Monday, June 6, 2011

My 5k

I am still alive and thankful that I did not have a heart attack after the 5k for the Washington Pavilion this past Saturday, June 4th! Lets recap Saturday!

Here is my 5k companion, Jessica and I! Stretching and maybe a little nervous as we think about what we are about to do; but excited!

The race is getting ready to start and we have decided we probably should have just done the 10 block walk! Lol!

Here we go…just hoping to not be last!

And, 45:48 later here I am! Just crossed the finish line! 31st out of 117 in my division! And Jessica finished about 10 seconds before me!

Cheers! We survived and we didn’t finish last! Yay!

And, of course our finish wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t get a picture with our favorite baby boy!

Jessica and Klayton are buddies!

So, is another 5k in our future? That is yet to be determined!

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