Sunday, August 21, 2011

10 Months

Klayton you are 10 months...seriously, this is very crazy.

This month:
*visited New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont and New Hampshire!
*went to a birthday party for the first time, it was Colin Van Zees 4th birthday.
*was introduced to stage 3 foods
*started mixing whole milk with your formula
*started crawling

*wear size 3 diapers
*wear 6-9, 6-12 and straight 9 month clothing
*take 2, one hour naps a day
*fall asleep for the night around 8, waking at 10 for a bottle or snack and then sleep until anywhere from 7:30-9:00
*love to stand and think that everyone should help you with that
*pull yourself up in your crib all the time
*love to wave...you won't wave to anyone but yourself
*love to walk, with our assistance of course
*your mouth is always hanging open...sometimes you will stick your tongue out
*are in the stage of being clingy to mommy and daddy
*your independence is shining through more and more...with that comes stubbornness
*love dogs
*we could put all your toys in front of you and a piece of paper, you will choose to play with the paper every time
*love to explore your surroundings, your eyes are always searching

Dear Klayton,
It kind of makes me sad that your first birthday is just around the corner. You are growing to fast for your mama...I know that just means more fun. However, it also means your baby days will soon be over.
One of my favorite things is when you put your forehead and nose to mine and stare into my eyes while we rub noses! How did you get to be so sweet? I find myself saying this a lot; but God really did know what I needed when He brought you into our lives. I can always count on you to give me a smile, snuggle close or whatever when I need it. This month, while traveling we made a stop and this lady started oohing over you and talking to you. You gave her the biggest smile, when you did that she said, "thank you, you literally made my day and let me have a piece of joy!" And Klayton, you bring me and daddy joy every day!
I love you!
Love, Mama

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