Monday, February 3, 2014

It Begins

Friday I was sitting in the chair at the salon-where the lights are brighter and make you more aware of imperfections. I didn't necessarily want to view those imperfections in light of the coming day...my birthday. I turned 32 yesterday (Feb 2nd), it wasn't a great event as the Superbowl and the Groundhog clouded the day; but none the less I still turned 32.

I realize it is not THAT OLD and a few kind people thought I was turning 29. But, this morning I faced the harsh reality of what 32 brings...hair rollers.

Eye cream for the bags under my eyes-and yes, I do realize if I keep pouting I will need the cream for around my lips as well! I find it ironic how just a few weeks prior, the "kind" lady at the makeup counter offered me a sample of eye cream and I was quite offended...yet here I am using it.

Oh, 32 thank you for the reminder that I am not getting any younger!

I meant this as a fun post and as I was prepping my photos my husband walked in and with horror could not believe I was going to let people see me this way. So, for his sake I am including a pic of the "finished product" and proof that I don't stay in my hair rollers all day long!

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