Tuesday, August 14, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. A while back I posted about my unsettled peace about getting Klayton his MMR. I am still not a big proponent of trying to sway someone one way or another…because frankly, that’s not my place! I however, get frustrated when everywhere I turn getting kids vaccinated is being pushed down people’s throat! You now see billboards and commercials telling us to vaccinate. Even today flipping through the channels, I happened a cross a segment on Going Back to School and it was said to be sure to have your children caught up on vaccinations! The doctor that made this statement also included in his information the fact that none the less, in spite of these vaccines 5 weeks into the school year kids are still going to be getting sick. He then also admitted that last year the flu was down not because of the flu shot; but because people were focusing on washing their hands and staying home when sick-sounds like proper hygiene to me?!
2. Just 3 sales away from meeting my first goal in Scentsy! Really hoping to meet that goal by the 24th! If you want to help me out please shop my party, Reaching My Goal at https://kendrabarnhardt.scentsy.us! If you are not familiar with Scentsy they are wickless, sootless (free of chemicals) candles-the wax melts slightly above room temperature so it won’t burn you or cause a fire! The wax is made with the same wax that is used to shine the fruit you find in the grocery story! And after your initial set up of purchasing a warmer, the scents are only $5 and last 60-80 hours so in the long run its cheaper than a store bought candle!
3. I have been working really hard at becoming a better housekeeper! Sometimes I just don’t want to do a thing; but I have been forcing myself to clean at least 10 minutes during Klayton’s nap time, if a dish is dirty load it in the dishwasher immediately, if I notice something out of place put it in its proper place while I’m thinking of it and cleaning for 10 minutes before bed! This new routine is really making a world of difference!
4. Recently I have rediscovered my love for reading! I have been reading a book a week and trying to expand my horizons! I have been staying away from fiction and reading biograhies/autobiographies!
5. I am hoping to pass my love for reading down to Klayton and I think we are heading in the right direction! Every night before bed Joseph and him read a book together and I take him to the library 2-3 times a week! And, yes he knows to be quiet in the library!
6. Oh scrapbooking how I miss you…someday soon I really hope to haul out my scrapping supplies and work on Klayton’s baby book…maybe finish up our honeymoon scrapbook!
7. Garage sale…do you think I can get one ready for this weekend?! I really need to get motivated and just do it!
8. This 10 random thoughts post is kind of becoming very lengthy!
9. I really need to go grocery shopping…don’t know what my husband will be eating when he comes home this afternoon! I used to love grocery shopping; but now it makes me cringe when I see the final total for not a lot of food and yet it feels like I’m having to scrape the bottom of my purse just to pay for it because groceries are so expensive.
10. Happy Tuesday!

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Thoughts From Me said...

I'm debating doing a garage sale this weekend too but I think I'll wait another week because of the possibility of rain. And I totally agree with #1. It makes me so mad that it's shoved down our throats.