Monday, December 28, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Yes, I realize it is Monday and not Tuesday-so, I am early!
2. Check out my mom's new blog, thrashernuggets.blogspot.com!
3. Mavrick (Joseph's dog) and my in-laws come for a visit tomorrow.
4. Joseph and I had a great Christmas...even though we were snowed in and my family was unable to come because of the weather we still had fun!
5. I did not mess up Christmas dinner this year and Joseph is my only witness to this fact.
6. I may be going through facebook withdrawls! Ha! We disconnected our data packages and got rid of our blackberries to save money, so no more facebooking on the phone.
7. We got 18.5 inches of snow over a period of 3 days!
8. A week from today Joseph and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary! Wow!
9. Joseph and I are wondering, besides snow angels, snowball fights and snowman-what can you play in the snow? What are kids playing in the snow these days?!
10. Soon...I hope..to post Christmas pics and blog about Christmas! Until then, have a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends,
Joseph and I thought it would be fun for me to try my hand at a Christmas letter this year! Then we decided it would be fun to also send it to all our churches..so, here it goes!
This year marked an end and a beginning for us. We rang in our 1st new year as a married couple and brought our 1st year of marriage to an end when we celebrated our 1st anniversary! Now it is crazy to think that in just a few short weeks we will be celebrating our 2nd year of marriage (01-04)!
During the course of this year we have traveled 18 states, put about 25,000 miles on our van and were away from home an average of nine months! The Lord has been good to us in our travels, He has kept us sage and enabled us to be in many churches to share our burden for Norway! Through our travels we have also made many new friends!
We were able to spend most of our summer at home and enjoyed learning the art of hospitality as we had people from church over for homemade pizza and games once a week. While home for the summer we also enjoyed having Joseph's parents come from Michigan to spend a week with us and my parents came for a short visit as well!
This year Joseph was for the first time able to be the main speaker at a Valentine banquet, celebrated his 30th birthday and was given the opportunity to go hunting for antelope! I have received many blessings myself this year, I was given a Coach bag-which is a very expensive purse that only those with a love for purses dream of! I unfortunately, received the pleasure of singing my first church solo and I am now committed to that never happening again! And, I was able to spend a month with a good friend from college between meetings this past September!
Together Joseph and I have grown in our friendship and love. We have realized this year that no matter what God takes us through, it is always for our good and for God's glory. Sometimes we want things to happen in our time and we forget God sees the big picture and that there is always reason for how He is moving us and guiding us, we just have to find the good and find reason to glorify God! And I can't help but to think of the 'good' we find at Christmas time in the Reason for the Season! It was for our good that God sent His only Son to this earth as a baby to be raised to go in our place on the cross for our sins. I pray that this Christmas, we will remember it is for God's glory and not for how many gifts we give or receive...we should glorify God that we have accepted His Son as our Saviour we have Heaven to gain!
For Christmas we look forward to having both sides of the family coming for visits! Last year I was able to host my first Christmas dinner and experienced it with a dinner disaster of having chicken that was not fully cooked-I am hoping to not repeat this disaster! We will celebrate New Years at home, as well as our anniversary. We will actually be celebrating our anniversary a few weeks late, we are hoping that it will work for us to attend a Detroit Red Wings game in Minnesota!
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Because of the Reason for the Season,
Joseph and Kendra Barnhardt

Friday, December 18, 2009

1 Week!

Yes, a week from today will be Christmas day! So, much to happen between now and then. I have recently sent out a Christmas letter and plan on posting it on here next week along with the self portrait of Joseph and I!
Currently, Joseph and I are at my parents. Joseph laid some carpet for my dad at their church in two sunday school rooms and I helped a little!! Joseph will also be preaching for my dad Sunday night. While here, my mom and I plan on doing some baking-I have been in the mood to bake and just haven't done it. I guess I don't see the point in baking when I have a husband who doesn't particularly like sweets and I definitely don't need to eat it all by myself! I think we are going to make some Andes mint cookies, fudge, white chocolate fudge, orange creamsicle fudge and sugar cookies! Mmm!!
This past week, I finally made home made pizza for the first time since we have been home! I was disappointed with the crust; but I still got rave reviews from Joseph and our good friends Eric and Deanna! We had a great time with them eating pizza and enjoying a good Christmas movie, "The Christmas Shoes". I really am thankful for the friends that God gives to us!
All my Christmas shopping is done! All that is left is buying the finishing touches for Christmas dinner! On Christmas Eve, Joseph and I will make homemade pizza for dinner, watch a Christmas movie and open our stockings! Christmas day, we will get up and enjoy a cold cappuccinno, read the Christmas story, exchange gifts and have my family over for Christmas dinner and more gifts! I am excited for our 2nd Christmas together, as a married couple...still have to iron out our own Christmas traditions!
I haven't been able to do any scrapbooking since I have been home and I am anxiously looking forward to having a good scrapbook day! My friend Deanna and I are bothing dreaming of the Cricut Expression and conspiring about all that we could do with it and how it would motivate us to do some serious scrapbooking! I don't think we have her husband convinced yet though and Joseph doesn't really care! So, yes I better start saving my money! But, nonetheless, I really do need to get more serious-I'm still working on my honeymoon scrapbook and I have so many other scrapbooks that need to be started! My mom keeps trying to convince me to pick up another hobby, like crochet...but since scrapbooking is an expensive hobby and one that I love to do so much I would rather devote my money and time to that! And, besides Joseph has informed me that crochet is an old lady hobby and yes my mom knows that he says this! Over the years, I have picked up other hobbies like candle making, cross stitch, latch hook...but those have all fallen to the wayside and scrapbooking has stood strong!
Well, it looks like its time to play Scrabble with my parents! We should finish the game within three hours...we are kind of diehard Scrabble players-we play to win...well until Tuesday!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Home, sweet home! We have been home for one week now and I am loving it! We have been very busy: unpacking, setting up the Christmas tree, grocery shopping, catching up with friends, dishes, laundry….where and when does the madness end?
Yes, that was a brief summary and now for the full summary! Ha! We arrived home last Thursday and just unpacked everything! It was great to sleep in my own bed that night and rest up for the daunting task of grocery shopping the following morning. Grocery shopping is hard to do, when you have barren cupboards and it took me about two hours to get it all done! So, after the task we had to treat ourselves to Panera Bread and enjoy a frozen caramel for myself and a frozen mocha for Joseph!
Friday night I was able to attend the ladies Christmas party at my home church. It was fun, in spite of hitting the bike rack as I headed to the party. I cracked the front bumper of the van and was very scared to tell Joseph…I strongly considered having the ladies pray for me! Thankfully, I imagined his reaction to be worse than it was! He wasn’t mad at all-in fact it made us even since he broke my reindeer! Though, he does tease me that I owe him a new van since he replaced my reindeer.
Saturday, we were able to set up the Christmas tree! I should post some pictures and plan to do so later! We also had my sister over that night for pizza and movies-it was a great way to end our day.
I am suddenly realizing that you probably do not want a play by play of each of my day since I have been home! Oh well! Needless to say, and once again we have already enjoyed our time home-especially, our time with friends! Tuesday, we were able to spend our evening with some good friends and had a great time over dinner with them. We even had fun when it was time to go and we all got our vehicles snuck in the snow drifts! I tried to take pictures of the guys “rescuing” our vehicles; but the snow was coming down so fast that it was hard to get a clear picture! Apparently, snow was our welcome home gift because we have been told that it hadn’t snowed yet this season until we arrived home! And, believe me I did not bring the snow home with me…you can blame Joseph for that one!
Since being home for Christmas, we have also finished our Christmas shopping and I now just have to finish doing the wrapping! I’m ready for Christmas! “Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow is only a day away! Yay! Obviously, tomorrow is a big day-I'm going home! So, since I know that we will be busy traveling and getting settled back in at home, I wanted to be sure and update you all!
We are currently in Marshalltown, Iowa for our last meeting of this trip! We arrived here at 3:30 and immediately fell in love with the Pastor and the church, before we had even met them! Why? Because we are staying in a hotel suite...now, what do I mean by suite?! A hot tub suite! Wow! Well, we were just so excited about this and have been taking complete advantage of the hot tub! When we arrived to our meeting, we thanked the Pastor over and over again and again. He was looking at us like we were out of our minds! He didn't get us the suite-the hotel upgraded us, just because! I almost feel like writing a thank you note to the hotel! Needless to say, this was a great way to end our trip before going home! God is so good in showing us His love!
Before we came to Marshalltown we said goodbye to my parents until Christmas-when hopefully they will be coming to our place! So, we spent most of yesterday and some of today in Fort Dodge, Iowa with Trevor! Now, I need to make sure that I don't call him a kid in this post, I called him that in an earlier post and apparently that is very offensive since he will be 18 in March! We had a great time with him! During our visit with him, my eyes became very opened to some things. Actually, over the course of the last few weeks, I am just becoming more aware of how people watch certain people. Thankfully, God has allowed me to be the right example in most cases-not to brag. But, a few weeks ago someone paid me the compliment of being a good wife and always backing my husband. (They shared that missionary wives in the past that had come to their church, sometimes blatantly disagreed with their husbands in public or would start shaking their heads during the sermon showing their irritation concerning things their husband may have said). I realize it is not always necessary to disagree with your husband and sometimes in my flesh I tend to disagree with him just because. Of course I try not to do that in public and I realized the good testimony it portrays when you show an obvious support for your husband. We need to be unified and when people look at us as a couple they should see unity. And then during our visit with Trevor he was talking about marriage and how he has realized that when the time comes he needs to be wise and seek counsel concerning a wife, because marriage is forever. Well, he told Joseph that he hopes to find a wife like me someday. That was very flattering; but at the same time humbling. I need to be a good wife not only in public; but in private as well. It makes me even more desire to become the right kind of wife and person that I need to be in the Lord. Praise the Lord for humbling moments and the reminders He gives us along the way!
Well, when we get home I am sure we will be quite busy unpacking, getting settled in once again and there is that daunting task of grocery shopping! Ugh! Our cupboards are bare and I don't even know where to begin with a grocery list, needless to say we will be eating out tomorrow and hopefully Friday I will have some time to grocery shop so I can 'relearn' the art of cooking and make delicious meals for my husband! So, until we meet again...have fun Christmas shopping!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Almost Home

