Sunday, January 9, 2011

On the Road Again and tidbits!

We are currently on the Colorado border, Nebraska side for the night. We left Sioux Falls, last night after attending a wedding. We stayed in Bellevue for the night and were hoping to make it to the west side of Denver tonight. However, winter weather changed our plans.

The above scene is a minor incident that we came across today. As evening approached we decided it was best to stop for the night, as we considered the fact that there was a 50 car pile up just ahead on the interstate anyway,
This trip will take us on the road for about three months, it will be crazy! We will be in Utah, Arizona, California and Nevada and obviously any state in-between! I have known for a long time that we would be getting back on the road this week; but it somehow managed to sneak up on me and catch me out of sorts about it. But, I didn't realize how out of sorts I was about it until we left home last night and as I said goodbye to some friends. I don't know why this trip is effecting my emotions the way it is; but it is...
On to other things! I wanted to do a Christmas post; but realized that the SD card with all my Christmas pictures is at home, so this is very sad. I just have these two pictures with me.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Klayton's first Christmas! We did stockings as a family on Christmas Eve as well as homemade pizza and a camp out beneath the lights of the Christmas tree! Christmas Day started with the Christmas story, followed by more presents! Later in the morning my parents and sister came over to do presents with us and exchange gifts! I was glad to have such a nice time even as I was recovering from gall bladder surgery that I had the Wednesday prior to Christmas.
As the new year started Joseph's parents came for a visit and we celebrated our third wedding anniversary on the fourth of this month.

Joseph's parents really wanted to babysit Klayton and then Joseph found the above shirt. So, Joseph took me out to dinner for our anniversary. We had a nice dinner together in spite of missing my little man.
So, after a long; but somewhat brief update of our lives since my last post that was forever ago...enjoy your night, stay warm and I'm not going to wait so long to post again!

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