Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Justus-5 Months

Justus you are 5 months old!
This month:
*You discovered your toes!
*Roll from belly to back.
*Like to take your morning nap on your belly.
*Very much a chatterbox.
*Laughs A LOT at big brother.
*Love to sit in your Bumbo!
*Still drooling...seriously, is there a tooth in there somewhere?
*Have decided that you no longer like to take a bottle.
*Wear 3-6 month clothes, sometimes 6 month.
*Size 2 diapers.
*It may be a coincidence; but every time baseball is on tv it gets your full attention..you seem to like it.
*Like being outside.
*Have quite the grip.
*Good at grabbing things.
*Have discovered your carseat toys and enjoy playing with them.
*Do not like the sound of a vacuum.
*Like to play and chew your keys!
Dear Justus,
To be honest, I have backdated this post on the blog. As you can see in the pictures above you were not happy. I really wanted to retake the pictures and get some happy shots! But, then I realized and accepted that this is reality, this is what life seems to be like most days. Maybe it is teeth? I can see little bumps on your bottom gums...two in fact. I am pretty sure that a day will come where I will laugh at the above pictures and smile as I miss these days. So, today I am choosing to cherish even the tears...the many, many tears because if there were no tears there would not be a YOU!


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