Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. We earned $120 in our garage sale! So, a big thank you to those who had confidence in our sales and voted in our poll that we would earn more than a hundred dollars!
2. I was on the radio-I think I am kind of a celebrity now! Okay, so maybe it was just me calling on a local radio station in Iowa to tell listeners that items that did not sell in the garage sale were being given away for free! But, nonetheless, I was on the radio! Yep, so on Monday after the free announcement was made I only ended up having to lug a couple garbage bags full of stuff to the goodwill!
3. Do you know what I find really bizarre? Children making out in the gas station parking lot. Yes, I said children. Last week I walked over to the gas station and saw 2 kids, that were no older than 10 years old making out…I hope you realize that I am saying that they were kissing. Seriously, is this really acceptable in the world?! I remember when I was a kid boys had cooties…I might of thought boys were cute; but it was from a distance that I had that thought!
4. Tonight I am going to a jewelry party! Hoping to find some jewelry that I probably don’t need…unless it is cute of course!
5. I am still working on my scrapbook of Joseph’s ordination. The pages for the book are very mind boggling to me. Usually, when I scrapbook my pages come together pretty quickly; but not this time. Ugh! I’m ready to move on to the honeymoon scrapbook….
6. So, this weekend we will be celebrating the Fourth of July. I’m not really sure how Joseph and I will be spending it for sure; but we will be doing something with my sister. Were hoping to see a great fireworks show in Sioux Falls!
7. As I am typing this I am realizing how dependant I have become on my Blackberry. My blackberry automatically capitalizes and adds apostrophes without me having to tell it to do so. Therefore, as I am on the laptop currently, I keep forgetting to capitalize and such thinking it should automatically be done for me.
8. Have I told you yet that it really isn’t a good idea to eat pizza and McDonalds on the same day when you are dieting? Well, I am telling you now. So frustrating. We were with my parents this past weekend and I cheated some on my own points, so it is my own fault for what will be a probable weight gain on the scale tomorrow. Got to get back on track…
9. And one more thing about McDonalds, their triple thick milkshakes have more calories in them than a small order of fries! Small fries and a hamburger have the same number of calories! Not the best restaurant choice for someone wanting to lose weight.
10. Can you believe it, I am actually posting 10 on Tuesday…on Tuesday! Didn’t think I could do it, uh?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Little Rant and Hopefully I'm Clear!

I think this is the third time for me to start writing this blog today! I have so many thoughts running through my mind and apparently I am not fast enough to catch those thoughts.
You know I really hate the devil? I hate the lies he feeds to us...to the person that hasn't been born again he tells them..."you don't need Jesus today-wait until tomorrow to need him"-however, tomorrow may never come for that person. Or he will say to that person, "how offensive, that God would consider you a sinner-you only tell white lies, you're basically a good person." I can't help but to think, is there really such a thing as a white lie-we don't let children get away with telling a 'little' lie do we? But, we think its okay for adults to lie? Then to the Christian, the devil attacks our mind..."is what you are doing for the Lord really worth it?" "is it really worth going out and telling people about Jesus and how He died for them just so people can mock you?" People mocked Jesus when He walked this earth and He still did it...Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins so I didn't have to pay that penalty if I simply choose to acknowledge that I was sinner and accept Christ as my personal Savior. That person down the street, will be so thankful for the person that endures the mocking and continues on for the Lord...because they aren't mocking and they want someone, they need someone to tell them about the Lord. Sometimes as Christians we give into thoughts that the devil has schemed up for us and we give up on the thing the Lord wants us to do.
We are currently in Cherokee, Iowa visiting my parents for the weekend and to also do a rummage sale while we are here. Hoping to sell our 'junk'; but remember-one man's junk is another man's treasure! We arrived here with a van load of stuff to sell and are hoping that when we return home our van will be a lot lighter!
This past week, I was finally able to start scrapbooking! I love scrapbooking and have lots of scrapbooks to start and finish this summer. My first scrapbook that I am tackling is Joseph's ordaination and I'm finding it difficult to make it look manly since I'm doing it for Joseph! I also plan on doing a honeymoon scrapbook and a deputation scrapbook this summer and who knows really what else. I guess if time permits I will do more and if my husband doesn't mind not having the use of our dining room table for the summer that is!
Last week I found a cute bumble bee blanket and a bumble bee watering can for my kitchen and dining room! I love my kitchen, its uniquely decorated!
Okay, well enough for now...

