Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. Tomorrow I will be 33 weeks! YAY! And as of September 1st, I can start saying that my baby is due NEXT month! What a fun and crazy thought!
2. Last week we had a meeting in Iowa...we were supposed to be in Nebraska for a meeting; but they cancelled us last minute.
3. After our meeting in Iowa and in anticipation of our meeting in Nebraska, we stayed in Omaha for a couple of days rather than drive all the way home just to drive back to Nebraska. While in Omaha, I was able to attend my friend, Diana's baby shower and had so much fun!
4. I have a lot on my agenda this week-cleaning and catching up on my pregnancy scrapbook, we will see how much energy I have and how much can get accomplished with that energy!
5. I made Klayton a fleece soccer blanket and I plan on devoting an entire post sometime this week to this undertaking! Haha! I will post pictures when I write about it! Lol!
6. Am I the only one in the world that is a shampoo hoarder? What I mean is, it seems like I have a gazillion bottles of shampoo…I go to the salon and I buy shampoo and conditioner both and it seems conditioner always runs out first. So, next time I go…even though I still have ½ a bottle of shampoo left I buy another bottle of shampoo and conditioner and I run into the same dilemma once again! What a money waster. So, I have decided that I will not buy another bottle of shampoo until I am completely out of my own shampoo! No more salon conditioner either…I bought Suave Rosemary Mint Conditioner and let me rave on that for a minute-it smells wonderful and I love it and its much CHEAPER than salon conditioner! Wow, #6 became quite a ramble….
7. Another ramble...grocery shopping. I am seriously beginning to hate that job, its almost depressing. But, if I were to hire someone to do it for me, so I don't have to see the ridiculous prices of groceries I would spend even more money and that would not be a good thing.
8. My parents are coming up for the weekend, that should be fun! My Mom has yet to see our new townhouse.
9. Remember to vote in my poll on the right! I can't wait to see what people think! So, after you read number 10-VOTE!!
10. As I type this, I’m sitting in what will soon be Klayton’s bedroom. His crib is ready to be set up, there are little boy clothes everywhere, baby blankets, a stroller and even a little plastic golf club set in the room…I am going to have a little boy in my arms in 8 weeks! Wow! God is SO good to me, to give so many blessings to me! Blessings that give me reason, even the more to love and praise my Savior!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grocery Shopping Hormones

So, Joseph and I had to visit the grocery store for a few things, where I eventually found myself in the baking aisle-crying. This is our 'low income month' and we are trying to really watch our pennies. My inlaws had sent us a box of non-perishable food items, so I decided to base some of my meals off of some of those items and thought I wouldn't have to spend alot of money. Needless to say, I was WRONG. I ended up putting some items back and forsaking my list. I bought enough for tonights meal, our Sunday meal, bread, water and spent $20. I just could not get over how expensive everything was-all I wanted to do was have the opportunity to make my husband a nice Sunday dinner and satisfy my craving for brownies and ice cream with hot fudge. Maybe Monday, I can take myself to a different grocery store and not have to struggle to keep the pregnant woman tears at bay because food prices are outrageous.

Preggo Friday! Okay, I Admit its Saturday....

Baby Progress:
Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. Measuring roughly 16.5 inches long, he now weights over 4 pounds! And from this week, until 2 weeks before birth, he will gain about a half pound every week.
He is sleeping approximately 90 to 95 percent of the day. Most of his wrinkles are disappearing, especially on his face, as more fat is deposited under his skin. His hair is becoming thicker with each passing week and you may even be able to see it on an ultrasound! He will also begin to settle in the head-down position, as his birth is fast approaching.

My Progress:
How far along? 32 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: +15 lbs.
How much does baby weigh? 2 lbs. 11 oz as of last ultrasound
Symptoms: Pregnancy brain, no energy, frequent headaches, shortness of breath, backaches, nosebleeds, leg cramps.
Maternity clothes? Pretty much everything.
Stretch marks? Their horrible!
Sleep: Not very good.
Best moment this week: hearing his heartbeat, it was 140!
Food cravings: hot fudge sundaes!
Food aversions: chicken!
Gender: boy! Klayton Matthew!
Labor signs: None yet and hopefully it stays that way for a little longer!
Belly Button - in or out? flattening.
What I miss: Cherry Coke!
What I am looking forward to: ultrasound on September 17th!
Milestones: he has flipped to the head down position!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Preggo Friday

Baby Progress:

Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. Measuring approximately 16 inches long,he weighs about 4 lbs. 4 whole pounds, wow! And from this week, until 2weeks before birth,he will gain about a half pound every week.

