Tuesday, August 9, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Yay, for phones with internet access! We are currently in Ohio traveling to Michigan from New Hampshire!
2. I have not slept good the last couple of nights. So frustrating. Klayton had been sleeping good for me and now the last 2 nights he wakes before 4 a.m. wanting to play and have attention. It would be one thing if I could catch some shut eye before he wakes...
3. Have you ever heard of Tim Hortons? My husband loves their iced cappuccino! So, yes we have stopped several times during this trip to fulfill his addiction! At least his addiction is something I like as well!
4. Its hard to believe but I'm thinking about Klaytons first birthday! In just a little over 2 months it will be here! We bought him his birthday present yesterday! A Radio Flyer Stroll and Go bike! Its a tricycle that allows us to push him until he figures out the pedal, then we take off the push handle and he will have a tricycle!
5. Can I just tell you how ridiculous toll roads are? Yesterday we spent $15 just in New York! We could have bought 2 meals from Mcdonalds for that.
6. We had a great time in New Hampshire! One of the fun things we did was visit Mount Washington Hotel! Side note, mosquitos are HUGE in New Hampshire!
7. Klayton is becoming extremely active! He doesn't crawl yet but he manages to get around and we can't take our eyes off him for even a minute!
8. I would like to post pics but I forgot to bring the card that would allow me to transfer my pics from camera to the laptop. I know a blog without pics is boring.
9. Please pray for Kacey Guy, he was born a week ago this past Saturday. Quickly after he was born, they discovered something was wrong. He has a rare heart problem. He needs open heart surgery and that will probably happen sometime next week. He was transferred to Little Rock where a surgeon is willing to perform the surgery. Pray for the surgeon as well.
10. Well, I did it...I completed another random Tuesday post! Happy Tuesday!

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hollie marie said...

Glad to know you enjoyed the poop chronicles! Hahaha :)