Thursday, March 20, 2014

Random Klayton

*Yesterday, I was blow drying my hair when Joseph came to get me. He wanted me to see for myself, that my child had undressed himself and decided to take a shower! When I peeked in at Klayton the shower was basically dribbling water; but he was definitely washing his hair!

*Last week in Target, I was shopping the maternity clothes and Joseph decided to take Klayton with him to another part of the store. A couple minutes had passed since they left me be when out of the blue I heard, "MOM!" being screamed at the top of a certain 3 year olds lungs. I couldn't believe that I was being beckoned in such a way, the shoppers around him were laughing and I wasn't necessarily pleased or necessarily upset; but we did have a conversation about other ways to get Mom's attention.

*Klayton has been taking swim lessons for the last 4 weeks-he has two more weeks to go. He loves water and these lessons are giving him even more confidence in the water. I am so thankful that he is getting the lessons and to see improvement, I wasn't expecting miracles by any means; but the progress is neat to watch!

*When he talks about baby sometimes he literally knocks on my belly and then puts his finger to his cheek as says, "mmm". I think he is expecting a verbal response from baby!

*Klayton likes to wear his daddy's deodorant and put hair gel in his hair! He is definitely all about looking good-I'm sure thats where wearing two pairs of shorts comes in when we are at home. And the other day when he appeared wearing his shorts, snow pants goggles I was really surprised to see that his picture did not end up in the tabloids!

*A couple weeks ago we were doing some clothes shopping-I like to stay a season ahead with clothes for Klayton. We found a shirt that I knew would fit him; but he insisted on trying it on for himself. It was so funny because we never realized that he knew that is what you are supposed to do! lol!

Can I just tell you that I love my little mister and that I am daily thankful for him in my life?!

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