Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2 Months

Klayton you are two months old!

*You wear size 1 diapers
*You weigh 9 lbs, measuring at 22 inches in length!
*You love to move your hands and feet
*You are beginning to outgrow your newborn clothes and fit into 0-3 month clothing
*You love to smile

This Month You:
*Met your Great Grandma and Grandpa Barnhardt
*Traveled to Michigan
*Had your first hospital stay
*Celebrated your 1st Thanksgiving

Dear Piglet,
I love you, I really do. This month, during your hospital stay I constantly questioned whether or not you would realize that because of being the person to bring you to the hospital. Each time they poked you with those needles, I cried right along with you and my heart broke. I just wanted you to be okay and for them to know what was wrong and fix it, when we left the hospital with no answers I felt horrible-like I let them do those things to you in vain, made you suffer for no reason. Everyone told me, that you won’t remember any of this; but that I will and I hope their right, I don’t want you to remember those days.
I think I was especially thankful this past Thanksgiving…I love you so much and I am so thankful that God found me and your dad fit enough to be your parents! I choose to be thankful for you….I am so glad to have you in my life!

Your Mama


Lindsay said...

#1 - I cannot BELIEVE he is two months old! My word!
#2 - It is so cute that you call him "piglet"
#3 - I LOVE the picture of him in the stocking! So cute :)

JTR said...

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Melissa said...

He's so long! And so adorable! :)