Thursday, November 8, 2012

Birthday Celebration-Day 1

**Again another late post about Klayton's 2nd Birthday! His birthday was October 21st!**

Apparently, when you are turning 2 you get that number of days for birthday fun! This could be a bad thing for future birthdays! The celebration started with the arrival of my parents on the 20th!
It had already been decided that we would spend the afternoon at Chuck E Cheese. To be honest, I was hesitant if it would be worth the money since he is still so little. I however, was pleasantly surprised at all the things that was age appropriate for him! Klayton did need some help on some things; but by the end of the afternoon he was getting the concept down!
Warming up with some basketball before the pizza arrives!
Oh, look a ticket for playing basketball!
Time to drive off and get our pizza!
I think a detour to bop some things might be in order before we eat our pizza!
Now, how about that pizza?
Now back to the games...Klayton rode this horse 4 times in a row! He loved it!
It looks like someone else loved it to?!
And this is what happens after lots of pizza, games and prizes!
And an hour later...still sleeping!
Klayton napped for 3 hours! He napped for so long my parents had to leave before he woke up. They had a church emergency. So, after nap time we took Klayton for some ice cream!
After ice cream, we went home and face timed with my mom so she could watch Klayton open presents from her and my dad as well as from my grandparents!
And that completes day one of our birthday celebration...stay tuned for day two! It shouldn't be as long of a post!

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