As you've probably noticed,he is moving around quite a bit in there! It's not uncommon for his continuous movements, which may feel like somersaults, to be keeping you up at night. His arms, legs and body are also filling out as he continues to develop fat underneath his skin, making those kicks and prods feel even stronger than last week. You may even see an arm or a foot move slowly across your belly!

My Progress:

How far along? 31 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: +15 lbs.
How much does baby weigh? 2 lbs. 11 oz as of last ultrasound
Symptoms: Pregnancy brain, no energy, frequent headaches, shortness of breath, backaches, nosebleeds, leg cramps.
Maternity clothes? Pretty much everything.
Stretch marks? Their horrible!
Sleep: Good, sleep for about 4 hours and then I start waking every hour to hour and a half for bathroom breaks.
Best moment this week: watching my belly jolt like it never has before!
Food cravings: All the bad stuff!
Food aversions: chicken!
Gender: boy! Klayton Matthew!
Labor signs: None yet and hopefully it stays that way for a little longer!
Belly Button - in or out? flattening.
What I miss: Cherry Coke!
What I am looking forward to: Monday night, the nursing class I will be taking with my friend Danielle!
Milestones: Entering the single digit countdown, 9 more weeks!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am actually 31 weeks as of today and that means only 9 more to go! The countdown is really beginning for my Klayton Bear to arrive and I CANNOT wait! I remember at the beginning of my pregnancy, how exciting it was to make it another week along and now its SO exciting to countdown the weeks!
Joseph and I are so excited to bring this little life into the world and make him a part of our lives! Joseph has informed me that as of right now Klayton is on loan to me...that he is letting me borrow Klayton; but he gets him for the next 18 years! I keep telling Joseph don't make him not need his mama before he's even here-I want to enjoy my baby being a baby and not being concerned that he is to big in his britches for his mama!
Its hard to believe how much we love this little guy already! Every night before bed we read a Psalm together, we have been reading the book of Psalms backwards as a countdown to my due date! Then after we are done reading, I sing "You Are My Sunshine" and Joseph reads a Michigan book to Klayton! We pray together and we are already sure to make Klayton a part of this! We thank the Lord everyday for this special gift in my tummy and we tell Klayton everyday that we simply cannot wait for him to be here because we love him so much! Just 9 more weeks and we CANNOT wait!

Monday, August 16, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. Notice the poll on the right? Please vote and tell me the rough estimate of when you think my baby boy will arrive!
2. Currently, we are at my parents! Joseph is filling in at the church for my dad, while him and my sister are in Michigan for a few days! Were also going to keep my mom company and make sure she is always protected!
3. As of tomorrow, I will be 31 weeks-just 9 more to go and I get to have my baby boy in my arms!
4. Even when God doesn't give the answer we were looking for, that doesn't mean He didn't answer your prayer! Sometimes this is hard to remember...but God is teaching me this lesson!
5. I am looking forward to taking a nursing class next Monday with my friend Danielle!
6. Everything is finally unpacked in our townhouse-what a task that was! Now my goal is to simply have everything in its place and completely organized by October 1st. I really need to get working on this...
7. Looks like the weather is finally cooling off! YAY! Seriously, the heat does a number on this pregnant woman!
8. We have 1 new supporting church!
9. I woke this morning to, two howling dogs. Apparently, they were sad to see my dad leave them and thought it was necessary not to be left alone in their sadness. They have now been following me around all morning long.
10. I am very thankful that it seems I have recovered completely from my excruciating back ache that I had last week that last for days. And, I must say-that back ache does not need to ever come back! I don't miss it and with that I say, Happy Tuesday!

