Wednesday, November 7, 2012

24 Months

**First of all this post is overdue. We were out of town and I forgot my converter to pull the pictures from my laptop. And secondly, this will be my last "monthly" post of Klayton! It won't be my last, obviously; but the monthly updates just don't seem right when you say 25 Months, 26 etc.!

Klayton, you are 24 Months!
*Wear size 5 diapers.
*Shoe size 6.
*Fit into 18-24 month clothes the best. Straight 18 are to small; but straight 24 are usually to big.
*Transitioned from a straw cup to a sippy cup that has a small lip...
*Mommy no longer needs to cut or chunk your food. You prefer to do it all yourself.
*Discovered a like for raw baby carrots.
*Love to dip your fries, chicken, pretzels and yes even your cinnamon twists from Taco Bell. Basically if there is dipping sauce and you have food in your hand you will dip it!
*Very friendly. You wave to everyone that is paying you even the slightest bit of attention and if they are not you wave until they notice you!
*Like to play with flashlights!
*Victor the Bear is still your buddy; but he is starting to be pushed to the side.
*Love to give random hi-5's!
*Cars and Legos are some of your most favorite toys.
*Enjoy being a part of the "group" whether its in conversation or play.
*Are quite the little shopper, it is so cute to watch you shop the clothes rack at stores!
*Can now reach most spots on the counter top...so yes sharp objects like knives must be put away at all times.
*Discovered the fun of jumping on the bed. As a matter of fact you sometimes close your bedroom door just so you can jump freely on the bed away from Mama's watchful eye.
*Don't actually say no; but if asked to do something or if asked if you have done something and the answer is no, you shake your head no.
*If your answer is yes to something its more like, "eh-uh".
*Love to play with paper...shredding it, sorting it, drawing on it.
*Despise diaper changes.
This month:
*Mommy went away for an overnight trip and left you with Daddy and Grammy. I don't think you were very happy with me about that and didn't have much to do with me when I first got home.
Things I Don't Want to Forget:
*A certain incident that happened at the playland...certain people would appreciate this under wraps and therefore that is why I will not be telling the blogworld! Maybe I will put it in your baby book..
*You drew on the coffee table with a sharpie, thankfully it was on the glass part.
*"Misplaced" daddy's keys and there are still, 4 weeks later missing.
*You have this little side smirk that is just the cutest thing ever, even now I can picture it and would love to capture it with a camera. Its the look as if you are up to something secretive.
*The way you pucker your lips when you are in deep thought or very focused on the subject at hand!
I love you my little mister!

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