Friday, November 29, 2013

Go Blue!

Today we were able to visit a little piece of heaven in Joseph's world! We went to Ann Arbor, Michigan to see Michigan play Coppin State at Crissler Arena!

We arrived a couple hours early to wonder around the Big House-hoping for a tour; but since they were busy prepping for the big game on Saturday it wasn't able to happen. So, we just stuck to some pictures...

Once we decided to get out of the cold we headed over to Crissler to wait for the doors to open and more opportunities to explore!

And here we are at our seats ready to watch whatever activity could be happening on the court before the actual game begins!

The team warming up...

Klayton AWAKE and enjoying the team warming up!

And...here we go!

Apparently, Klayton was confident in Michigan's ability to win because soon after tip off he fell asleep and slept through the entire first half and half time!

Klayton woke up just in time to put his foam clapping hands to use and watch Michigan take the win 87-45!

With that, Hail to the Victors-Go Blue!

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