Tuesday, December 11, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. The only snow I have found here comes in the form of a plastic snowman! Klayton is NOT impressed!

2. While here in Arizona we have been staying very busy. Busy is good though...we end up in bed earlier than usual just because we are SO tired!
3. Yumminess in a bag!

4. I got my mom hooked to Pinterest! You are very welcome Mom! Haha!
5. Speaking of Pinterest...the past 3 days I have tried 3 new ways to style my hair because if it. Yesterday I did one that made my hair extremely curly and I couldn't figure out how to tame. As I'm staring in the mirror at the puffiness before me, Joseph called to inform me that we were going to lunch with another family and he would soon be picking me up! Of all the days; but thankfully my hair settled a little and looked acceptable.
6. Tired boy! I think he is going through a growth spurt?

7. Lesson as a Mommy...once you think you are getting motherhood figured out you realize you don't have a clue.
8. Unfortunately, I am really going to have to watch my data usage for the rest of the month. Apparently, Klayton and I have watched 1 to many video clips...
9. Last week we went to a Christmas party and did a white elephant gift exchange. I ended up bringing home a flying sock monkey...hilarious! You shoot it in the air like a slingshot and it screams!
10. I think this post might of been slightly boring...I really wanted to say that I posted 2 days in a row! Which is almost unbelievable and if there wasn't proof!! Nonetheless, HappyTuesday!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Swap Meet

While in Arizona I have really wanted to experience some things that are particular to here! Last week while out to dinner, we met a fellow South Dakotan who has migrated here and he told us that we needed to visit the Mesa Swap Meet! "It is free and fun", he said! So, this past Saturday we went and it was SO much fun!
We spent 3 hours and probably could have spent longer! There were so many vendors, it was busy and we had little man stroller free so we booked it through the last area of the swap meet.
Surrounding myself with a little purse love!
We even discovered a little, Go Blue!
An interesting find, red dried pepper wreaths! And no, I didn't get one for myself..though I thought it would make a great Christmas present for my mother-in-law!
We even took in a few minutes of a cooking show!
Besides some interesting vendors, I must admit we saw some interesting people! Like this lady in a tutu..
Have I mentioned yet that Arizona doesn't believe in grass? If you want it, you have to buy it!
Some jewelry love...at this point I wishing I had my jewelry tools and some extra cash! They had amazing deals on beads!
This one made me think of my mom!
In closing, I would like to leave you with this...the picture says it all!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Catch Up

I figured it has been a LONG time since I have given just a general update of life! Today, is the perfect opportunity to catch up and share some pictures!
I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time! My grandparents received a gazillion phone calls from me as I searched for the turkey giblets and neck. I ended up cooking the neck because I never found it pre-oven; but the turkey still turned out delicious and thankfully even after my experience of "gutting" a turkey, I still like to eat it!
Last week I was able to spend time with a friend and do a little crafting, thank you Pinterest! I made two scarves and my friend Jessica made this beautiful wreath!
Then last Friday we flew to Arizona, where we still are! Enjoying palm trees and cactus as well as warm weather! It has been in the 80's here, quite a change from what we left in South Dakota!
Let me take this moment to brag on my little guy and his first experience flying! He did awesome!
Waiting to check in...
Checking out the airplanes at the gate that mommy thought we were flying out of...
Klayton actually slept for about half the flight, which caused him to miss take off. But when he woke up he enjoyed some snacks, pushing buttons in the bathroom that should not be pushed and looking out the window! He did fuss a little as we prepared for landing; but that is to be expected with the air pressure changes!
Since we have been in Arizona we have been busy. Joseph has been helping out a pastor and that has kept him extremely busy! Klayton however, has found time to have a little fun and decorate some Christmas cookies!
I think we will continue to be busy during our time here! I am hoping to check out the Mesa Swap Meet this weekend and figure out a way to start finish my Christmas shopping for my husband as we don't get home until the morning of Christmas Eve day!