10 on Tuesday?

1. Last week, I was a day late and this week I am two days late-am I behind or what??
2. This morning, we went to breakfast with our Pastor and enjoyed our time with him. Joseph and I really love our Pastor and the wisdom he offers.
3. Everyone was complaining about the weather before we came home, supposedly it wasn't feeling like summer...well, ever since we have been home it hasn't fallen below 90 and I really can't stand this heat.
4. Since being home, it really feels like I'm working a full time job! So much housework has to be done and there is still more to do! I and Joseph have also been doing odd jobs for a friend of ours from church, so we can earn a little extra cash.
5. I feel like I should be losing weight a lot faster than I have been. I have lost 7 lbs so far, which I am thankful for; but I really wish it would come off faster...I have 18 more lbs to lose to reach my goal!
6. Last Saturday, we had a blast with friends! I enjoyed having girl time while the guys were in the "guy dungeon" or whatever they want to call it! We had so much fun with friends that we don't know where the time went and stayed out later than we should have and didn't really want to wake up for church the following day-we were so tired.
7. We watched the movie, Hotel For Dogs, a kid movie-yes; but it was good. My only question is, is "why is it that there always has to be a romance blossoming even in a kid movie? "
8. Tomorrow and Saturday morning, I am doing a rummage sale! Praying that we get rid of most of our things because we don't want to take it home! Whatever is left, Joseph wants to burn in the street or maybe we will just take it and dump it off at the Goodwill!
9. When we were in Glenrock, some friends of ours let us drive their HHR and now every time we see one on the streets, Joseph and I both commit the sin of lust. Pray for us, we really want a HHR-it makes Joseph feel really cool when he drives one and the sun roof helps us with our tan!
10. I am supposed to post a new Thursday blog today...hopefully I still have things to say...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

1st Blog Since I've Been Home

We have been home for two days now and boy have we been busy! Early Tuesday evening, Joseph and I arrived home to stay until late August. Upon arriving home, we went straight to work on things around the apartment-you would think that there would not be much to do considering we haven't been home in months! Unfortunately, that is not the case...there is so much to do!
A week from this Saturday, we are having a rummage sale. So, we have been busy going through closets and "junk" to sell. We can't help but think to ourselves, "how can 2 people have so much stuff?" and "how in the world did we manage to get all of this "stuff" crammed into such a tiny apartment?" I may never know the answers to these questions....so, I will just deal with it!
Things for us to look forward to this week? Saturday were going to a friends home to have a cookout! Hopefully, in the near future I can have some fun scrapbooking...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Yes, I know it's Wednesday...so I'm a day late!
2. We are home to stay for a while!
3. Joseph and I have to much junk in our tiny apt-rummage sale in a week!
4. The Barnhardt household is no longer buying pop for the refridgerator.
5. I'm officially 5 lbs lighter...
6. My Grandma bought me a cute beehive cookie jar!
7. Seriously, Wal-Mart employees dont know what a steamer is for veggies?!
8. Is feeling starved on a diet, normal??
9. My sister is spending the night with us.
10. Saturday night, we get to be with friends having a cookout!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

K.I.S.S. (Keep it short stupid/sweetie)

