Thursday, October 23, 2014

Klayton's 4th Birthday

I love birthdays and I LOVE celebrating Klayton's birthday! I think this birthday has been the most fun we have had so far...there is a strong possibility that I say that every year! However, this year it was fun to wake up and drop Klayton off at school with juice boxes and treats! He came home to his birthday lunch, homemade pizza-chosen by him! But, before lunch was the best part of the day for the birthday boy-presents!
It was hilarious, Klayton came home from school and went right to his presents! He didn't wait for me to get my camera and just started opening his presents!

Thankfully, I managed to sneak a few pictures. I really wish I would have snapped one of him opening his fishing pole! Klayton has been fascinated with fishing the last few months and every time we go to Wal-Mart or the local K-Mart we are summoned down the fishing aisle to check out a Cars fishing pole. We are also told, the he WILL buy it with his coins! My Grandma sent some birthday money for us to shop for Klayton with and we used some of the money for the pole! Best present ever-yep, even better than what Joseph and I had chosen for him!
Later that night we had a small birthday party with my family!
We did the obligatory singing of, Happy Birthday! And in the middle of the song the tears came and we had to stop singing to the birthday boy! Klayton then decided that he was not interested in blowing out his birthday candle and Pops had to blow out, not once; but 4 times!
Since Pops was successful, Klayton did manage a quick blow of the candle as well! I was thankful just so I could get a cute picture!
The cake was yummy and time with the cousin was fun!
Overall, it was a great day that left us looking forward to the BIG party day on Saturday! And, a little party memory from the evening; my mom made Klayton a camouflage afghan. She spent A LOT of time on that afghan and that was not appreciated by my Klayton. He opened the gift and promptly said, "I don't want it" and gave it to my mom! We are hoping the other gift she has for him on Saturday will be better received!

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