food at any other time in the day; but you were waking up a gazillion times in the night to be fed and this helps you only to wake up once or twice! I can handle that better.
*Green baby foods are not your favorite.
*Have been introduced to some fruits and so far banana has not been a favorite.
*Dropped one of your feeds in the evening.
*Have continued to become more contented as a baby.
*Still my chatterbox.
*Love to reach and grab for things.
*If watching the iPad you like to try and grab the characters or people that appear on the screen.
*Already a typical boy if there is a sport on television you will keep your eyes glued to the screen.
*Sit for longer periods of time.
*Still hate tummy time.
*Like to hold Mama's finger when sleeping.
*Like to touch peoples faces, especially to grab their lips.
*Hate getting your nose cleaned out.
*Love to smile.
*Brother is still the only one to consistently get you to laugh.
*Everything goes in your mouth!
*I say this daily; but seriously you have got to be working on a tooth.
*You itch your head and it is so cute.
*Are still rocking the side burns!
*Love to be snuggled.
*Are very much a Mama's boy!

My Guy,
I have noticed that you just keeping getting happier and all around more good natured and relaxed! I just love you and the way you snuggle in. Sometimes after I feed you I prop you on my shoulder and you immediately drop your head to sleep! It is so adorable. You always look so peaceful and kissable that I have to take a moment to kiss those cheeks! You definitely are working the baby rolls and I don't think its possible to be any more cuter and then I wake up the next day and discover you are even more cuter than the day before! As I type this I can see that I won't have to boost your ego any more today! I just love you more than words will ever tell!

Love, Mama

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Justus-1/2 Year Old

Justus you are 6 months old!

*Weigh in at 18 lbs!
*Wear size 2 diapers.
*Wear 3-6 month and 6 month clothes.
*Like to snuggle.
*Drool like crazy, there has to be a tooth coming...there has to be, right?
*Discovered your tongue.
*Love to play with your toes.
*Tried cereal for the first time and it didn't work very well. But, will be trying again.
*Started pushing the upper half of your body up with your hands.
*Like to grab things. And this includes pulling Mother's hair!
*While relaxing you now cross your legs at the ankles-its so cute!
*Brother is the one who makes you laugh the most.
*Love being outside.
*Like to look AT everything.
*Don't like to be alone.
*Still nursing like a champ and I think the pounds prove that you like your food!
*Everything goes in your mouth.
*If we sit you up you can remain seated for several seconds.
*Have become a happy baby!
*Still hating tummy time.
*Waiting for you to lose the night time feeding...

My Little Politician,
Yes, I have officially given you a nickname that is sticking! I took you with us to vote for the senate and governor where everyone would ooh and aw over you! Then ask your name, "Justus; but not spelled like the store or the Justice of the Peace...someday he is going to be on the ballot-Justus for all!" Then from that day on, I started calling you 'My Little Politician' or my 'Chunky Politician'. Now that I think about it, I think you became a happier baby when I gave you a nickname that was all your own? Okay, I know that is not the case; but you have been SO happy and we are all loving it! I love how your smile makes your gorgeous big blue eyes sparkle! You are just SO cute and SO loved! Thank you for letting me bestow all those kisses upon your forehead and for crying every time I leave to go do my laundry-its nice to know that you notice when I am gone and that you need me! Love you more than yesterday!
Love You,

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Curious George and the Birthday Party

We planned Klayton's 4th Birthday Party for today and it couldn't have been a better day for it! Not because the weather was beautiful-which it was; but because the theme was Curious George and George visited the local bookstore in the morning! What a perfect way to start the day!
Klayton watches Curious George-DAILY! I wasn't really sure what he would think of meeting George in person though. He is not too crazy about "mascots"; but I wondered if George would be in that realm of people in his eyes because he is such a part of our daily life! But, Klayton was eager to stand in line and wait!
When it was our turn though, he started to have doubts.
But, when asked to help Curious George spell his name, Klayton didn't have to be asked twice!
And, before we left Klayton gladly posed for a picture with George!
I was thrilled for the picture pose! I was excited to run and get a copy of the picture made for the birthday party that would start in 2 hours! Busy morning with lots to do; cupcakes to frost, lunch bags to be packed...
There is not much on the market for Curious George party decorations, unless you want to spend an arm and a leg as well as order it all online. So, I went with red and yellow for the colors, used library books-giving each table a theme from Curious George books and used lots of free online resources! The tables had placemats that guests could color!
I made the gift table and cupcake table stand out with the red table clothes and balloon bouquets!
I had sack lunches ready for the guests! When they came in they could just sit and start eating! Since the theme was focused on a child, I served hot dogs, a bag of chips, Curious George fruit snacks and a Capri Sun in each bag! This also allowed easy clean up-BONUS! On each lunch bag I attached characters from Curious George and if your bag had George or The Man with the Yellow Hat you won a door prize!
The meal was simple; but the table conversation was fun and I was able to relax without running around making sure I had enough buns, etc.!
I also set up an area based off the book, Curious George Goes Bowling! If the kids could knock down all 10 pins they received a sucker! They loved it and it helped them working on the skill of taking turns! Haha!
Of course we had presents with the birthday boy, front and center!
Klayton received SO many nice gifts this year! A bike-what a surprise that was! He received cars, a chainsaw, planes, dinosaurs, coloring books, a farm animal set and one of our personal favorites, the armor of God!
After presents we did the Birthday song and didn't have to stop! And Klayton blew out the candle without prompting!
Everyone enjoyed their chocolate chip cupcakes with a banana on top and monkey juice! Then with grateful hearts we thanked everyone for coming and let them go at their leisure!
And I decided that birthday parties are A LOT of fun and work-I am EXHAUSTED and I can't help but sigh as Klayton asks for another party...