A Photo Memory

This is my brother Caleb and I, when our family first moved back to Wisconsin. I remember when Caleb was born, I was in the 1st grade and felt pretty special when my teacher let me announce to the class about the newest edition to my family! The first time I held him was at the hospital and he just cried! He was probably crying at the realization that this big sister was going to be a mother hen that he would have to always deal with even as an adult! haha! When I was kid, I remember feeling like I had to watch his every move, just to be sure that he would be okay, that he wouldn't hurt himself. My mom, would let him play outside-ALONE-so I felt it my responsibility to stand at our living room window and keep an eye on him so that no one would kidnap him! Even now as an adult, miles apart from each other-he lives in Oklahoma and I am all the way in South Dakota...I still feel the need to protect him as best I can-even though he is now 21 years of age. This past Sunday night, I called him late at night and there was no answer...I immediately wondered, "is he okay?" I then informed Joseph, after having called three times with still no answer that being the mother hen big sister could be a hard job at times! Joseph reminded me then, "thats because you are not to be his mother hen, he already has a mom and you are to be his big sister and Klayton's mom". Really?! This comes as quite a shock! My mom does a great job as his mother and as mine too; but its as if I try to "help", so I worry and tell him what to do freely-I make a great sister boss! I love my little brother who now stands taller than me! I love him and the memories we share: singing Feliz Navidad at the top of our lungs with the car windows rolled down, the notes he gave me, when I was a kid and got in trouble he would come in my room and sit beside me to give me hugs, he always had a ball in his hand...so, little brother-I love you and I am going to try and not be such a mother hen, I will see how long this works...

Friday, August 13, 2010

30 Week Quick Facts

1. I actually lost weight! This is probably due to the excruciating back ache that I think made me sick enough to throw up. Ugh. I still have the backache; but with each day it gets better.
2. Klaytons heart beat was in the 140s at this weeks checkup. It has stayed consistently in the 140s for about the last month.
3. Just 10 more weeks to go and so much to still do!
4. If Klayton refuses to come on his own, we will wait 5 days past due date and induce on October 25th. October 25th was my Grandpa Thrasher's birthday, he passed away in October of 1989.
5. My organs are definitely getting squished now. My doctor was feeling around and she said Klayton is definitely shoving my organs upwards now and that is why I am feeling discomfort in the upper portion of my belly.
6. I still love being pregnant, the best moments are when I can feel his little 'love taps'!

Monday, August 9, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. Last Friday, Joseph and I were able to spend the night with friends of mine from college, David and Luann! We had a blast and stayed up way to late talking!
2. Currently, we are in Iowa with my parents and participating in my dad's revival that is at his church.
3. Tomorrow I will be 30 weeks-just 10 more weeks to go! I think Klayton is excited about this prospect as well because he is kicking me like crazy as I type this!
4. Have you noticed my new profile layout? I like this one-obviously, or I wouldn't have chosen it! Haha! I just hope this background doesn't disappear on me like the other one did!
5. August holds a few more travels for us, I think it should help the month to fly by! We had a meeting in Missouri this past weekend that went really well and we still have meetings to attend in Iowa and Nebraska.
6. This week, the singing group, Assurance, from Heartland Baptist Bible College is singing at my dad's revival. Its crazy to think that six years has passed since I graduated from college!
7. Is it possible for the grandparents to enjoy me being pregnant, just as much as I enjoy it? Today I went to the assisted living place that my mom works, and with the biggest smile on her face she was showing people my belly and my ultrasound pictures of Klayton! E
8. Another day, another storm! I hear the thunder rolling in...I don't think a day has passed without some kind of rain or storm! Its been like this for a couple of weeks and there is so much flooding. Crazy.
9. Okay, I still love being pregnant; but I think I am now entering the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. It takes me forever to walk up stairs and sitting for long periods of time now gives me backaches...I am told this is normal for the final weeks of pregnancy.
10. It has literally taken me all day long to complete this post...I have no clarity of thought lately! So, now that I have this post complete, I can call it quits for Tuesday! Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Preggo Friday

Baby Progress:

Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. Measuring roughly 15 inches long, he weighs close to 2 1/2 lbs. For the first time, his head is in proportion with the rest of his body!

By 29 weeks, his brain can control his body's temperature. His eyes can move in his sockets and his muscles and lungs continue to mature. His bone marrow is now producing red blood cells and fat continues to develop under his skin.

My Progress:

How far along? 29 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: +15 lbs.
How much does baby weigh? 2 lbs. 11 oz
Symptoms: Pregnancy brain, no energy, frequent headaches, shortness of breath, backaches, nosebleeds, leg cramps.
Maternity clothes? Pretty much everything.
Stretch marks? I don't think I really want to answer this question anymore!
Sleep: In spite of waking every 2 hours to visit the restroom, okay.
Best moment this week: seeing Klayton on an ultrasound-even though he wouldn't cooperate and show us his face!
Food cravings: Smores and Sprite!
Food aversions: chicken!
Gender: boy! Klayton Matthew!
Labor signs: way to early for this.
Belly Button - in or out? flattening.
What I miss: being able to breathe normal!
What I am looking forward to: getting to 30 weeks and being able to say I only have 10 weeks left!
Milestones: 3rd trimester!