I get to go home on Thursday! Can you tell that I am very excited about this?! We get to be home for about seven weeks, due to the holidays, our anniversary, etc! Simply we are in need of much needed rest from our travels!
Since I got that news out of the way, I can now 'brief' you on our lives over the last couple of weeks. I really can't remember the order of which things have happened now...but we were able to have a meeting with my good friends, the Metsingers! It was so fun catching up with them and being able to meet their third child a year after he was born! Good times! Joseph also had a new experience, we had a meeting with a hispanic ministry and Joseph had to preach using a translator! I think he did a good job with the translator, he said that he kept losing his train of thought...you know because of having to say a sentence and then letting the translator speak! But, it was good!
We celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents since we were with his parents last year. We have decided that we will trade off Thanksgivings with our parents; but Christmas will always be at our place. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, stuffed ourselves fat-I mean aren't you supposed to get fat on Thanksgiving?! If not please send me the memo for next year so that I don't eat as much. My one complaint though about Thanksgiving? Football! Seriously, is America really that thankful for football that it has to be on all day on Thanksgiving?! I'm not thankful for Thanksgiving!
During our time with my parents, Joseph was able to play basketball with some guys from the church while my mom and I went shopping! It was a great time and Joseph realized that yes, he really is aging, because for the first time in a long time he was very sore from playing basketball.
Christmas is right around the corner and I am happy to say we just have one more Christmas present to buy and then we are done with our Christmas shopping! If you remember a few weeks ago, I shared that I was having a difficult time finding the 'perfect' gift for my mother in law-well, I can't tell you what it is; but we found her the perfect gift and we are pretty convinced that she will like it! I love Christmas and on a side note make sure you have the volume turned on your computer because I have attached Christmas music to my blog!
Well, until next time, have fun Christmas shopping!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. I am thankful to be at my parents for Thanksgiving.
2. I am thankful that we had a GREAT meeting this past Sunday.
3. I am thankful for God's protection on our travels.
4. I am thankful that I got a good night of sleep last night.
5. I am thankful that next week I get to be home for six weeks!
6. I am thankful that someone gave me money to shopping at Cato!
7. I am thankful that I got to talk to my Grandpa yesterday.
8. I am thankful that next week we get to see Trevor next week.
9. I am thankful to be an American that is free!
10. I am thankful that I actually posted this on Tuesday!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

10 on Wednesday (Should be Tuesday; but I'm a day late)

1. I am thankful that after 25 years of waiting for the one God had for me, I now have a husband of almost two years! I love my Joseph Daniel!
2. I am thankful that during the last three months of our travels, 3 churches have taken us on for financial support.
3. I am thankful that in just two weeks I get to be home until February!
4. I am thankful for my parents and siblings! I love talking to my mom each day!
5. I am thankful that God knows what is best for my life.
6. I am thankful that I get to see my friends the Metsingers and the Reeves tonight!
7. I am thankful for my new family-Joseph's side of the family!
8. I am thankful that almost all of our Christmas shopping is done!
9. I am thankful that I was able to get most of my scrapbooking done that I needed to for my mom!
10. I am thankful for the life God has given me-it is more than I deserve!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Well, I have now ate at Pam’s the Hateful Hussy….yes, there really is a diner with this name. It is located in Talihina, Oklahoma.
2. This past Sunday our meeting was here in Talihina and this where we have stayed the last couple of days. While here we have enjoyed spending time with Danny and Lindsay Harris! I went to college with them and that’s about it, so it was fun getting to know them!
3. I don’t know why; but our internet is being really stupid…I just thought I would throw that out at you.
4. Today, my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! I remember their wedding day well…haha! I love my parents!
5. I am very proud of myself, I have already finished my Christmas shopping for Joseph and for most of my family! All I have left to shop for is my mother-in-law, she is SO difficult! I am just kidding…I just have to find her the perfect gift, because she is so perfect!
6. It’s November; but it sure doesn’t feel like it down here in Oklahoma! Its been in the 70’s…I am not used to this wonderful weather in November!
7. About one more month left on the road and then Joseph and I will be home for about six weeks-so excited, can’t wait!
8. Thanksgiving is coming quickly…what am I thankful for? I am thankful for…my salvation, December 18th, 2002! This means I am going to Heaven! I am so glad God was willing to send His Son Jesus to die on the cross for me…that is love!
9. Do you know what I hate? Laundry…I am trying to figure when and where I am going to be doing my next load of laundry!
10. This weekend we are off to Dodge City, Kansas for a missions conference!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where Did the Time Go?

Wow! It has been over a month since my last post, we finally have internet access. It seems we have either stayed in prophets chambers with no internet or hotels that charge you to use their internet and we refuse to pay to use their internet! When we have had internet access it has been very short periods of time and just long enough for us to check other necessities besides my blog. I do hope that in spite of my unfaithfulness to my blog that I have not lost the faithfulness of my readers.
So, where has the last month and a few days taken us? From Oklahoma to Iowa, Iowa to Arkansas, Arkansas to Oklahoma, Oklahoma to Wyoming and Wyoming to Oklahoma! Hopefully that makes sense! We left Oklahoma in the beginning of October and went off to Wichita, Kansas for a Sunday meeting! After leaving there it was to Nicoma Park, Oklahoma-the first of 3 missions conferences that we would be in during a 12 day period. While in Nicoma Park we were able to make some new missionary friends, which is always great when you are on the deputation trail! We had a great time there, even the water in the 5th wheel that we were staying in stunk up until the last day we were there! From Nicoma Park we took off to Glenwood, Iowa to be in another missions conference! We were at a church pastored by, Ben Quinlan, a guy I went to college with and it was great to see him and his wife! Joseph and I had such a great time with them that we did not want to leave and it wasn't just because of the wonderful home they put us in that was heated by a wood stove and smelled wonderful! It was also because of the sweet fellowship we enjoyed with them. Once leaving Glenwood we took off to Fort Dodge, Iowa to be in our last missions conference during that 12 days! In Fort Dodge we were able to reconnect with Jason and Tina Harris, missionaries to the Mormons that we have met in the past and we had a great time with them as well as being able to see Trevor, a kid, from Joseph's parents church that is more like Joseph's little brother than simply a friend! Seeing them was a great highlight of that missions conference and we enjoyed our time there at the conference.
Relief, after 12 straight days in church was needed! Yes, I said relief! Don't get me wrong, I love being in church; but for us missionaries it can be work sometimes! Haha! After Fort Dodge we were able to spend some time with my parents and simply relax-it was great! We had a week off from meetings, so we spent time with my parents and were able to go home for a couple of days which was great despite me not feeling well at all!
During our time with my parents, we got a phone call from Andy Stellpflug, a friend of ours from a supporting church in Wyoming. Andy and his wife Theresa invited us to Wyoming for a few days so Joseph and Andy could go hunting! So, it was planned that after a meeting scheduled in Little Rock, Arkansas we would drive to Oklahoma City and fly out to Wyoming for five days! This was such an encouragement to us and came at just the right time...we praise the Lord for His "little" love notes He gives us along the way.
Joseph and I had a blast in Wyoming! Joseph was able to go hunting and while he personally didn't catch anything-he had a fun time! I was also able to make homemade pizza-which Joseph and I had been so hungry for and I think it was a hit with Andy and his family! And Joseph was able to preach on Wednesday night for the church! It was great to get away and visit Andy, Theresa, their family, Pastor Jupp, his family and the church-they have all become more like family to us!
Currently, we are in Talihina, Oklahoma for a Sunday meeting! Since we have been back on the road in August, we have picked up two more supporting churches and hopefully we will pick up more before making our way home in December!
I wish I could spend more time making this post more personal; but if I did that the post would be forever and a day long...so, hopefully I will be back for 10 on Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Well, here it begins...we will be in church every day until a week from Wednesday night! Oh my...!
2. This past weekend we were in Wichita, KS for a Sunday meeting. It was a great weekend and we had a great time with the Pastor and his wife!
3. Currently, we are in Nicoma Park, Oklahoma for a missions conference until Wednesday night.
4. It appears that summer is gone and fall is here....I have pulled out my sweaters and turtle necks.
5. I realized that I have not spoken recently about the Cricut/Expression...I still really want one as I have been busy scrapbooking recently and I could use some new ideas for scrapbooking and the Cricut would give me some more ideas to do.
6. Mmm, I am really having a hard time coming up with random thoughts for this post.
7. Today, I am going with the Pastor's wife and missionary wives to a tea house...hopefully that tea house offers more than tea-I am not a tea person.
8. Our laptop is fixed, Praise the Lord! We just needed a new plug for the laptop and it was a cheaper fix than having to buy a new laptop that we thought we would have to replace.
9. I have been so tired lately and I really need to get caught up on my rest, as the next week and a half will be really busy. So, tired and caffeine isn't doing its job like it should.
10. Target, had jean skirts a month ago and they were SO cute! Where was I during that time?

