Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pregnant Tuesdays-Week 36

Total weight gain/loss: plus 2 lbs! Baby weighs more than I have gained!
How much does baby weigh? On average babies weigh about 5.75 lbs at this stage.
Maternity Clothes? Oh yeah. Though I can still wear my maxi skirts!
Stretch marks? they are present and spreading
Sleep? The insomnia has returned.
Best Moment this week? Finding out that he is more than likely head down-thank you Justus for flipping! This is quite a relief!
Food cravings? Cheesecake, fresh chocolate chip cookies, cherry coke....unfortunately, these are all no-no's for now.
Food aversions? I'm getting sick of the diabetes diet-can I consider that an aversion?
Pregnancy Symptoms: Back aches, sore hips, round ligament, "lightening", tire easily...
Gender: Boy-Justus Dempsey
Labor signs? Some contractions and he has dropped.
Belly button in or out? In; but seems to be getting flat and much smaller.
What I miss? A&W Root Beer and sweets! Please someone bring me a bottle of cherry coke upon delivery!
What I am looking forward to? My ultrasound on Monday-week 37 and then my prenatal massage!
Milestones? We have made it to the final 4...the final 4 weeks!

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hollie marie said...

That bump has definitely dropped a little! It sounds like you've done SO well managing your diabetes...2+ pounds?! That's fantastic! Not long now!