Friday, August 30, 2013

Laugh, I'm Sharing Cleaning Tips

Over at Kelly's Korner it is Show Us Your Life: Cleaning Tips. I thought it would be fun to participate even though if you were to look at my house right now you would think twice about taking cleaning tips from me!

**I am going to preface, I AM NOT a Norwex consultant...so, I am not trying to make a sale!**

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite things to use for cleaning that cut down time and maybe make cleaning "fun" because I can see results quickly!

1. Norwex Cleaning Paste

I have used this to remove pen marks from surfaces...cleaning "dirty situations" from bedding that is to be dry cleaned only and it cleans grit, grime and scum from kitchen sinks within seconds! Am I the only one who ever ends up with an orange ring of something around my burners on the stove? Well, this gets rid of them quickly! I don't think I ever want to be without this product!

2. Vinegar
Yeah, the stuff smells disgusting and my husband knows immediately when its been used; but it works wonders on cleaning heavy duty grease from things like my Cool Daddy fryer! I also like to use it on my toilet! I always mix it with warm water and sometimes a little dish soap! One of my favorite uses is to mix it with clear Dawn dish soap and warm water to get rid of carpet stains!

3. Norwex Dusting Mitt

The real secret here is this is how I get Klayton to do my dusting! I mean does it look like I'm dusting, its a mitt after all?! A cool mitt that makes dusting into one easy swipe-no more spraying Pledge and carrying around a roll of paper towels! Slip the mitt on and dust away!

4. Norwex Enviro Cloth

This cleans EVERYTHING! I have a few of these cloths, one is reserved for windows-yeah I don't use windex anymore! Dip the cloth into warm water and wipe away-no streaks! I also have one for wiping down my counters and sink! It is basically a miracle worker!

5. Baking soda
I use baking soda all the time! I always sprinkle my carpets with it a good 30 minutes before vacuuming. I also sprinkle my mattress with it whenever its time to strip the sheets for a good washing. I like how it eliminates odor as well as lifts dirt!

So, pretty much it sounds like I should be selling Norwex-ha! I don't have a lot of their products; but the ones I do have I love to use and feel better using because there are no harmful chemicals to be concerned about!
I think this is where I say, "Happy Cleaning!" Ok...I know better!

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