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Great and Wonderful Week!

I did not have time yesterday to update the blog, I was to busy helping my husband celebrate his 30th birthday! I don’t know about him; but I sure did have a good day! I started the day for him with a little scavenger hunt, during the hunt he received his birthday card from his grandma and grandpa, a liter of coke, 2 Reese Peanut Butter pumpkins and the final part of the hunt was my gift to him-a wooden wardrobe valet! After the scavenger hunt, I took Joseph to Panera Bread for lunch, then we went to a bookstore where he spent the money his grandma and grandpa gave him on a new preaching Bible! Later that evening, we had dinner at Johnny Carinos with a group of friends and ice cream to follow at Lindsay and J.J’s! The day was a lot of fun, I hope it is a day that he will remember with fond memories!
Joseph’s 30th birthday wasn’t the only exciting event that happened this week! On Wednesday, we had a meeting in Mustang, Oklahoma and I think it went pretty well, considering the church took us on for financial support following the service! Yay! We have had 2 churches take us on now since July. The support is coming in SLOW; but at least we have gained something! It was also fun to reunite with some college friends while we were there and see a family that I worked on the church bus with when I was in college!
This past Tuesday, I went to lunch with Mrs. Copes and had a wonderful time! That evening, Joseph and I went to dinner with the Goforths and had a great time! But, I think I might have my fill of Mexican food, considering I had it for lunch and dinner on Tuesday and then on Wednesday the church in Mustang took us to a Mexican restaurant for dinner!
Tomorrow, we are off to Kansas. I don’t think I am ready for the busy travel schedule that we have in the next week and a half; but it must be done! Okay, until Tuesday! Oh, one more thing-prayer request, pray the God supplies money quickly for us to get a new laptop, ours is no longer holding a charge and when it does charge it only charges halfway. There is something wrong with a port on the laptop. We saw a reasonably priced laptop at Sams Club for $400!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. I am excited about today! I get to have lunch with a friend and then I get to have dinner with more friends!
2. Apparently, I am really supposed to like mexican as both times that I will be going out today, I will be going to mexican restaurants!
3. Trying to get back into the routine of drinking water and I can just tell you, I hate water. Give me a pop over water anyday...but since I need to get back to losing weight I am trying to cut out the pop unless I go out to eat.
4. My daily reminder to myself is, "this IS for my good and God's glory". Whatever situation the Lord puts me in I need to find the good in it and glorify His name through it all. Sometimes God has to do things in our lives that causes us to hurt so we can grow closer to Him, its easy to be mad and hurt; but God doesn't deserve that, if we could just do right all the time, it would be a whole lot easier. God deserves glory ALL the time.
5. Two more days and my husband turns 30! Yay!
6. I have been trying to grow my hair out and it is finally to the point where I can wear a little ponytail...I'm trying to be young again with the ponytail look!
7. You know what I hate? Magic tricks. A friend of ours was showing us some magic tricks and how its all about the slight of hand, but I think magic tricks were just created to make people look stupid. I felt so stupid when I realized how easy the tricks were that he was doing.
8. Scrapbooking, so much of it to do. I have two scrapbooks that I am trying to work on. There will be days I find the motivation and creativity in me to scrapbook and then there are days that I find no motivation or creativity.
9. Saturday, we head to Kansas. I will be sad to leave my friends, I have really enjoyed my time with them!
10. Friends. Isn't God so good that He has seen fit to give people friends? My friend Lindsay and I were roommates our freshman year of college which was now 9 years ago and now 9 years later, even after losing touch for a while, God brought us back together as friends. God has allowed her and I to go through certain things over the years, at different times and maybe at the same time and those times I think have bonded us stronger than glue could ever do! Praise the Lord for friends!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Final Days in OKC

Yes, it is not Thursday-its Monday! And, yes I have been horrible about posting weekly updates. So, lets try to bring everyone up to speed on the lives of Joseph and Kendra Barnhardt!
This coming Saturday, we will bid farewell to a month long stop in Oklahoma! Our rest and relaxation of being with friends between meetings ends…Saturday we head to Wichita, Kansas until Monday then were off to a missions conference Monday-Wednesday, Thursday-Saturday morning were in another missions conference and Saturday night until Thursday morning we will be in Iowa for another missions conference! How is that for living a life on the go?!
But, since were not even to Saturday yet, let me fill you in on what has been going on! Last Sunday, the 20th we were in Edmond, Oklahoma at Lighthouse Baptist Church and it was a great meeting! During our time with them, our GPS broke on us-very discouraging as while it is a luxury it also is a necessity for making life on deputation a little more easier for us. We simply asked the Pastor for directions to get back to where we were staying and he decided right then and there that we should not have to ask for directions, we should have a GPS! So, the church bought us a new GPS! Praise the Lord! It is so awesome that even before we asked God to supply our need He took care of it!
Then on Wednesday we were in another church in Edmond and had another great meeting! Pastor Mandrino and his wife, used to be missionaries themselves to Singapore and China. They took us to dinner and were such an encouragement to us, without even saying a word to what we have been feeling lately, it was as if God told them and they began to encourage us! Thank the Lord for encouragement from people that walk with Him!
Yesterday, we were in Luther, Oklahoma for a Sunday meeting and we had a great time! Joseph did primary church-he claims to not be a kid person; but he really does such a good job when he teaches them! He gets right down to their level! Joseph really is a great teacher and preacher! I am so thankful that the Lord allows me to see that side of my husband every week that he preaches or teaches in a church!
What have we been doing inbetween those meetings?! Well, we stayed in Edmond a t a prophets chamber from Wednesday night until last night and we enjoyed being together! One day Joseph took me to Olive Garden for lunch and spoiled me with some new pajamas! We also visited, Pops in Arcadia. Pops, basically sells any kind and flavor of pop that you want and that has ever been made! It was a fun little touristy thing to do; but in our opinion it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be!
This week, our last week here in Oklahoma City will be fun! Tomorrow, I get to do lunch with Mrs. Copes, the wife of the VP of Heartland Baptist Bible College-she is someone I always looked up to while I was a student at Heartland and so I am really thankful for the time I will get to spend with her! Tomorrow night, Joseph and I will also be going to dinner with the Goforths-a couple from Southwest Baptist Church that have become like family to me! Thursday, is going to be a good, yet sad day! Good because Joseph gets to celebrate his birthday; but sad because he is now officially reaching the point in his life that he can no longer be young-he turns thirty-yes, I said 30! He is aging on me so fast…I just hope we can cherish the last few days of him being young…haha!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. I am noticing a sad pattern, I am being very faithful to my 10 on Tuesday post; but my Thursday weekly update is like nonexistent... I really need to work on that.
2. We had a meeting in Edmond, OK this past Sunday and it was a GREAT meeting! The church was so great to us, they gave us a good love offering, fed us well, were very receptive to us and provided a need that we had. On Sunday evening our GPS decided to bite the dust and the church bought us a new one! Wow and praise the Lord!
3. This week, I think Joseph and I are going to visit a couple of the tourist traps. We were given tickets to the Cowboy Hall of Fame and we are going to go to Pops in Arcadia. I am excited about pops, they say they sell every kind of pop imaginable and have any flavor you want to add to the pop! Wondering if their flavors beat Sonic?
4. I think I am finally losing weight and keeping it off. It would probably come off faster if I would actually decide to exercise...ugh
5. Scrapbooking, I have been doing a lot of that lately...makes me want a Cricut/Cricut Expression even more.
6. Played my flute for the 1st time in a meeting this past Sunday. Joseph said it didn't sound like I was dying, which I am thankful for-I hate it when you can hear people playing their instruments all the while gasping for air.
7. We leave Oklahoma next week and head off to Kansas for a couple of meetings and then Iowa to be in 2 missions conferences, exciting times.
8. A week from this Thursday, Joseph will turn 30! Yay! I am trying to find ways to bribe him into letting me and our friends sing Happy Birthday to him loudly and in public! Ha!
9. Christmas shopping, we have already started our shopping! We found some great deals at a nice store in the mall...I can't reveal the store because the people we have been shopping for read this blog and we don't want them to have a clue what we bought them for Christmas.
10. Freddy's Frozen Custard, here in OKC has the best frozen custard ever...just putting that out there! Their butterfinger concrete is mmm, mmm good! lol!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Today was a pretty good day, in spite of the rain! I was able to spend the morning/afternoon with Lindsay shopping for Joseph's birthday present and a black hoodie for myself! I found his birthday present on sale, very good deal and I found a great deal on a black hoodie!
2. Even though I was not being faithful to Weight Watchers I still managed to lose weight and hopefully I will lose A LOT more since I have gotten my eaten habits right and am once again following the plan!
3. Sunday morning, we had a GREAT meeting in Yukon, Oklahoma! It was so good that I want to go back!
4. What do I remind myself of quite often lately? That, "this" is for my good and for God's glory! Whatever situation the Lord has me in, is for my good-its not mistake and in each situation I can find a way to glorify God!
5. I am looking forward to dinner on Thursday with a girl from my home church-so fun! I think we are going to Cracker Barrel!
6. Tomorrow, tomorrow is only a day away and I really need to get working on my scrapbooking!
7. Why is it that rainy days make a person so sleepy?
8. Joseph bought a new Tiger Woods game for the Wii and we are having so much fun with it! I wish I could golf like that game in real life-I could be a pro!!
9. Joseph and I will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary in a few short months and I already have a great idea on an anniversary present for Joseph...I have all the great ideas for his birthday and anniversary; but not a clue for Christmas.
10. Yes, I did say Christmas! I am already in search of Christmas present ideas for Joseph and the rest of my family-gotta keep my eyes open for those good deals you know!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm Not the Mother of Teenagers

