Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hospitalized Baby

Yesterday, my poor baby woke up with a fever of 101.4 and because he is so young and little he was admitted to the hospital. Its been a rough two days for this mama and daddy; but even more for my babycakes. He's been poked and prodded all in an effort to figure out what is causing his fever.

Since we have been here his fever has disappeared and most of the lab work has come back normal. Now were waiting for some more cultures to come back with their results.

Deep down I wish I never would have taken him to the doctor yesterday morning because of all the trauma it has imposed on him since then. Its just the mommy instinct sitting in that I don't want anyone hurting my baby boy. I know were doing what is best for him, its just hard to watch him hurt from all the needles and such. But, as I write this I think of the little girl in the room next to ours, with her blond hair, blue eyes, about 10 that just learned she has cancer. And I realize to myself, Klayton could be much worse and we still have a lot to be thankful for!

Take notice of the beautiful artwork! It just so happens that my good friend Danielle Roethler is the artist behind the painting! She was recruited to do some pieces for the children's hospital and did a wonderful job! Who knew that she was painting those pieces for MY baby to one day enjoy during his hospital stay! Thanks Danielle!

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Melissa said...

Oh sweet Klayton! I hope he's back to his sweet baby self in nooooo time! Your in our thoughts and prayers!