Monday, September 13, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. This past weekend took us to Grand Forks, ND for 2 great meetings! Both churches treated us wonderfully!
2. I must admit I'm thankful that we are done with long distance traveling until November!
3. Tomorrow I will be 35 weeks! Yay! Were getting closer to due date!
4. Saturday is my baby shower! I'm so excited!
5. Every time I visit the mall I have to visit the Nerd gumball machine! I love Nerd gumballs! Well, I'm very happy to have made the discovery that our Walgreens sells packages of Nerd gumballs at their checkout stand!
6. So, I'm taking donations for my day of pampering which I have scheduled for October 5th! Really looking forward to that day and getting maternity pictures taken!
7. Friday I get to have an ultrasound and hoping that Klayton cooperates enough for us to get a 3d ultrasound picture!
8. So, I'm thinking way ahead into the future. I have decided that when I become a mother-in-law that if Klayton's wife decides that she doesn't feel comfortable calling me 'mom' that I want her to call me 'bonus mom'!
9. It's 1 a.m, my husband is out like a light and here I am working on this post wishing I could sleep too. I need my rest, I have lots to accomplish on this day. I hate sleepless nights.
10. Question for all mommies out there that might happen to read my blog...what items for baby would you simply not go without and why? Leave me a comment!


Lindsay said...

You are getting so close! Yeah!!! PS - Let me know any answers you get to #10 because I am curious as well :)

Melissa said...

1. Johnson's bedtime bath & lotion- it works!!
2. A swing.
3. A mirror for the car.
4. Huggies diapers. I think I've tried every brand. The hospital uses Pampers, but they have a scent to them, which has always upset my kids bottoms. Huggies is fragrance free.
5. Cloth Diapers... for burp rags.