So, I was going to post 10 on Tuesday; but didn't because when I went to publish it, my blog lost it and I did not feel like doing it again! I apologize...for my laziness!
Currently, Joseph and I are in Yukon, Oklahoma getting ready for a meeting tomorrow morning. Tonight, we had dinner with the Golden Agers of the church, so far the people are very friendly and we are enjoying ourselves very much! We really like the hotel room they put us in!
Besides having a blast as always, with Lindsay and JJ-what have we been up to? Mmm, upon learning that the khaki skirt that I really don't like; but is the only one that fit at the time is as my husband says, a skirt a mother of teenagers would wear! So, I embarked on a search for a long khaki skirt, we searched all the stores in Forth Smith, Arkansas, half of Oklahoma City one week later I finally found one! I was very happy! I have also gotten very serious about losing weight once again, so this morning I went running with Lindsay and even though I felt as if I was going to die, it was worth it; because I felt great knowing that I did it!
Joseph has been busy playing golf with new found friends and filling our calendar for the spring! I don't really know how to go further into detail about his activity in life...
Tomorrow, we have our meeting here in Yukon and tomorrow evening a meeting in Oklahoma City! This week we are also looking forward to opportunity to spend time with a married couple from our home church and me personally being able to spend some time with a girl from our church over dinner!
Oh, and yes I am still in the search of a Cricut Expression or Cricut...but first I need to save money for my husbands 30th birthday present-I have to say this-it is huge!!!!! Hopefully it fits in the van, right honey?!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Blast From the Past!

10 on Tuesday

1. I have a headache...I've been dealing with this headache off and on for the past few days. It makes me tired. Ugh!
2. Saturday, I spent the evening with my freshman year roommates and a good friend! I had a great time-it was a blast from the past! We just spent our evening over dinner and dessert reliving our college years and catching up on our lives now! It was SO fun!
3. I am very disappointed with Weight Watchers right now. They have the wrong point value listed for my Frozen Carmel drink from Panera Bread. They said it was 4 pts-which is really good; but come to find out, much to my dismay the drink is 13 pts. So, I guess I won't be drinking that very much anymore. Very sad.
4. Joseph and I are having a great time at Lindsay and JJ's home! Joseph is loving it because he has gotten to play golf with JJ three times this week! We also enjoy playing around with their puppy Bauer!
5. Sunday, we were able to go to Southwest Baptist-the church that is affiliated with Heartland. I love SWBC so much and I loved being there, not only because I was able to reacquaint myself with old friends and roommates; but because the preaching and just everything about that church seems to be great! And for such a big church they are so friendly!
6. While at SWBC someone gave us an anoynomous gift of $100! What a blessing!
7. There are some things that are breaking my heart right now...please pray.
8. Joseph's 30th birthday is now officially a month away! I already know what I want to get him for his birthday...I think he's going to like it a lot! Now, just have to decided what I want to do for him for dinner that night!
9. Tommorow, we are off to a missions conference followed by a meeting on Sunday! Were praying that it goes well!
10. I really need to start scrapping again! I brought all my scrapbooking supplies; but haven't done anything with them on this trip so far....

Friday, August 28, 2009

Travelling On!

Well, if you read 10 on Tuesday, you know that we left on Tuesday morning and we will not be back home until the first week of December. For the most part, I was not at all excited about getting back on the road-I just love being at home. However, the Lord gave me peace of mind on Tuesday and I left our home with no trepedition in my heart. I wasn't concerned about things that I might have forgotten to take care of and such, I was able to just leave and focus only on the trip. On Tuesday we travelled to Overland Park, Kansas and stayed the night at the prophets chamber in the Settle Inn! For dinner, Joseph took me to the Cheesecake Factory-I had never been before. The meals were pricey, in my opinion; but they were delicious. While being there I couldn't refuse a piece of cheesecake, so I enjoyed a slice of Snickers Cheesecake! It was delicious!
Wednesday, we slept in and then headed off to El Reno, Oklahoma where we would have our first meeting of this trip! It was a great first meeting, as the people were very kind to us! Its always nice to start our trip off at a nice church! Joseph was able to present our ministry, we enjoyed dinner with the Pastor's family and a couple of the guys from the church and they filled our gas tank and put us up in a hotel for the night!
Thursday, Joseph and I wondered around Oklahoma City before making our way over to Lindsay and JJ's home-this is where we will be staying for the month inbetween meetings. This is the part of the trip that I am most excited about and for me it is a great way to start off our trip! We really appreciate Lindsay and JJ opening their home to us!
This weekend we were to be in a missions conference; but they cancelled us, so we will be going to church at Southwest Baptist-where I went to church during the years I was at Heartland! I love Southwest, so I am really excited about taking in the services and seeing good friends! And also, Lindsay and I are going to spend some time with our roommate from our freshman year of college and another friend-fun times!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. We said goodbye to our home once again, as of this morning Joseph and I are on the road again until sometime during the 1st week of December.
2. I have become an Ebay shopper...well okay, browser is probably the better word to use! One of my friends shared with me, after reading my blog last week, that she found her Cricut Expression on Ebay for $199-brand new! So, yes I immediately visited that site; but did not visit the 500 pages of sellers ad for cricuts and supplies for cricuts!
3. Yesterday, I was able to spend time with friends at Panera Bread! It was great to have that opportunity! The Lord has allowed me to spend quite a bit of time lately with friends! Sunday, we went to our Pastor's home for lunch and on the Friday prior I was able to spend time with my Pastor's wife as well as have a family from church over for dinner!
4. My brother came down last Friday night for a visit and we had a great time with him! Played golf, wii, went to lunch, shopped-simply put, it was a great time with him!
5. Sudoku, never played it until this week and now I think I might be kind of hooked-even though it really makes my brain work hard! It takes me forever to finish a 9x9 grid; but its a great way to pass time in the van while we continue our travels!
6. I think Joseph is going to take me to the Cheesecake Factory tonight! We have never been and I LOVE cheesecake...we think they serve regular food as well?
7. Tomorrow night, we have the first meeting of the trip in El Reno, Oklahoma.
8. Thursday I get to see my great and wonderful friend, Lindsay-I am so excited to see her as well as other friends! On Saturday, Lindsay and I are going to spend some time with old friends from college-you know relive our college days...
9. I sure hope I took care of everything that needed to be taken care of before we left...when we left I felt fine with everything...I had no doubts that I forgot anything, etc! So, hopefully, along the way I will not discover that I am missing something and actually as I write this I am beginning to think, "maybe I did leave something behind?"
10. Well, enough of this for today! I sure hope this found all my readers having a great day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. So, does anyone want to give me $200 or more? I am saving to buy a Cricut or a Cricut Expression! I have decided that scrapbooking is my “main” hobby and that the Cricut is an essential to scrapbooking! Okay, maybe not an essential; but it sure would be nice! Lol!
2. You know your eyebrows need to be waxed when your husband asks, “Are your brows naturally thick?”
3. We leave for the road again, next Tuesday and there is SO much to do!
4. I have been leaving my keys in our door lately…it’s a good thing we live in a safe area. I don’t know why I am being so forgetful…I’ve been leaving the keys in the door at least once a week lately! And Joseph wonders why I am always having him check the door for me? I’m forgetful and paranoid…
5. My brother is coming on Friday for an overnight visit. Joseph and my brother will probably “convince” me to go golfing and I think we are also going to try and find Caleb a black pinstripe suit!
6. I got my flute back! I took it in to have it refurbished so that I could bring it along with us on this trip! I haven’t played it in 2 years, so, I am kind of rusty; but have already chosen 4 songs to practice and I should be fine!
7. I have a new hair color! Went and got it colored a brown copper, with a few red and blonde highlights….its different and I like it! You know it’s just another step towards my new look, if only I could magically drop 25 lbs I would be ever so happy!
8. My dad is letting me use a pedometer, the thing that measures how many steps/miles you walk in a day. I don’t think its really accurate…I walked at least 10 blocks this morning and it says I didn’t even walk half a mile!
9. Packing, I hate packing-especially for long trips because it is really hard to know what to bring, how to pack, etc. I really need to start focusing on getting ready for our trip!
10. I don’t know…lets me put something random here since I have no clue what to write! I bought a sauna belt yesterday-it works…I won’t explain to you how I know it works; but trust me it works!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brief, Catch Up

