Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A 38 Week Soapbox

So, I must admit…I am slightly disappointed and mildly frustrated. At my 37 week check up I was dialated to half a centimeter and yesterday I went back for my 38 week check up and I’m still at half a centimeter! I was hoping for some progress, I know to be dialated doesn’t really mean a whole lot; but for me a little more progress would have meant so much to me. I also realize that my due date is not until the 20th and I really shouldn’t expect to go into labor early; but there is this deep seeded hope to be holding my baby sooner than later! I still love being pregnant; but I am just ready to have my baby in my arms! Which brings me to the next point…
I do realize that life is going to be very different after we have this baby. But, I have to say I am really tired of people telling me take time to enjoy your life with your husband now because it will never be the same, especially when they say it like it’s a bad thing. Or they tell me be thankful for the time you have of peace and quiet because before you know it there will be the cries of a baby waking you in the night and so on. I’ve also had some people tell me that during the first month of Klayton’s life that I am going to wonder why I even wanted a baby?! Can I just say something…we have waited for this day! We love our time together as a couple and we will have it even after Klayton comes, it might not be as much alone time as it is now; but we are adding to our life! We are ready to become a family with this little boy inside of my belly! The cries that will wake me in the night…I have longed for those cries, they may not be my favorite times; but I am determining to be thankful for a baby’s cry to awake to. We have wanted a baby for so long and though it wasn’t always easy to wait, when I look back I am thankful for the gift God has placed in my belly and for the time God decided to place this gift in my belly-this baby was and is worth the wait. My baby boy is the child I need, I am the mom he needs and Joseph is the dad he needs-God knew what He was doing when He placed this baby inside of me! I praise the Lord for this gift and I praise the Lord in advance for the days of no sleep, for tears, dirty diapers, spit up! I praise the Lord in advance for the days of sleep, smiles, cuddles, a potty trained baby! I praise the Lord for what He is adding to my life and what my life will become when Klayton is in my arms!

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Jeff and Crystal said...

I know you will enjoy it all! I sure have. I can't believe my babies are so grown up already! I miss those middle of the night feedings when it was just me and my baby cuddling and watching them eat. Of course I loved when they learned to sleep all night, but when I look back at the 1st month...I realize it just went by so fast. So you are in the right mindset, to be thankful for it all!!! Can't wait to see baby pics!