Friday, January 20, 2012

Project 365: Days 14-20

Day 14-Unhappy...this was not on purpose! Apparently, Klayton did not want his picture taken!

Day 15-Sitting

Day 16-Brushing teeth...Klayton loves having his teeth brushed! Next tooth brush will be one that he can hold on his own!

Day 17-Favorite toy! Victor the bear!

Day 18-Standing, which also means walking and a very difficult task to get a decent picture!

Day 19-Random! I found a pair of monkey pajamas, similar to ones he had when he was just a few months old! They had to be bought! I should mention, this photo was taken at bed time...one of my favorite times together! We always gather in bed to pray and read our Bibles together before official bed time, a memory I will always cherish!

Day 20-Snow Day, first time playing in snow.

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