Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aspartame-Diet Changes

A few years ago, I was on facebook and reading the status of one of my friends. My friend was expecting and was going to try and drink the daily amount a pregnant woman should drink; but she hated water. People started suggesting flavored water to her and then someone chimed in and warned her not to drink water that had been sweetened with aspartame. At the time I was drinking water mixed with cherry limeade sweetener...I checked my package info and one of the very first ingredients was aspartame. I then went to the internet and searched aspartame. I discovered there were 92 side effects to aspartame and I had 10 of the effects-crazy! Then I started checking all my labels, even my gum had aspartame! It takes 31 days of having no aspartame to become weaned of it and to notice a difference. Within a weak my headaches were not as severe, my leg cramping lessened and my stomach pain was beginning to disappear. I really noticed the difference at the month mark! I had to give up the cherry limeade and even my favorite gum, sadness. Today if I have even a little aspartame, for example an Icebreaker mint I get an instant headache. Aspartame tricks you because it tastes good; but its nasty for you. I am making small diet changes and this is the very first one I purposed to make and kept. You should take the time, research it for yourself and see if its really worth keeping in your diet.
P.S. I am an avid gum chewer! So far the only gum that does not contain aspartame is Trident Cinnamon, Dentyne Cinnamon and I think Stride Cinnamint. But, Trident Cinnamon has the best flavor that lasts!

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Mama Bear said...

my husband has the same issue with that stuff. we avoid it!