Where does the time go? Each week I do think about my blog and that I post to it; but then I start doing something else and before I know it another week without posting has disappeared. So, it is now time to attempt and play catch up on the life of Kendra and Joseph!
This past Sunday, Joseph and I needed to kill some time after church before meeting friends for lunch. So, we went to Target and while there Joseph was the 1st to spot a shoplifter. He pointed the woman and her two little girls out to me and as soon as I turned my head to look there she was hiding makeup in her belongings. Immediately, we went and found a store associate and were very thankful that she took us seriously and the shoplifter did not make it out of the store with the merchandise. We kind of felt like we were on a crime show!
Other than starring in our own crime show mini series, what have we been up to? Well, besides my parents coming for an overnight stay in July, Joseph's parents visiting for a week, having people from church over every Friday night, doing odd jobs for a friend, babysitting, cleaning, scrapbooking, getting ready to get back on the road in another week and a half...um not a whole lot! It really does surprise me sometimes just how busy life can be.
So, I am going to keep this to a brief update and hope to get back to being faithful to my blog as time goes on-I think getting back on the road will help with that!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Yes, it really is Tuesday and I really am posting 10 on Tuesday...its been almost a month since I have posted anything. I apologize for me laziness...
2. Joseph and I are currently in Cherokee-my parents and sister are on vacation in WI. So, Joseph is doing the midweek service for my dad and we are helping my brother dog sit!
3. I have discovered, Candy Corn Hershey Kisses-I think they are delicious, my husband, however, disagrees and won't let me kiss him with that after taste in my mouth! What a meanie! But, I guess I can't complain to much-I don't let him kiss me after he has eaten Cheese Its-those are disgusting!
4. Our time at home is almost over...where did the time go?! We have had such a wonderful and very productive time at home...I love home!
5. July was busy with many visitors at our home! My parents came for an overnight stay and Joseph's parents came for a week long visit....we also had a few different families from our church over for homemade pizza and Wii!
6. I think I like golf again...well that is if I am having a good golf day! While Josephs parents were visiting, his mom and I had our golf swing analyzed and the guy helping us gave me a few tips on my stance that really improved my game! I can actually hit the ball more consistently and as long as this continues I will like golf!
7. So, I really do want to be losing weight; but I seem to have lost my motivation to do so. I am really depending on my good friend, Lindsay, who is also doing Weight Watchers. Joseph and I will be staying with her and her husband for a month, as a hub, for all of our meetings and I am hoping that she can help give me that extra push to lose some more weight!
8. If you remember, I submitted a story to Chicken Soup for the Soul and I still haven't heard a thing from them...
9. Oh my goodness...I am running out of things to say...something random, ummm....lately, I just absolutely love and crave chicken barbecue pizza! It is so yummy! Joseph thinks its sick; but thats what I kind of think of his favorite pizza choice, ham and pineapple?! Fruit on a pizza??!!
10. And finally, I learned a new word this week! Stinkage! Look it up in your dictionary...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh the Madness with a Sunburn...

Does the madness ever cease?! Probably not! Oh well, so I will just keep moving along with the madness! This past week has been great fun, filled with much busyness!
This past weekend we had some girlfriends of mine over for homemade pizza and to play the wii! I was very excited to have them over and to try a homemade barbecue chicken pizza as I had never made that before; but was very hungry for it! Unfortunately, my 1st batch of dough in the bread maker flopped and so I had to restart the process and keep the girls waiting for dinner for another two hours; but when it finally came time to eat we enjoyed the barbecue chicken pizza…but maybe it was because we were SO hungry! Ha! In spite of my pizza fiasco we had a great time together! I just love friends!
On Monday, Joseph and I painted parking lanes and numbered parking spots for an apartment complex in Lennox-which is just south of where we live. Three hours and two sunburns later, Joseph went off to golf nine holes with his new driver and I went and spent the afternoon with a friend! I have just been so thankful for the time I have been able to spend with friends this past week! I don’t get to have much ‘girl’ time so I really cherish those times! Especially when it involves, chocolate chip bagels and frozen caramel drinks from Panera Bread!
However with the fun came much housework…I have decided that dishes are a never ending chore and that laundry can become a very long chore! But, I also learned a secret to housework-at least for the bedroom, if you just make your bed it looks like you did ten times more than just that! At the beginning of summer I had been hoping to continue my full time job that I had last summer; but as summer wears on I am so thankful that I was not able to have that full time job for the summer! There is just always so much to do around the apartment, plus the odd jobs that we are already doing and I have also had the opportunity to work on my scrapbooks-which is my favorite hobby; but something I am so behind in doing! It also looks like I will be picking up a tutoring job this summer as well, so I think I am keeping plenty busy!
We still have around a month left at home before we have to get back on the road. We will be gone for a week in August at my parents, Joseph will be filling in for my dad at his church while my family is on vacation. And then we leave around the 25th to be on the road until sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas….oh my!
What will be taking place in our lives during the next week? Tomorrow my parents come for an overnight visit and I’m going to lunch with a friend as well! Next Thursday, I have a lovely doctor’s appointment to look forward to! Ha! Um…and who really knows what will happen from here to there!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 on Tuesday

10 on Tuesday

1. This week I have decided to do something a little different. The next 9 are things $5 and under to do with your spouse or friends! Things don’t have to be expensive…
2. How about a night in…visit the Redbox where movies are only $1 to rent as long as you have it returned by 9 the following evening! Renting from the redbox is a lot cheaper than renting from a video store!
3. If you like to golf, visit the driving range where you can usually hit a bucket of balls for under $5!
4. Get an ice cream cone from a place like McDonalds where it only cost like a buck and enjoy the ice cream on a nice walk or at a park bench where you can relax and freely talk!
5. Split a $5 foot long from Subway and take it to the park for a picnic; but bring your own drinks from home so the price stays at $5!
6. If you can stay up late enough, pack a midnight picnic! Get a blanket, go to the park or your front/backyard and have a picnic under the stars!
7. Pay attention to summer specials at restaurants like A&W or Sonic…as some restaurants have been offering free Root Beer floats during certain days of the month! Where I live this special has been offered at least 3 times this summer!
8. This one is for the girls…instead of shopping for new clothes have a clothes swap! Have all your friends come over to your place, with purses…shoes…hair accessories or clothing items that they don’t want anymore and shop for a new wardrobe!
9. Some cities do a play in the park for free, check your local events calendar!
10. Oh, you say none of the above fit me-I am intellectual person! Ha! How about, choosing a book and creating a book club among friends and meet at Panera Bread or Starbucks once a week for a coffee drink and discuss your book!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tired Blogger

Well, you may have noticed; I missed 10 on Tuesday. I have been so busy that I have hardly thought about my blog. I was trying to do something different for 10 on Tuesday, cheap date ideas to do with your spouse or cheap things to do with friends! So stay tuned for that next Tuesday!
We had a great Independence Day. We spent the day with my sister and some good friends of ours. Our church normally has a big picnic; but since my sister has really bad asthma its not good for her to spend time out there with the horses and hay. But we still had fun! We spent the afternoon in Lennox...going to the car show and craft show; but we really couldn't figure out where the crafts were...most of the booths were selling jewelry! After that we came back to the apartment for homemade pizza and to play the Wii...so much fun! Then we went to Falls Park, to the overlook cafe for dishes of ice cream that only cost a dollar and walked around the park! We also watched some softball games and then found an excellent spot to watch fireworks...where we sat there were 3 different shows going on! After the fireworks we came back to our apartment once again to light Sparklers and set fountains off even though the fountains didn't work! The day was great and filled with many new memories!
This week I feel as if there is no energy to be found for me! Haven't been sleeping well and when I finally do begin to fall asleep it is time to wake up. This week I have kept busy with housework and finishing up Joseph's scrapbook of his ordaination! Now I can start scrapbooking our honeymoon, just have to wait for some supplies! I also spent Tuesday afternoon with some girlfriends of mine and I was so thankful for that time. I miss spending time with the girls when I am on the road so I really needed that time with them and I am so glad God gave me that time with them!
My parents will be coming for a visit next weekend and we also look forward to a visit from Joseph's parents in August! Our tiny apartment is going to be brimming with guests-so fun! I love playing the part of hostess! In a couple of weeks I will also be hosting a purse party-so fun!
Well, I am once again tired and my brain is no longer working-I know that is no surprise! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

God Knows

Another week on the homefront has passed and it is still good to be home! But, actually we haven’t been home this entire week. Last Thursday we took off to my parents so we could do the garage sale on Friday and Saturday. We sold $125-I would say that was a profitable garage sale! What we did not sell was given away or donated to Goodwill, which made Joseph happy because we didn’t bring anything home with us!
We came back from my parents on Monday and have been still running strong with things to do! Tuesday, I went to a jewelry that was hosted by my Pastors wife! I had a lot of fun-my sister bought me a piece of jewelry which was so nice of her to do for me-can’t wait until it arrives, so I can wear it! Wednesday, took my sister to the doctor and did a bunch of running around with Joseph-we finished the day with church and my sister spending the night! Today, I have more cleaning to do and there is visitation tonight!
I am sure you don’t want a play by play of everything I have or am doing throughout the week! So, I will move on to, do you realize that God knows just what you need, when you need it? And God doesn’t need our help in telling Him when we need something, because He already knows! Last night at church, I was handed a bunch of thinking of you cards…I looked at the Pastors daughter and asked her, did your dad say something about me on Sunday to the church when we were gone? Joseph and I had talked to pastor last week about some things and pastor knew I was kind of down and discouraged, so, I thought to myself that this was kind of embarrassing that he mentioned things to the church about me. However, come to find out, Pastor never mentioned anything about me at church-God just knew I needed a little extra encouragement this week and so He gave me just what I needed! There was even $5 tucked away into one of the cards! I was so thankful for ladies in our church that took the time to jot me a note!
Well, as you can tell life at home isn’t always very exciting; but I appreciate you caring enough to still read my blog…

