Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chocolate Covered Socks

My parents came up for Thanksgiving. While they were here they took Klayton to the convenience store and let him pick out some treats. Klayton got done strawberry milk, little candies that came in some type of toy and he picked out an Almond Joy candy bar. I didn't think he had ever had an Almond Joy; but its okay to try new things, right?! I didn't think he cared to much for the candy bar as he took a bite and promptly gave the candy bar to me. But, you never know...he might decide later that its worth another bite! So, we left the other half of the candy bar out only to discover it in his shoe. I laughed when I found it and promptly threw it in the trash.
Friday came and I put his shoes on for the day...he didn't take them off until late evening. I pulled off his shoes and found that the bottom of his sock was covered in brown grossness...my first thought was, "how did I miss this diaper explosion?!" Then I realized it had a coconut scent to it...yep, that candy bar he didn't like was still in his shoe!
Saturday comes and without thinking twice, I put his shoes on for the day and he wears them ALL day. What do you think I found on the bottom of his socks for the 2nd day in a row?!
No more Almond Joy for Klayton!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Things I Don't Want to Forget (25 Months)

*Pastor Spencer was opening a church service in prayer and Klayton decides to randomly lift his shirt up and show off his "goods"!

*Sometimes Klayton gets into cuddle mode. Last night I was washing dishes, Klayton came and got me to sit on the couch with him. As he sits beside me and snuggles in he grabs my arm and places it around him! Loved it!

*He loves to take people for walks! While visiting family in Michigan, he tried to "run away" with Holly! Led her all the way to the car...

*How Klayton loves coffee and will sneak sips if someone has it...he loves English Toffee!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Birthday Celebration-Day 2

Two years old! Now this is a big deal and day of new things!
Like going to Sunday School church...no more nursery!
Yes, I am the Mom that sits outside his class and tries to sneak pictures!
This is Klayton's first Sunday School teacher, Miss Kath-we love her and I am so glad that she gets to be a part of this memory!
I should mention, that I just don't particularly enjoy birthdays on Sunday. Yes, its great to go to church it is just that it leaves little time for lots of other stuff. But, after church we went to lunch at Texas Roadhouse!
And of course this meant that Klayton was able to ride the saddle!
After a big Texas, "Yehaw, Happy Birthday" Klayton was given a Hot Fudge Sundae!
After a yummy lunch and a good nap, Klayton opened presents from his Grandma and Grandpa Barnhardt and his FAVORITE parents!
I should mention, that we gave Klayton the Lego flashlight. He has really been into flashlights and the Lego one is neat because to power the light you just wind the arm and push a button-no need for batteries! Klayton has since been sleeping with the flashlight and we always know when he wakes up because a bright light suddenly appears!
And what is a birthday without a cake?
And a little singing of Happy Birthday!
Now, blow out that candle!
And we wish you many more...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Birthday Celebration-Day 1

**Again another late post about Klayton's 2nd Birthday! His birthday was October 21st!**

Apparently, when you are turning 2 you get that number of days for birthday fun! This could be a bad thing for future birthdays! The celebration started with the arrival of my parents on the 20th!
It had already been decided that we would spend the afternoon at Chuck E Cheese. To be honest, I was hesitant if it would be worth the money since he is still so little. I however, was pleasantly surprised at all the things that was age appropriate for him! Klayton did need some help on some things; but by the end of the afternoon he was getting the concept down!
Warming up with some basketball before the pizza arrives!
Oh, look a ticket for playing basketball!
Time to drive off and get our pizza!
I think a detour to bop some things might be in order before we eat our pizza!
Now, how about that pizza?
Now back to the games...Klayton rode this horse 4 times in a row! He loved it!
It looks like someone else loved it to?!
And this is what happens after lots of pizza, games and prizes!
And an hour later...still sleeping!
Klayton napped for 3 hours! He napped for so long my parents had to leave before he woke up. They had a church emergency. So, after nap time we took Klayton for some ice cream!
After ice cream, we went home and face timed with my mom so she could watch Klayton open presents from her and my dad as well as from my grandparents!
And that completes day one of our birthday celebration...stay tuned for day two! It shouldn't be as long of a post!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

24 Months

**First of all this post is overdue. We were out of town and I forgot my converter to pull the pictures from my laptop. And secondly, this will be my last "monthly" post of Klayton! It won't be my last, obviously; but the monthly updates just don't seem right when you say 25 Months, 26 etc.!

Klayton, you are 24 Months!
*Wear size 5 diapers.
*Shoe size 6.
*Fit into 18-24 month clothes the best. Straight 18 are to small; but straight 24 are usually to big.
*Transitioned from a straw cup to a sippy cup that has a small lip...
*Mommy no longer needs to cut or chunk your food. You prefer to do it all yourself.
*Discovered a like for raw baby carrots.
*Love to dip your fries, chicken, pretzels and yes even your cinnamon twists from Taco Bell. Basically if there is dipping sauce and you have food in your hand you will dip it!
*Very friendly. You wave to everyone that is paying you even the slightest bit of attention and if they are not you wave until they notice you!
*Like to play with flashlights!
*Victor the Bear is still your buddy; but he is starting to be pushed to the side.
*Love to give random hi-5's!
*Cars and Legos are some of your most favorite toys.
*Enjoy being a part of the "group" whether its in conversation or play.
*Are quite the little shopper, it is so cute to watch you shop the clothes rack at stores!
*Can now reach most spots on the counter top...so yes sharp objects like knives must be put away at all times.
*Discovered the fun of jumping on the bed. As a matter of fact you sometimes close your bedroom door just so you can jump freely on the bed away from Mama's watchful eye.
*Don't actually say no; but if asked to do something or if asked if you have done something and the answer is no, you shake your head no.
*If your answer is yes to something its more like, "eh-uh".
*Love to play with paper...shredding it, sorting it, drawing on it.
*Despise diaper changes.
This month:
*Mommy went away for an overnight trip and left you with Daddy and Grammy. I don't think you were very happy with me about that and didn't have much to do with me when I first got home.
Things I Don't Want to Forget:
*A certain incident that happened at the playland...certain people would appreciate this under wraps and therefore that is why I will not be telling the blogworld! Maybe I will put it in your baby book..
*You drew on the coffee table with a sharpie, thankfully it was on the glass part.
*"Misplaced" daddy's keys and there are still, 4 weeks later missing.
*You have this little side smirk that is just the cutest thing ever, even now I can picture it and would love to capture it with a camera. Its the look as if you are up to something secretive.
*The way you pucker your lips when you are in deep thought or very focused on the subject at hand!
I love you my little mister!