Thursday, August 29, 2013

O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E: Part One

Continuing with my new mini-series! I think I just like saying that; but I really do want to continue and feel bad I haven't posted sooner.

Obedience is a demonstration of trust.

I remember being at Olive Garden for lunch and we had ordered their soup and salad. I gave Klayton one of the jalapenos that they always put in their salads and told Klayton to try it, at first he said no; but I insisted to which he eventually gave in-he made quite the face! The people at the next table over were caught giggling just as we were; but now weeks later if I tell Klayton to try a new food…he’s not quick to comply. Why? Because he remembers what happened last time he did as he was told and he didn’t like it! In that area I created a lack of trust. Children are more apt to obey when they know the parent can be trusted.
When a child is asked to obey and they do so; but it hurts them, trust in that area is gone. Do you realize that is a two way street? Klayton LOVES to be outdoors and sorry; but this Kansas heat is just a little much for this Mama! Klayton is content to just sit on our front porch with me sitting at the recliner that’s next to the window where I can see him clearly. He has been found sitting on the porch step many times this summer and each time I tell him to sit and not to leave the porch and he doesn’t leave I tend to not move my eyes to check on him EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. I am trusting him in this matter, I trust that he will obey because he has proven it and if I need to leave the recliner for a quick minute I know when I come back Klayton will still be sitting on the front porch step. If I were to look out the window and find Klayton off the porch, I would be hesitant to trust him in this issue next time.
Trust and obedience is a relationship. Obedience often asks us to do what we don't feel like doing or doing something without knowing the end result. How many kids like to be asked to pick up their toys? I smile just thinking about this...

"Klayton, pick up your toys?
"Klayton..."said with a little warning in my voice.

After about half the toys are picked up, Klayton is found playing "forgetting" about the task at hand and he's reminded once again and the conversation I described ensues once again! I know Klayton doesn't like it; but I also know that there is an end result that I can see, responsibility. I can see character that can and is developing if he just obeys. Even as adults God often asks us to do something or might tell us to stop doing something and we don't understand why, we might not like it or can't see the end result; but just as we see in our children character that needs to be worked on God sees a big picture. I should mention that over the course of time now, Klayton will now OFTEN pick up his toys without being asked...his obedience developed responsibility. Make sense? Thankful that Klayton is learning to obey and to see a demonstration of trust through that obedience! Now that I have a child of my own, I am beginning to "see" things and realize things about my relationship to my Heavenly Father and how my obedience to what He says or ask pleases Him.

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