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. We earned $120 in our garage sale! So, a big thank you to those who had confidence in our sales and voted in our poll that we would earn more than a hundred dollars!
2. I was on the radio-I think I am kind of a celebrity now! Okay, so maybe it was just me calling on a local radio station in Iowa to tell listeners that items that did not sell in the garage sale were being given away for free! But, nonetheless, I was on the radio! Yep, so on Monday after the free announcement was made I only ended up having to lug a couple garbage bags full of stuff to the goodwill!
3. Do you know what I find really bizarre? Children making out in the gas station parking lot. Yes, I said children. Last week I walked over to the gas station and saw 2 kids, that were no older than 10 years old making out…I hope you realize that I am saying that they were kissing. Seriously, is this really acceptable in the world?! I remember when I was a kid boys had cooties…I might of thought boys were cute; but it was from a distance that I had that thought!
4. Tonight I am going to a jewelry party! Hoping to find some jewelry that I probably don’t need…unless it is cute of course!
5. I am still working on my scrapbook of Joseph’s ordination. The pages for the book are very mind boggling to me. Usually, when I scrapbook my pages come together pretty quickly; but not this time. Ugh! I’m ready to move on to the honeymoon scrapbook….
6. So, this weekend we will be celebrating the Fourth of July. I’m not really sure how Joseph and I will be spending it for sure; but we will be doing something with my sister. Were hoping to see a great fireworks show in Sioux Falls!
7. As I am typing this I am realizing how dependant I have become on my Blackberry. My blackberry automatically capitalizes and adds apostrophes without me having to tell it to do so. Therefore, as I am on the laptop currently, I keep forgetting to capitalize and such thinking it should automatically be done for me.
8. Have I told you yet that it really isn’t a good idea to eat pizza and McDonalds on the same day when you are dieting? Well, I am telling you now. So frustrating. We were with my parents this past weekend and I cheated some on my own points, so it is my own fault for what will be a probable weight gain on the scale tomorrow. Got to get back on track…
9. And one more thing about McDonalds, their triple thick milkshakes have more calories in them than a small order of fries! Small fries and a hamburger have the same number of calories! Not the best restaurant choice for someone wanting to lose weight.
10. Can you believe it, I am actually posting 10 on Tuesday…on Tuesday! Didn’t think I could do it, uh?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Little Rant and Hopefully I'm Clear!

I think this is the third time for me to start writing this blog today! I have so many thoughts running through my mind and apparently I am not fast enough to catch those thoughts.
You know I really hate the devil? I hate the lies he feeds to us...to the person that hasn't been born again he tells them..."you don't need Jesus today-wait until tomorrow to need him"-however, tomorrow may never come for that person. Or he will say to that person, "how offensive, that God would consider you a sinner-you only tell white lies, you're basically a good person." I can't help but to think, is there really such a thing as a white lie-we don't let children get away with telling a 'little' lie do we? But, we think its okay for adults to lie? Then to the Christian, the devil attacks our mind..."is what you are doing for the Lord really worth it?" "is it really worth going out and telling people about Jesus and how He died for them just so people can mock you?" People mocked Jesus when He walked this earth and He still did it...Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins so I didn't have to pay that penalty if I simply choose to acknowledge that I was sinner and accept Christ as my personal Savior. That person down the street, will be so thankful for the person that endures the mocking and continues on for the Lord...because they aren't mocking and they want someone, they need someone to tell them about the Lord. Sometimes as Christians we give into thoughts that the devil has schemed up for us and we give up on the thing the Lord wants us to do.
We are currently in Cherokee, Iowa visiting my parents for the weekend and to also do a rummage sale while we are here. Hoping to sell our 'junk'; but remember-one man's junk is another man's treasure! We arrived here with a van load of stuff to sell and are hoping that when we return home our van will be a lot lighter!
This past week, I was finally able to start scrapbooking! I love scrapbooking and have lots of scrapbooks to start and finish this summer. My first scrapbook that I am tackling is Joseph's ordaination and I'm finding it difficult to make it look manly since I'm doing it for Joseph! I also plan on doing a honeymoon scrapbook and a deputation scrapbook this summer and who knows really what else. I guess if time permits I will do more and if my husband doesn't mind not having the use of our dining room table for the summer that is!
Last week I found a cute bumble bee blanket and a bumble bee watering can for my kitchen and dining room! I love my kitchen, its uniquely decorated!
Okay, well enough for now...

10 on Tuesday?

1. Last week, I was a day late and this week I am two days late-am I behind or what??
2. This morning, we went to breakfast with our Pastor and enjoyed our time with him. Joseph and I really love our Pastor and the wisdom he offers.
3. Everyone was complaining about the weather before we came home, supposedly it wasn't feeling like summer...well, ever since we have been home it hasn't fallen below 90 and I really can't stand this heat.
4. Since being home, it really feels like I'm working a full time job! So much housework has to be done and there is still more to do! I and Joseph have also been doing odd jobs for a friend of ours from church, so we can earn a little extra cash.
5. I feel like I should be losing weight a lot faster than I have been. I have lost 7 lbs so far, which I am thankful for; but I really wish it would come off faster...I have 18 more lbs to lose to reach my goal!
6. Last Saturday, we had a blast with friends! I enjoyed having girl time while the guys were in the "guy dungeon" or whatever they want to call it! We had so much fun with friends that we don't know where the time went and stayed out later than we should have and didn't really want to wake up for church the following day-we were so tired.
7. We watched the movie, Hotel For Dogs, a kid movie-yes; but it was good. My only question is, is "why is it that there always has to be a romance blossoming even in a kid movie? "
8. Tomorrow and Saturday morning, I am doing a rummage sale! Praying that we get rid of most of our things because we don't want to take it home! Whatever is left, Joseph wants to burn in the street or maybe we will just take it and dump it off at the Goodwill!
9. When we were in Glenrock, some friends of ours let us drive their HHR and now every time we see one on the streets, Joseph and I both commit the sin of lust. Pray for us, we really want a HHR-it makes Joseph feel really cool when he drives one and the sun roof helps us with our tan!
10. I am supposed to post a new Thursday blog today...hopefully I still have things to say...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

1st Blog Since I've Been Home

We have been home for two days now and boy have we been busy! Early Tuesday evening, Joseph and I arrived home to stay until late August. Upon arriving home, we went straight to work on things around the apartment-you would think that there would not be much to do considering we haven't been home in months! Unfortunately, that is not the case...there is so much to do!
A week from this Saturday, we are having a rummage sale. So, we have been busy going through closets and "junk" to sell. We can't help but think to ourselves, "how can 2 people have so much stuff?" and "how in the world did we manage to get all of this "stuff" crammed into such a tiny apartment?" I may never know the answers to these questions....so, I will just deal with it!
Things for us to look forward to this week? Saturday were going to a friends home to have a cookout! Hopefully, in the near future I can have some fun scrapbooking...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Yes, I know it's Wednesday...so I'm a day late!
2. We are home to stay for a while!
3. Joseph and I have to much junk in our tiny apt-rummage sale in a week!
4. The Barnhardt household is no longer buying pop for the refridgerator.
5. I'm officially 5 lbs lighter...
6. My Grandma bought me a cute beehive cookie jar!
7. Seriously, Wal-Mart employees dont know what a steamer is for veggies?!
8. Is feeling starved on a diet, normal??
9. My sister is spending the night with us.
10. Saturday night, we get to be with friends having a cookout!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

K.I.S.S. (Keep it short stupid/sweetie)

Everything has been pretty smooth and we are enjoying our time helping in VBS-this is Joseph’s first time to ever help in a VBS. While here we have also enjoyed time with Pastor and his family as well as some other friends! On Tuesday, I went to dinner with Pastor’s daughter and another lady from the church, who was expecting her baby any day! But, we never got to stay at the restaurant long enough to enjoy our dinner, as suddenly her contractions started coming at six minutes a part! So, we went back to Glenrock and the following morning she had a baby boy! We also enjoyed playing Wii and fellowshipping with another family from the church-who also happened to be the ones that flew us out here for the week! Yesterday, I was able to go to lunch and get a pedicure with the Pastor’s daughter-it was so much fun-I love pedicures!
Early Monday morning we will fly back to Milwaukee and on Tuesday we will make our final trip home-where we will stay for most of the summer!
I realize this is short and sweet….but once again thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Joseph and I are in Glenrock, WY helping in VBS for the week.
2. I have lost 3 lbs! Need to lose a lot more!
3. I am thankful that for this trip we were able to fly instead of driving! Thanks to good friends paying for our tickets!
4. We go home next week for the rest of the summer-home sweet home!
5. Diet pop isn’t as good for you as you might think it is….lots of aspartame.
6. I submitted a story to Chicken Soup for the Soul…
7. The first day of summer and Father’s day are on the same day this year-weird.
8. I have decided that I don’t like plane delays that happen while you are on the plane and on the tarmac.
9. Its good to guzzle a full glass of water before you do anything else in the morning…gets rid of nasty grime left in your body from the day before!
10. Yep, I think I’m getting back into the groove of my blog…so thanks for reading each week and being patient with my slowness at posting my blogs recently!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ah, I'm actually posting!

