Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 on Tuesday-Pinterest

1. On Saturday I hosted a Scentsy party and made these yummy treats,

They were a hit...gone by Sunday and made a new batch last night. There are a few left...

2. I also made this punch,
. I wasn't sure about the pineapple and lemonade combo; but it definitely hit the spot and will be seen in future parties I host!

3. My hair has been SO dry as of late and in desperate need of moisture therapy. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try this
. My hair was left super soft and this routine is going to be a regular routine!

4. My complexion has seen much improvement as of late; but my pores seem humongo-yes that is word! I found this pin,
and I am loving it. I can actually feel it working! I used real lemons and so I keep it in the fridge and in the heat we have been experiencing lately it feels quite refreshing!

5. I am 31 now and they say as you age its even more important to be moisturizing. So...I'm using this
and my skin is feeling super soft!

6. I love having my nails painted; but I am horrible at maintaining my paint job. I am experimenting with this
and really hoping it works. Once I see the results after a few days I will move it over to my, I Pinned It and Did It board!

7. This is a recipe that I use A LOT! So thought I would share again!

8. Puzzles are SO expensive. And this is why I will be putting this pin to use this week!

9. Um, I don't know if my eyes looked this good; but I tried doing this and loved the look!

10. I love Pinterest and find myself pinning a lot of things I never do. So, I am purposing to not pin anymore until I put a notch in my current pins! Happy experimenting to me!

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