Saturday, January 21, 2012

15 Months

Klayton You Are 15 months:

This month, you:
• Had your first sucker, it was grape and you loved it!
• Started saying, "up".

• Wear size 4 diapers.
• Weigh in at 22 lbs.
• Wear mostly 12 month clothes and a few 18 month.
• Wear size 4 shoes.
• Have discovered the art of picking your nose. Gross!
• Hum and "sing a long" with the radio!
• Spin and make yourself dizzy!
• Have become a self feeder...this is a huge blessing to me.
• Are testing and learning your boundaries.
• You have decided that you are anti-crib...sad.
• Still determined as ever!
• Love to play chase. Its so fun to chase you and then have you chase us.
• When you get really tired you become very hyper!
• It seems that you are always getting a new bruise as you have discovered running is faster than walking; but not always safer!
• Have a few favorite toys. Victor, your teddy bear and your golf clubs!
• Love to climb stairs and you are fast!
• I think you might have a sock fetish like mommy! You always seem to have a sock in hand and if we let you I think you would take them with you everywhere we went!
• When you want to be picked up, you reach your hands upward and say, "up".
• I think you are stretching your vocal chords because I'm always hearing you make new sounds. I think talking is right around the corner!
• You like to walk around the house carrying anything from socks to the wii remotes.
• Made the discovery that running is faster than walking.
• Help unload the dishwasher.
• When I say, "come here" you know what it means and I love it!
* Still say, mama the most! Up is now a close second, followed by daddy!
* Enjoy tearing paper!

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