Ah, finally-I am here to post an update on our travels! We are currently in Wautoma, Wisconsin where we will be presenting our ministry at tomorrow. The church put us up in a nice hotel for the evening and the pastor took us to dinner at a pizzeria!!
What have I been doing these past few weeks? Other than being horrible about posting to my blog…we have been visiting family. We haven’t seen much of our family since last November/December so its been great seeing everyone again. We made our first visit to my parents, where we played golf with my dad and brother, played Wii with the family and I was able to share some alone time with my mom at dinner while the guys went to a preachers fellowship! After a week there, we took off to Michigan to visit Joseph’s family. During our time there, his mom bought us a golf lesson that was taught by a pro golfer and we tested that knowledge on the golf course with his parents-I’m still an embarrassment on the course; but I know what I need to work on now! We also got his mom hooked on Wii-you probably thought I was going to say, hooked on phonics!? Now we just need to work on his dad to get her one! Upon leaving Michigan we headed to Wisconsin to spend time with my grandparents and have been enjoying our time with them! Joseph and my grandpa have been doing lots of walking and I have been enjoying those alone times with my grandma-I really do love my grandparents and I’m thankful that since I have been married that I get to see them so much more! After our meeting tomorrow we will head back to Kenosha and on Monday will fly out of Milwaukee to Wyoming so I can help in VBS!
I joined Weight Watchers online-I’m in dire need of serious weight loss! I have done pretty good on it until the last two days. I need serious help when it comes to pizza-filled with sooo many calories; but I just can’t help it-I love pizza! Weight loss while traveling can be kind of difficult, so, I will be ready to be home for the summer where I can focus on doing some serious lifestyle changes in the exercise and eating department! I’m also very thankful for a very good friend of mine that is also doing weight watchers and even though her and I live miles apart we have been checking up on one another and that helps!
After this coming week, we will be home for most of the summer, unless the Lord gives us or shows us something different! Even though we won’t always be traveling, I will do my best to keep this thing up to date! Also, if you have noticed I posted a new blog called, “10 on Tuesday” instead of Celebrate Life on Saturdays I will be doing that instead! Thanks for reading and showing an interest in my life!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

10 on Tuesday

10 on Tuesday

1. I have been horrible about keeping my blog up to date…
2. I joined weight watchers!
3. Joseph’s mom bought me a golf lesson….hopefully my game has improved since that lesson!
4. For all you scrapbookers….I have discovered the world of recycling cards to cut out cute
phrases, borders or pictures to use in my scrapbook!
5. I get to visit my Grandparents this week!
6. Fuze slenderize drinks are great…10-20 calories!
7. Eating to many bananas in a day can cause you to gain weight…
8. Next week we fly out to Glenrock, Wyoming to help in Vacation Bible School.
9. Question, is Vacation Bible School really a vacation for the workers doing it??? Lol!
10. Hopefully 10 on Tuesday will become a weekly thing and help me get back into the groove of my blog!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gum and a Long Day

Apparently, Joseph doesn’t like gum as much as I do! Last Friday we spent a couple of hours touring Seattle and one of our visits was to the gum wall at Post Alley….probably thousands of pieces of gum have been chewed and stuck to that wall! Some people even profess their love on that wall! Now, while I do love gum, I don’t love it enough to actually touch the wall or leave my own piece of chewed gum; but I did have Joseph take my picture in front of it! I tried to convince him to do the same; but he was unwilling! We also went to Pike Market-where they throw the fish-we didn’t see them throwing the fish; but it was still fun! The Pike Market also sells fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables-I have never seen an open market like that before! At almost every open spot of the market, we saw people playing instruments or singing for tips! We also went up into the Columbia Tower, the tallest building in Seattle, to overlook the city! Yes, we did go to the Space Needle; but we didn’t go into it, it was much cheaper to visit the Columbia Tower and from the Columbia Tower we were able to get some good pictures of the Space Needle! A couple of blisters later and an afternoon later, I must admit we had a great time touring the city of Seattle and hope to go again when we have more time!
On Sunday morning we were in Sammamish, Washington at a church that was planted by a couple that I went to college with! It was great to see their work flourishing and they treated us so well! They put us up in a nice hotel, gave us a basket of goodies, treated us to a couple of meals, filled our gas tank and gave us a great love offering! We felt really blessed to be there and to be a part of their services!
Sunday night we were off to Ana Cortes, Washington. They put us up in a hotel that Joseph wanted to live in-there was a fireplace in our room and that was the greatest things in Joseph’s eyes! We had a good meeting there, Joseph preached and I was able to play the piano for their services. During that time there I was able to get catch up with a friend of mine from college, who is very involved in that church and who set us up with the meeting! Joseph and I also went to brunch with him on Monday morning and we really enjoyed ourselves!
Monday after brunch we took off to Missoula, Montana where we had dinner with a friend of Joseph’s and the church that Joseph used to be the assistant at put us up in a nice hotel! Tuesday morning, we enjoyed breakfast with the pastor and his wife before heading off to Yellowstone and this is where it gets interesting…I better start a new paragraph to explain!
So, we got on the road at around 11:00 and according to our GPS would arrive in Cody, Wyoming where we would be staying that night around 8:00. We arrived at Yellowstone around four and had to pay $25 to go into the park-which I think paying to go into a park is absolutely crazy-and yes, I do realize it’s a national park…but still, its crazy! During our drive through we got stopped twice by herds of bison in the road way, we were able to see geysers-it was pretty relaxing! Despite, not being able to see bear-the one animal I desperately wanted to see we decided to leave for Cody, it was about 6:30 so we had plenty of time to arrive by 8! But, nope the one road that had the fastest access out of the park to Cody closed minutes before we got there due to trees falling in the road and the fastest way to Cody from there was a trip that lasted for five hours. Not fun! During our time being stuck in the park, we were also able to see quite a few deer and elk; but honestly it wasn’t worth it to me, because we ended up being trapped in our vehicle for 12 very long hours that day. After a very long drive, I was ready for a bed and a shower-I couldn’t wait to arrive to the prophets chamber in Cody just so I could have those two things! Well, while the room was clean and had a nice bed for us to sleep on-the shower was absolutely disgusting. What was the point in showering in a dirty shower when it would just make me feel even dirtier? I couldn’t wait for Tuesday to be over!
So, Wednesday we woke up, grabbed a bite to eat and left for Sundance, Wyoming where we would have our last meeting before heading home. The pastor was gone and left a deacon in charge-we had no clue where the church was, the GPS didn’t recognize the address and we couldn’t get a hold of the deacon. We showed up at 6 and realized that services would be starting at 6:30 and we still had no clue if anyone- besides the pastor who wouldn’t be there-knew we were coming. They didn’t! The few people that showed up were nice; but we left there without a love offering or a place to stay. I was still in search of a shower, we drove off to Spearfish, SD for the night and put ourselves up in a cheap; but nice hotel-where it was worth the money for the clean shower!
Today we arrived to Rapid City for the next couple of days! While walking the mall, I heard someone call my name…which is crazy since we are not even at home! I turned around to find a family from our home church! We knew they would be in town; but didn’t expect to run into them at the mall! So, this evening we get to meet them for dinner and I am so excited to see friends from home!
Tomorrow, its off to Mount Rushmore and Saturday we will arrive in Sioux Falls for a few days before taking off to visit our families and have one last meeting of the summer!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Raised Hands...Swaying...? Interesting!

(Actually written on May 7th-just late posting it...)
I left off in Idaho Falls! We arrived their Saturday night to a beautiful hotel-we felt spoiled just being in our hotel room! After we checked in, dying of hunger we went to Olive Garden, which was absolutely delicious! The evening was relaxing after a long day of travel-8 hours.
On Sunday we presented our ministry to a church there in Idaho Falls and I must admit that was quite an experience. I don’t even know how to describe the church…when I say the church I am referring to the people there! They were friendly, just different from what I am used to. For instance, I am not used to people raising their hands and swaying when they sing hymns…
On Monday morning when we woke up we were still curious as to where we would be staying that night as well as Tuesday night. We really didn’t want to have to pay for a hotel so we were just trusting God to provide a place for us. The pastor from Glenrock referred us to a pastor in Prosser, Washington, who had a prophets chamber. So, catching the pastor off guard we called him early Monday morning and he gave the okay to use his prophets chamber for the two nights. So like two crazy birds we flew as we readied for the day and took off on an hour trip to Prosser.
After we left Prosser it was off to Spanaway, Washington for a Wednesday night meeting at a large church. The people there were friendly, gave us a decent love offering and gave us a few “missionary handshakes”. For those of you that don’t know what a “missionary handshake” is, it is when someone shakes your hand as they pass money from their hand to yours! The church also put us up in a hotel and is putting us up in it until Saturday-which is such a blessing!
Tomorrow we plan to tour Seattle and I am very excited! And on Saturday we will take off to Sammamish, Washington for a Sunday morning meeting. After that we will be in Ana Cortes for Sunday night. Our journey is almost over for a little while!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A month later...

