Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Klayton is 4

Klayton you are FOUR years old!

Things to take note of from this year:

*Go to preschool now. Four days a week and you love it.
*Love Curious George.
*You describe things you 'like' with, "I love it!"
*Favorite drink, lemonade.
*Favorite food, spaghetti and tacos.
*Know how to roller skate.
*Enjoy riding your bike.
*Know all about the 4 letter word, G-O-L-F!
*Speech has finally flourished since starting preschool and speech therapy. I am super impressed and grateful.
*Fully potty trained.
*Became a big brother.
*Enjoy playing Hide and Seek; but to be honest, you are not very good at the hiding part!
*Like to help people.
*Are very expressive.
*Like playing in the dirt with your shovel and rake.
*Love to paint and cook.
*Enjoy fixing things with your tools.
*Favorite color, blue.
*Favorite number, 2.
*Love to play any sport that simply involves a ball.
*Being outside is your favorite place to be.
*Love to give kisses and hugs.
*Still just as stubborn as ever.
*Love to wear shorts, it is hard to find you in anything but your shorts.
*Have developed quite the imagination.
*Very much a daddy's boy.
*Like to mow the lawn.
*Still a little fish in the water. You took 12 weeks of lessons and did wonderful.

Unforgettable moments:

*How you like to pray with Pops in his office before church service. And there has been many random moments where you will come and get me or daddy to pray with you. I believe you will be a prayer warrior for many people in the years to come.
*A couple weeks ago when we were flipping through the photo album and you randomly said, "There's Barb" and "There's Lori!" Yep, those are your GRANDMA's and how you know their first names is a little crazy to daddy and I!
*The amount of kisses you bestow upon brother are in a ridiculous abundance.
*I had to run to the doctor one time after brother was born. Grandma and Pops said I might come out with a baby sister and you cried, "No sister!"
*On Mother's Day you picked out a balloon for me and let me keep it just long enough for pictures! You toted that balloon around for the month following.
*How when you see a train you tell us to race it.
*Whenever you see a freshly made bed you want to get under the covers.
*When we ask you to say your last name, Barnhardt you say, "Heart, heart!"
*You are always trading Daddy's drink for your own!
*Your shorts, they are always on or in your lunchbox/backpack...they are almost like a security blanket of sorts!
*How you pack your tools in any place they will fit if you are told that your toolbox is not allowed to come along.

Oh Mister,
I love you so much more than I can even describe. You are a little boy now-no longer a baby. The days are slowly fleeting of your dependence on me as you now dress yourself and even help yourself to your own drinks from the fridge. A few weeks ago you asked me to snuggle with you and I didn't let you ask me twice!
Tonight I write this and the time is approaching 7 p.m. and at this point 4 years ago I still had 45 minutes to go before your arrival. In so many ways I can still feel those first moments. I can still hear the first words of the people around me as you were born. I kept hearing, "He is SO precious!" The moment I first held you left me in awe and unbelief that you were mine and that I actually carried you! Breathtaking moments.
I am SO thankful for the day you were born and for every day since. I love how your heart is so tender and compassionate. I love how you love to serve others. I love even the cute faces you make when you are being naughty-though those faces don't get you out of trouble! And yes I have caught on to how you want to give me a kiss right before you get in trouble...you are such a stinker! Your personality is really shining through!
Happy 4th Birthday-I can't wait to see how you blossom this year!

Love, Mama

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