Everything has been pretty smooth and we are enjoying our time helping in VBS-this is Joseph’s first time to ever help in a VBS. While here we have also enjoyed time with Pastor and his family as well as some other friends! On Tuesday, I went to dinner with Pastor’s daughter and another lady from the church, who was expecting her baby any day! But, we never got to stay at the restaurant long enough to enjoy our dinner, as suddenly her contractions started coming at six minutes a part! So, we went back to Glenrock and the following morning she had a baby boy! We also enjoyed playing Wii and fellowshipping with another family from the church-who also happened to be the ones that flew us out here for the week! Yesterday, I was able to go to lunch and get a pedicure with the Pastor’s daughter-it was so much fun-I love pedicures!
Early Monday morning we will fly back to Milwaukee and on Tuesday we will make our final trip home-where we will stay for most of the summer!
I realize this is short and sweet….but once again thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Joseph and I are in Glenrock, WY helping in VBS for the week.
2. I have lost 3 lbs! Need to lose a lot more!
3. I am thankful that for this trip we were able to fly instead of driving! Thanks to good friends paying for our tickets!
4. We go home next week for the rest of the summer-home sweet home!
5. Diet pop isn’t as good for you as you might think it is….lots of aspartame.
6. I submitted a story to Chicken Soup for the Soul…
7. The first day of summer and Father’s day are on the same day this year-weird.
8. I have decided that I don’t like plane delays that happen while you are on the plane and on the tarmac.
9. Its good to guzzle a full glass of water before you do anything else in the morning…gets rid of nasty grime left in your body from the day before!
10. Yep, I think I’m getting back into the groove of my blog…so thanks for reading each week and being patient with my slowness at posting my blogs recently!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ah, I'm actually posting!

Ah, finally-I am here to post an update on our travels! We are currently in Wautoma, Wisconsin where we will be presenting our ministry at tomorrow. The church put us up in a nice hotel for the evening and the pastor took us to dinner at a pizzeria!!
What have I been doing these past few weeks? Other than being horrible about posting to my blog…we have been visiting family. We haven’t seen much of our family since last November/December so its been great seeing everyone again. We made our first visit to my parents, where we played golf with my dad and brother, played Wii with the family and I was able to share some alone time with my mom at dinner while the guys went to a preachers fellowship! After a week there, we took off to Michigan to visit Joseph’s family. During our time there, his mom bought us a golf lesson that was taught by a pro golfer and we tested that knowledge on the golf course with his parents-I’m still an embarrassment on the course; but I know what I need to work on now! We also got his mom hooked on Wii-you probably thought I was going to say, hooked on phonics!? Now we just need to work on his dad to get her one! Upon leaving Michigan we headed to Wisconsin to spend time with my grandparents and have been enjoying our time with them! Joseph and my grandpa have been doing lots of walking and I have been enjoying those alone times with my grandma-I really do love my grandparents and I’m thankful that since I have been married that I get to see them so much more! After our meeting tomorrow we will head back to Kenosha and on Monday will fly out of Milwaukee to Wyoming so I can help in VBS!
I joined Weight Watchers online-I’m in dire need of serious weight loss! I have done pretty good on it until the last two days. I need serious help when it comes to pizza-filled with sooo many calories; but I just can’t help it-I love pizza! Weight loss while traveling can be kind of difficult, so, I will be ready to be home for the summer where I can focus on doing some serious lifestyle changes in the exercise and eating department! I’m also very thankful for a very good friend of mine that is also doing weight watchers and even though her and I live miles apart we have been checking up on one another and that helps!
After this coming week, we will be home for most of the summer, unless the Lord gives us or shows us something different! Even though we won’t always be traveling, I will do my best to keep this thing up to date! Also, if you have noticed I posted a new blog called, “10 on Tuesday” instead of Celebrate Life on Saturdays I will be doing that instead! Thanks for reading and showing an interest in my life!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

10 on Tuesday

10 on Tuesday

1. I have been horrible about keeping my blog up to date…
2. I joined weight watchers!
3. Joseph’s mom bought me a golf lesson….hopefully my game has improved since that lesson!
4. For all you scrapbookers….I have discovered the world of recycling cards to cut out cute
phrases, borders or pictures to use in my scrapbook!
5. I get to visit my Grandparents this week!
6. Fuze slenderize drinks are great…10-20 calories!
7. Eating to many bananas in a day can cause you to gain weight…
8. Next week we fly out to Glenrock, Wyoming to help in Vacation Bible School.
9. Question, is Vacation Bible School really a vacation for the workers doing it??? Lol!
10. Hopefully 10 on Tuesday will become a weekly thing and help me get back into the groove of my blog!