It has been forever! Below is a post that I meant to publish a month ago but we have not had capable internet service for my blog until now. I apologize to all my faithful blog followers and hope that another month will not pass by before my next post.
Where to begin? We stayed in Kalispell for two weeks and that was an interesting experience! We had some good meetings out there and made a few new friends! While there I met a pastor’s wife, who is a scrapbooker-just as I am! I was able to spend some time with her over lunch and doing a little scrapbook shopping! Joseph and I were able to visit the driving range a few times and I have finally figured out how to hold my club correctly! I was also able to meet a good friend of Joseph’s from Missoula!
After we left Kalispell, we took off to Great Falls, Montana for a three day missions conference! The church treated us so well! We stayed with a lady from the church and enjoyed late nights chatting with her! Each night of the conference the church spoiled us with gifts and good meals! The conference started on a Friday night and on Saturday the men went for lunch and the ladies had a special brunch together. After the men and ladies activities were finished, Joseph and I decided to visit the mall and waste some time. Well, me and my small bladder had to visit the ladies restroom almost immediately. And, it was during my restroom visit that things became exciting…or maybe the correct word is disgusting? After I finished my business, I heard what sounded to me like a little splash. I slowly turned around and there sitting at the bottom of the toilet bowl was my pretty phone. I pondered, do I really stick my hand in and grab it or do I let it be? After deciding that Joseph and I really couldn’t afford to buy me a new phone, I gathered my courage, stuck my hand in and grabbed the phone! I dried it as best as I could and immediately Joseph and I took off to Verizon; but people seem to not be so helpful when they realized where my phone was and it could not be fixed. Joseph was eligible for a phone upgrade; but I wasn’t. So, since they were offering a buy one get one free blackberry deal-Joseph bought a phone-as he was already needing one and I was able to get a blackberry curve for free and a new phone number! As I said, other than this event the rest of the conference was amazing! God was really at work at the conference and some new friends of ours, surrendered to be missionaries! Our friends had been fighting God’s call for years and they discovered after surrendering their lives to God’s will, peace filled their lives. I couldn’t help but to think that there are so many people in this world, that are not willing to give their lives to God-instead they choose money and worldly goods. However, when those earthly goods and money are being threatened from their lives, they live their lives in fear; but if they would only accept God’s salvation, they wouldn’t have to fear-God would be in control of their lives and they could have peace that God would take care of them!
We left Great Falls on a Wednesday to go to Evanston, Wyoming for a meeting and then the following day we took off back to Glenrock, Wyoming! We arrived to Glenrock at about four in the afternoon allowing us just enough time to get ready for dinner and the evening services as Joseph would be preaching that night! When we arrived to church, we felt like we were right at home-it was great! On Friday, I woke up not feeling right; but still went on with the ladies from the church and the other missionary wife for brunch and a ladies shopping day in Casper! I shopped with the Pastor’s daughter and enjoyed my time with her, we found so many good deals and discovered that we share the same taste in a lot of clothing styles! When I got back to my hotel room that afternoon, I decided to take a nap and when I woke up, I had such a fever and felt horrible. So, unfortunately I had to miss Friday evenings meeting and get my rest! By Saturday afternoon, I felt 100% better! I was glad to feel so much better and be able to enjoy the rest of the conference! After the conference was over, we were able to stay for a few more days! During that time, I made a jean skirt with Pastor’s daughter out of a pair of jeans-it turned out super cute! And, I should probably admit that all I did was rip the seam out and she did the rest! But, at least I now know how to do it myself! We were also able to spend more time with Pastor and his wife-which we always enjoy! We also, made new friends with a couple in the church who shares Joseph’s passion for mashed potatoes! We had fun playing Wii with them and enjoying homemade hot fudge! I could probably write a book about all the fun we had in Glenrock; but I will stop and move on to where we are at this point and time!
We left Glenrock this morning and drove to Idaho Falls, Idaho! We have a meeting here tomorrow night! From here we are off to a few meetings in Washington State, a meeting in Wyoming and then home to South Dakota for a few days! Exactly two weeks from today we should be home and we are thrilled!

Leaving Glenrock-Sad....

We were sad to leave Glenrock, Wyoming; but it had to be done! We thoroughly enjoyed our two weeks spent there and are so thankful for the friendships we created during our time there! We had a Sunday morning meeting there, to close our time together and the church was so good to us, they gave us a huge love offering and filled our gas tank before sending us off!
We left Glenrock to head to Sundance, Wyoming. An hour before we were to arrive to the meeting Joseph called the Pastor to let him know how much longer it would be before we would arrive. The weather was not looking promising, a blizzard was predicted-which would make 2 blizzards for us in the last week! The pastor explained that he wasn’t even sure that people would be in attendance that evening with the upcoming storm and told us that it might be best to reschedule and for us to keep traveling, so that we could try and get ahead of the storm, before the interstates started closing down. We got right outside of Buffalo, Wyoming-just 25 miles south of Sheridan when suddenly we were right in the middle of the weather that had been predicted. It was like night and day with how quickly the weather changed. We didn’t know what lied ahead so we decided to get a hotel for the evening! We couldn’t even see out the window of our hotel room, that is how bad the snow was falling. When Monday morning came, the snow drifts around our van were almost as tall as the van! The interstate going south was closed; but the interstate going north was open, so we along with a very few other travelers braved the weather and were back on the road! I was thankful that there were not more travelers on the road as it’s the other cars in weather like that, that scares me because you don’t know what they are going to do! We traveled at about 40 mph for around 2 ½ hours before finally seeing good weather! It made for a very long travel day to Bozeman, Montana!
We stayed one night in Bozeman before we headed to Kalispell! We are currently in Kalispell and are staying here two and a half weeks in a very nice prophets chamber! We have many meetings around the area!
So, far during our time here we have been playing lots of Wii fit and I have lost 2 lbs as a result-getting a little closer to my 1st goal of 5 lbs! We also hurried to the driving range on its opening day-I always get embarrassed hitting the ball in front of others; but for the 1st time out this season, I did okay!
After we leave Kalispell, we will be on our way to Great Falls for a missions conference, then off to Evanston, Wyoming for a one night missions conference and back to Glenrock! We are so excited to go back to Glenrock, the pastor called us this past weekend to see if we had the dates open at such a short notice and we only had one night that we would be unavailable. So, we are very excited to go back and be a part of their missions conference!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Short and Sweet!

Unfortunately, nothing very exciting has happened to tell you about. We are still in Glenrock, Wyoming; but will be moving on this Sunday afternoon to Sundance, Wyoming.
While here in Glenrock we have enjoyed getting to know the Pastor, his wife and family so much! They have been SO kind to us…had us over for dinner and fellowship many nights! We have also appreciated their Godly example that they have set before us!
This past Monday, Glenrock was the recipient of a blizzard! And I thought it was spring, especially since on Sunday it was in the 70’s! We received at least 12 inches of snow; but, on Tuesday it already started to melt as it was in the 40’s! Wyoming weather is very fickle!
For those of you who voted in my poll, if you chose, Norwegians…read more books than any other population-you are correct! Norwegians are very knowledgeable people and they love knowledge!
So, yes, this is really short; but that’s about all there is to say! Oh, one more thing…I am going to start a new edition to this blog! Celebrate Life will be posted every Saturday if time permits and I have an internet connection. Celebrate Life will be a post of 10 things that happened in the week that I am thankful for or need prayer about!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Private Investigator

We are in Glenrock, Wyoming-a small town about 20 miles from Casper! Staying in a great prophet’s chamber and the Pastor’s family has already been so good to us. We arrived here Monday night! When we arrived we couldn’t get a hold of the Pastor and his home number is unlisted, so we became private investigators and called everyone we thought that might have a connection to him and would have a way to get in touch with him. We finally did get a hold of him and are now living in their church’s prophets chamber for the next 2 weeks! Its great and we are thankful to be in a place that has an internet connection!
For the last 2 Tuesdays someone has been calling Joseph’s cell phone number at 6 a.m.-very annoying and it’s an automated message. So, I decided to become a private investigator once again and I called the phone number back and it goes to an answering machine telling me that I have reached Bob and Dale-not a clue as to who they are. Well, I then Googled the number and the first five sites were about how calls from this number have been people scamming the recipients of those calls for money-they claim they are trying to collect a debt and have you verify your personal info by you giving them the info and then through that they can use the information to steal your identity and to take the alleged debt out of your bank account. Crazy stuff!
Well, we are now at the half way marker in our travels for this go around on the deputation trail. We should be home about this time in May and will be home for most of the summer! Summer is not always a beneficial time for meetings, because people are on vacation, churches have vacation bible schools and summer camps. While home for the summer, I try to work and usually work at the public school day care program; but I am looking at getting a nanny job. I have one prospect and am asking for prayer that it all works out and that I can get this nanny job!
For everyone who voted in my poll….Norway is known as? The Land of the Midnight Sun! Japan is known as Land of the Rising Sun, Scotland is known as The Land of the Book and Russia is known as The Great White North!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Steamboat Springs

Plain Jane, Wyoming

To start off with-I don’t particularly like Wyoming! We arrived here in Evanston, WY on Tuesday. Our travel time should have been only 5 hours; but it was 7 hours. We endured icy roads and were stuck on the interstate 30 miles away from our destination in a stand still traffic jam for an hour and a half. However, I better learn to like Wyoming as I will be a guest of the state for the rest of the month.
On a better note, we were able to spend a night in Steamboat Springs, Colorado! We didn’t get to take in all of the sites; but just from the little time we did spend there it makes me want to go back, when we can spend more time there! We were there on Monday and just took the day walking the downtown area and admiring the scenery. We ate dinner at a fifty’s diner, Johnny Be Good’s-they serve the best burgers! I had a Plain Jane Burger and Joseph had a Mogul Masher which was a burger with pineapples and Canadian bacon on top of it! We were going to visit Strawberry Park on Tuesday before we left; but when we awoke to snow and bad weather we decided it wouldn’t be a good idea and will have to save it for next time.
We enjoyed our meeting in Walsenburg, Colorado! The church had a neat idea, during Sunday school class they take up a change offering, people give loose change or loose bills. They take the change offering and dump it into a big coffee container each week and they do so until a missionary comes. When the missionary arrives, how much ever has been collected is given to the missionary wife-which was me this time! After our meeting there, I took the change in to the bank to have it cashed out and there was $90.00 for me to spend! The rules and conditions of the money, as told to me, by the Pastor’s daughter was: I don’t have to share it with anyone and I can use it on whatever I want! So, while in Steamboat Springs, I bought a denim skirt. I also bought some much needed new makeup and I am saving some to buy a new wallet!
As I said, we are currently in Evanston staying in a prophets chamber. We didn’t have an official meeting last night, so we took in services from the church that is allowing us to use their prophet’s chamber-we will have an official meeting with them next month when we return to be in their missions conference. However, the church has already treated us so well, they gave us a love offering just for being with them last night! Now, when we leave on Saturday to take off to Cheyenne, I can eat! Ha!
On a side note-this has nothing to do with our travels; but I think its funny. Since I am always looking for a new jean skirt and one of my favorite stores to shop for them at is Maurices, we stopped in at one here in Evanston. When we stepped into the store, a very friendly sales clerk inquired if I needed help with anything. I replied that I was looking for a long jean skirt. To which she told me, “all we currently have is short ones-you know the skimpy kind?” I thought it was quite hilarious that she admitted that the skirts were skimpy-which means they are obviously inappropriate to be wearing!