Monday, December 22, 2014

Justus-7 Months

Justus, you are 7 months!


*Weigh in at 18 lbs, which puts you in the 50th percentile.
*Stand, or should I say lay at 27 inches in length-also the 50th percentile.
*Your head is 46 centimeters...its a little big!
*Wear 3-6 month clothes.
*In size 2 diapers.
*Eat one jar of baby food before bed. People think its strange that I don't give you baby food at any other time in the day; but you were waking up a gazillion times in the night to be fed and this helps you only to wake up once or twice! I can handle that better.
*Green baby foods are not your favorite.
*Have been introduced to some fruits and so far banana has not been a favorite.
*Dropped one of your feeds in the evening.
*Have continued to become more contented as a baby.
*Still my chatterbox.
*Love to reach and grab for things.
*If watching the iPad you like to try and grab the characters or people that appear on the screen.
*Already a typical boy if there is a sport on television you will keep your eyes glued to the screen.
*Sit for longer periods of time.
*Still hate tummy time.
*Like to hold Mama's finger when sleeping.
*Like to touch peoples faces, especially to grab their lips.
*Hate getting your nose cleaned out.
*Love to smile.
*Brother is still the only one to consistently get you to laugh.
*Everything goes in your mouth!
*I say this daily; but seriously you have got to be working on a tooth.
*You itch your head and it is so cute.
*Are still rocking the side burns!
*Love to be snuggled.
*Are very much a Mama's boy!

My Guy,
I have noticed that you just keeping getting happier and all around more good natured and relaxed! I just love you and the way you snuggle in. Sometimes after I feed you I prop you on my shoulder and you immediately drop your head to sleep! It is so adorable. You always look so peaceful and kissable that I have to take a moment to kiss those cheeks! You definitely are working the baby rolls and I don't think its possible to be any more cuter and then I wake up the next day and discover you are even more cuter than the day before! As I type this I can see that I won't have to boost your ego any more today! I just love you more than words will ever tell!

Love, Mama

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