Thursday, June 19, 2014

Justus-One Month

Justus, you are one month old TODAY!

Where has the time gone? We finally went and did newborn pictures yesterday; but maybe I should call them one month pictures? All pictures posted today are courtesy of yesterdays photo shoot and next month it will be back to your old mom doing the monthly pictures again!


*Weigh 7 lbs. 3 oz.
*Measure at 21 inches long.
*Wear newborn diapers.
*Wear newborn clothes and they are still sometimes too big.
*Nursing like a champ and eat a lot! You are fed every 2 1/2-3 hours throughout the day and at night you wake up twice to be fed.
*Sleep A TON still-as I write this you are yet again asleep!
*When you are awake you are becoming more and more alert.
*Are a crier-especially at night. In the last few days though I can see that we are beginning to get over that hump and for this I am very grateful!
*Do not like having a dirty diaper.
*Love to lay in your boppy.
*Like to suckle and therefore enjoy your pacifier. I discovered this trait before we even left the hospital and quickly introduced the pacifier.
*Are a mover with your hands. When you get mad they move very fast!
*Are working at strengthening your neck muscles. I watch you trying to lift your head and you are slowly getting there. The nurses said your neck would be more wobbly for a bit simply because of laying transverse for so long in my tummy.
*Starting to coo! Love that sweet sound!
*Love making the "O" shape with your little mouth-so cute.

My Little Monster,
I do call you Monster in love of course. You really can be such a sweet baby; but when night comes a whole new personality comes alive! I admit, its frustrating because no one believes your daddy and I when we tell them that the crying is more like screaming and comes on with no warning and no escalation. But, as this month has quickly passed I believe this season of screaming will quickly pass.
Do you know how loved you are? Big brother is constantly kissing your head and leaving proof of chocolate kisses and fruit punch kisses...needless to say I had to clean your head of the proof before pictures were taken yesterday. And I love to snuggle you close and just soak you in and in those moments my love for you overwhelms me, so, I find myself thanking God-once again-with blessing me-once again-with you! I love you and I am already wishing time could slow down just for a bit.


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