Tuesday, May 21, 2013

31 Months

As I said a long time ago I wasn't going to do the monthly posts anymore; but I thought it would be fun to do one for the sake of memory!

Klayton, you are 31 months old!

*Wear 2t clothes; but some 3t fit as well as some 24 month! It just depends on the fit!
*Wear a size 7 shoe!
*In size 5 diapers though we are hoping you will SOON be potty trained!
*Love dogs and it seems the word dog is your favorite word to say.
*Tried olives for the first time and you liked them.
*Two foods you are not crazy about, green beans and coconut!
*Love to eat cantaloupe and pineapple!
*You know how to put your own coat on.
*Can easily take off your own pants/shorts.
*Love being outdoors.
*One of your favorite songs in Deep and Wide! You do the actions and say, "dee" for deep!
*Love to race across the yard and will kneel in a starting position. When it is time to say go, you say, "O" and take off running!
*We are starting to let you drink out of big boy cups-you are doing well and loving it!
*If daddy or I say that we have to use the restroom, you will lead us to the bathroom and lift the toilet seat. You will then point to where we need to sit and leave the bathroom with a goodbye wave!
*Enjoy going down slides and usually climb up and go down all by yourself!
*Love going for walks.
*Still love anything that involves a ball!
*Showing more interest in coloring. When I pick you up from Sunday School your coloring pages are actually scribbled on now.
*Love pretending to cook.
*Definitely a leader, maybe a tad bossy! You like to "tell" and "direct" people to their places...
*When you don't like something you scrunch your eyes and squint.

Things I Don't Want to Forget:

*Every moment!
*During the pledge to the Bible in Awana opening you held your Bible high and I could tell you did it with pride!
*How I was in the kitchen and I suddenly hear, "Mom!" I come into the living room and you are patting the couch for me to sit next to you and cuddle.
*You use your diaper box as a "pulpit" to stand behind while you "direct" the music. Usually, you have daddy or I-sometimes both-sitting on your bed to listen!
*I take you to story time at the library. They always do a couple songs that have actions...you take it a step further and put yourself in the center of the circle and dance! There's a quote, dance like no one is watching-what a perfectly fitting quote for you!

Dear Klayton,
One of the biggest changes of your life has happened, in March we moved from South Dakota to Kansas! I wish I would have thought to grab my camera and snap a few pictures of you "helping" daddy and Grandpa loading the moving truck. It was SO cute! You have done so well in this transition, I know there were some moments of uncertainity; but you have made yourself right at home and have already warmed your way into the hearts of our new friends!
I love you little mister and I hope I will never cease to be thankful for the gift God has given to me-of all people-He gave you to me! I am one blessed Mama!

Love You!

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