Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Justus-11 Months

Justus, you are 11 months!

One month away from being ONE...

*Wear 9 month and 12 month clothes.
*Wear size 3 diapers.
*Weigh in at 18.4 lbs. Yes, I did have to include the ounces and not round it down or up!
*Are working on finger foods.
*Still not keen on veggies, you will eat them mixed with fruit.
*Scoot around on your bottom.
*Still no interest in crawling, though you are getting restless.
*Hate tummy time...I think this will be a life long hate.
*Love being outside.
*You have a short quick scream of sorts to get our attention.
*Love to use your hands.
*Found out you get to be a big brother. Wow.
*Love bath time.
*Know how to go backwards in your walker.
*Have 3 bottom teeth and evidence of 2 that could be on their way on top.
*Mama's boy all the way.
*Love apple/blueberry and cherry/blueberry.
*Sleeping through the night except for an occasional rough teething night.
*Have a fascination with peoples faces.
*Love to dance, or shake yourself up and down its so cute.
*Have decided that you are not to fond of naps anymore unless they are in mommy's hands. This has been a rough battle.

Oh, My Justus,
Last year I was so anxious for your arrival and now I am so sad as we approach your birthday. The time has just flown by. You are not so tiny anymore, you are my chunk! Thank you for being my boy. Thank you for always wanting me. Even on the days that I am like you need to just let Daddy or someone else deal with you so I can get things done, I am secretly deep down smiling that you only have eyes for me. I am going to enjoy these last days of baby life and I am going to look excitedly to more milestones with you. I love you and I am so glad that you are my guy!
Love, Mama

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