Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Week I Will Have a Baby

Yesterday was my 40 week check up and my final checkup for this pregnancy-yay! I don't mind seeing my doctor; but I must admit there is a certain invasive aspect about the check ups recently that I will not miss! Yesterdays appointment went well other than the fact that I gained about 10 lbs in a weeks time-not good. It was decided yesterday that I will probably have to be induced, by next week-no later. I had originally thought the 25th would be a great and special day for induction. But, it's set for this Thursday, the 21st. I am fine with this, it will probably be better for the fact of my husbands parents are here and will stay until the 1st to offer help when we bring Klayton home. I am already looking at being in the hospital 3-4 days, so if I have him on the 25th I can only take advantage of their help for a couple of days before they would leave. I think it would be helpful not to have to come home from the hospital and have to clean/cook! Not that Joseph wouldn't help; but it will be nice for him to adjust as well-life is going to be a very good different! So, in just a few days my baby will be in my arms!


Lindsay said...

I AM SO EXCITED!!! TWO DAYS!!!! (And the day before JJ's birthday!) :) yeah yeah yeah!

Melissa said...

That's my hubby's birthday! :)

Why 3 or 4 days?

I hope labor and delivery goes smoothly for you!

... the evasiveness has just begun! :0)

Melissa said...

So I stalked Cradle Roll & saw your sweet baby boy made his arrival on Thursday! Congratulations! He's a cutie! :)