Birth Class Overview

This week Joseph and I were able to participate in a 3 hour long birth class. Joseph wasn't really that crazy about taking it; but he was a trooper and went along with it! He also didn't mind for the reason that it was one of the cheapest classes and the most affordable one to participate in. I really wanted to take a birth class and it was disappointing that more options were not accessible and cost friendly-most classes charged $100 or more! We paid $25.00 and I think it was the worth the money.
The birth class focused more on relaxation and breathing. We watched a video that walked us through every step of the labor and delivery...when it got to the delivery I had to close my eyes. They also showed a video explaining each relaxation technique. The director of the class also focused and explained each technique a little more clearly for us and walked us through some of the techniques and positions as we practiced them. Some positions and techniques included:
1.) Squatting. This position is not one that I will be using in labor, I did not find it comfortable.
2.) Slow dancing. Yes, there really is a technique to help you relax through contractions that involves dancing. The woman places her hands loosely around the husbands neck, while he holds her up and they sway back and forth at a pace the woman feels comfortable with.
3.) Whirlpool! Notice the exclamation point? While we did not practice this technique at the birth class, I know it is one that I will be using! They say because of water covering your belly and the jets working on specific parts of the body that it is very relaxing!
4.) Birthing balls. I was very surprised; but I actually loved using the balls. It was very comfortable to drape my body over the ball, letting my hands hang loosely to let my husband massage them! Between this and the whirlpool is where as of right now I plan on spending most of my labor!
I found the birth class very much worth my while, it allowed me to learn positions that I would never have considered otherwise. It also gave me perspective of what to prepare for through the laboring. No one can fully prepare you for birth, no two births are the same and I don't think anyone can really prepare the first time mother!

Monday, August 2, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. Last night my husband made me dinner-goulash. I don't know if that's how you spell it; but nonetheless it was good and it was nice not having to cook.
2. We head out again on Friday for about a week. Visiting some college friends on Friday, meeting on Sunday and attending a conference at my dads church Monday and Tuesday.
3. I had my glucose test last week. I failed the 1st test and had to go back for the 3 hour test-no fun. One of my levels was slightly elevated so I have to exercise more and watch my diet a little more.
4. We got to hear Klayton's heartbeat at yesterdays ultrasound! It was 148! I just love hearing it, as one friend would put it, "its music to my ears!"
5. Today is filled with lots of cleaning: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, organizing and who knows what else!
6. I am really ready for cooler weather! It's now August, so summer heat you can now become summer chill in preparation for fall!
7. It's funny all the things you start to think about when you are expecting a baby! Joseph and I have been going through all our movies that aren't necessarily bad; but as we watch them through different eyes we realize we don't want Klayton watching them! So, we will make a trip to the dvd store this week and hopefully earn a little extra cash from it!
8. Can you believe I am finally down to 2 boxes that still need to be unpacked?! It's only taken me a month to conquer this! So pathetic!
9. Another shocker, we already have Christmas presents bought for my dad, sister and Josephs parents! This is getting accomplished quite early for us; but since were going to have a little one this year and everything is going to be so new...we figured the more we get accomplished now the better!
10. My husband is not a board game type of guy. Well, I don't know what has come over him; but he has asked me to play a game with him every night this week! He has even played Scrabble with me-my all time favorite word game! Another little thing to love my husband for!

Ultrasound and Tour

A quick note to say, I had an ultrasound today and took a tour of the birth place! Yay!
The ultrasound went really well! My little boy is now in the 43 percentile overall and his belly is now in the 19th percentile! This means I don't have to see the specialist for another 6 weeks! We got no good pictures of Klayton-he was being such a stinker! He had his hands covering his face almost the entire time and was active as could be! We still love him!
The birthplace tour was nice because it ended up being just Joseph and I! I was able to ask a gazillion questions if they popped into my head during the tour! Actually, I didn't have to many; but I made it a point to tell the tour guide the bed stirups are a real turn off! Nonetheless, I am satisfied with the hospital Klayton will be born in and I will probably be taking advantage of the whirlpool in my room!